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Are there any limitations on the number of gamblers playing online casino games at the same time?

Such a limit exists only theoretically. However, it is unlikely to achieve it in practice if you did not spare your money for high-quality software. The Rosloto gaming platform is designed to receive up to 500 bets per second simultaneously. As a rule, such characteristics are sufficient for ensuring the stability of the system. Games and administrative programs will not freeze up.

If the number of bets exceeds this limit, contact the managers of our company. We will offer optimal solutions that will ensure the uninterrupted operation of software, taking into account the load on the system.

What payment systems can be implemented with Rosloto?

We offer the integration of several multicurrency payment systems:

  • Di-Pay. The service is designed specifically for gambling projects. It is used by more than 700 providers.
  • CP-Money. The main advantage of the system is its multifunctionality. CP-Money is a fast-payback, safe, and reliable system.
  • Smart Money. The payment system has been popular for over 15 years.
  • Finstrum. All transactions are performed using electronic vouchers, guaranteeing anonymous payments.
  • GreenMoney. The system processes payments using special electronic checks. The email invoicing is available.
  • Webcash. High speed of payment processing, low commission fees, and simple integration are its main advantages.
  • Piastrix. This is a convenient service for Internet money transfers.
  • Interkassa is a reliable online payment service.

Do you have demo versions of your online casinos?

Of course, we are interested in long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with our customers. Therefore, we will be happy to demonstrate the opportunities of our system. Contact the Rosloto managers, and they will help you install a free trial version. You will be able to check its high quality and stable operation.

After the test period, you can make a decision about the purchase/rental of our software. We propose the best products at an affordable price.

We support our customers after the purchase, so you can always contact the Rosloto team if you have some difficulties or technical problems.

Can you provide guarantees of your product’s reliability?

Yes. We work only with licensed software and are ready to provide quality certificates issued by independent laboratories. All programs are created using technologies, ensuring one hundred percent protection of financial information and personal data of casino employees and players.

Our gambling software operates transparently, stably, and flawlessly. You can be confident in its reliability. You can get detailed information about warranties for each product from Rosloto consultants.

Order of Business
How long does it take to start an online casino after purchasing the necessary software?

The time needed for launching an online casino depends on the individual characteristics and wishes of the customer. As a rule, the process takes 3 months with standard initial data. Sometimes this time may be reduced to 2 months. The software integration is the longest process, as well as the configuration of exchange between hosting companies (we work only with the best European brands).

Adapting the platform to the requirements of a particular client (customization) will require more time. In any case, we use a reasonable approach aimed at optimizing time costs.

Who is responsible for the online casino design?

We offer several options for cooperation. The simplest solution is to use the ready-made graphic content templates. Dozens of stylish and laconic variants that suit any taste can be found in our catalogue.

The second option involves the development of individual design according to the stylistic preferences of a businessman. Our team is well-versed in all modern trends and is ready to offer a unique and catchy look.

It is also possible to introduce a front-end component created by the client’s design department.

Are there any options for launching a ready-made online casino?

The most effective solution is to buy a White Label casino. In this case, the business receives a universal resource with a wide range of options. It includes an online casino platform, a vast library of gambling content, and a well-thought-out site design. 

Launching a casino under a franchise agreement is another available approach. The customer receives a profitable gambling platform and pays commission fees. Investments will pay off in the first year of the resource functioning.

Do you provide support after launching an online casino?

We provide full support to all our customers. Our maintenance is aimed at technical support of the turnkey solution. It implies the administration of the resource, the prompt elimination of any problems (however, they are extremely rare), the introduction of additional filters and settings, management assistance, and other consulting services. We work around the clock and guarantee a fast response.

Moreover, we provide legal, marketing, and financial outsourcing services, for example, SEO-promotion, accounting, and legal consulting.

What additional expenses may await me after buying the software?

We charge for using our services monthly according to the signed agreements. This amount consists of fees for hosting and server, technical support, as well as rental of the game content. The cost is calculated as a percentage of the business profit. We are committed to long-term cooperation. Therefore, we are ready to review the terms of the agreement and propose special conditions for each client.

It is also worth considering the additional costs that are established by law, for example, taxes, license fees, contributions to social insurance funds.

Do you provide marketing maintenance after an online casino launching?

The casino operator does the main work to increase traffic to the site on his/her own, but we can provide assistance as an additional service. It is paid separately, and its cost is individually negotiated.

To attract a new audience to the gambling site, such tools as SEO marketing, affiliate programs, and active collaboration with external platforms are used. Productive cooperation with affiliates will bring stable consumer growth to your business.

Contact our manager to discuss all the terms of cooperation.

Is it possible to purchase your games separately without buying an online casino platform?

Our assortment includes more than 1000 gambling options from more than 30 most popular suppliers. It consists of online slots, card games, various types of poker, baccarat, Wheel of Fortune, and other interesting offers. All these games can be purchased both with the online platform and separately. If you choose the second option, the programs will be integrated into your site using the API protocol. It is enough to have a working online casino and access to the administrative panel.

In addition, we are engaged in the development of games according to customer's designs, focusing on HTML5 technology. Our ready-made video slots are characterised by realistic look, well-thought-out gameplay, and exciting plot.

Legal Issues
Is online gambling a legal business?

Yes, gambling business is legal in many countries. To conduct such activities, a businessman must register his or her company and obtain an appropriate license. Documentation requirements depend on jurisdiction.

Information about online casino licenses should be placed in a special section or on the bottom panel of the site. Anyone can check the legitimacy of the gambling web resource and clarify in which jurisdiction the documents were registered and when they will be expired.

What is a gaming license, and why is it important?

A gambling license is a document that regulates the work of a company in one or several countries. A casino without such permission is considered illegal, and the owner of the resource may be subject to the sanctions of state authorities.

Gambling operators have to pay significant amounts for issuing and renewing licenses. However, they also will get lots of benefits. It is much easier to buy high-quality software and enter into contracts with financial institutions for legal resources.

Moreover, experienced gamblers pay attention to the presence of online casino license. They make large bets only on reliable gambling websites.

What are the requirements for opening an online casino?

To open an online casino, you need to register a company and obtain a license in the chosen jurisdiction. This is a rather complicated procedure, but we are always ready to help.

After solving legal issues, you should start creating a website. Rosloto develops unique online resources, offering a complete set of necessary administrative programs and popular games.

We can propose you a site with an original design and high-quality gaming content.

We will help you launch a new casino, providing legal and technical support.

Who will own the online casino software after signing the contract?

After signing the agreement on the use of software, the Rosloto company remains its owner.

Our employees are responsible for technical software maintenance, eliminating bugs, if they appear, and providing data security. We guarantee timely software updates and access to our best products. Your website will be flawless from a technical point of view.

In case of problems, you can contact us at any time, and we will provide prompt assistance to you.

Who will own the player database?

The player database belongs exclusively to the owner of an online casino. It is stored on the Rosloto server. We guarantee full data protection. Our security systems are always improving.

If the owner of the resource, for some reason, chooses another provider, he or she will be able to transfer the database to a new server.

Issues regarding information are specified in the contract. You can familiarize yourself with them whenever you wish. Moreover, we will be happy to help you clarify any points of the agreement.

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