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Champion: Connect an Online Casino Gaming System

Champion: Connect an Online Casino Gaming System

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Gambling production has always been and still remains one of the most promising business activities. Launching your own gambling platform is a great way to reach the target audience and become the owner of a stable source of income.

One of the most practical and cost-effective solutions is the acquire of a Champion casino gaming platform for a club. The product line of casino Champion includes software solutions for virtual platforms and practical establishments. The niceties of software choosing, features of connection and advantages of products — the information on these issues you will find out further in the article.

Champion gaming platform for online casinos

You can get close consultation on the issues of software solutions selection and integration of gaming platforms at Rosloto company. Turning to us, you can not only test the trial version of the gaming software on a free basis but also buy a casino developed on exclusive sketches.

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Properties of the Casino Champion

The company has very successfully chosen a name for itself. It is such an improvement over competitors. Casino Champion became famous just about the time when slot machines were legal in the territory of the Russian Federation. Fans of gambling were literally lining up for the products of this brand.

Not including the very diverse nature of igaming products and quality assurance for all products, the company offered its customers a great variety of bonuses and introduced a system of cumulative jackpots.

Champion Casino gaming platform

Operation with Champion Software Products

Champion casino gaming platform is presented in two formats:

The Champion casino gaming platform

Green version

Black version

64 slots in HD format

All options and components of the Green system

Quick and easy integration

Safe mode of a start without logo

Built-in statistics system with the option to overview user history

Enhanced and greatly accelerated data transfer procedure

Multicurrency support. The following currencies are available for transactions:

  • Azerbaijani manat;
  • Thai bath;
  • Polish zloty;
  • Russian rouble;
  • Ukrainian hryvnia;
  • dollar;
  • euro

The Peculiarities of the Champion Software Insertion

One of the constant merits of the company is the high speed of interaction with partners. You can buy casino software and launch your own project in just one day.

After solving a number of administrative issues (nuances of mutual settlement and the percentage of commission fees), for the operator is created an individual account. Each client is assigned a personal manager who provides detailed instructions and a piece of advice on all issues of further cooperation.

Champion casino gaming system has another undeniable advantage — the software is presented in a free demo version. To enter the test system, it is enough to use one of the promotional codes offered in the list (for officially registered customers).

The brand offers the following terms of cooperation:

  • software connection;
  • the first replenishment on the Champion company dime;
  • ability to ascertain the software functionality during the test period;
  • personal manager advice;
  • special conditions for the network representatives and dealers;
  • services for connecting parlours in Russia, CIS and Europe.

Gambling Club with Champion Software

Casino Champion club system has a whole range of advantages:

  • brand recognition and customer loyalty on the territory of Russia and CIS countries;
  • guarantee of stable and smooth operation;
  • minimum technical requirements for computer devices and network connection speed;
  • remote administration function;
  • reporting system with individual configuration option;
  • ability to track detailed statistics on registered accounts;
  • setting up the rewards and bonuses for each user;
  • more than 20 options for financial transactions (the casino Champion club gaming platform is adapted to operations with cryptocurrency);
  • instant payments;
  • utmost reliability, high level of protection of clients' personal and financial information (the company uses unique data encryption systems);
  • service support functions.

Software Connection Steps

Champion software installation is carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. Request for a link and download the installation package from the cloud storage.
  2. Run the installation file and the follow-up of the system default prompts.
  3. Start an update of the system (a standard feature).
  4. Copying folder with the software products on other devices of the club.

Software for slot machines is installed exclusively under the leadership of a representative of Champion company. The duties of the company’s manager include monitoring the operator’s actions and sending a package of documents containing a personal login, password and activation key to access the system.

The above components are entered into the admin panel manually. Information about them is confidential and shall not be disclosed to third parties.

Before buying the product, you can request detailed instructions on the nuances of working with the administrative panel and a summary with a full description of the software functionality.

Payment Services for Maintenance of the Halls Champion

The gaming platform uses two services to conduct financial activities: CHCGREEN and CHCBLACK (for platforms version Green/Black respectively). Each of the products is distinguished for simplicity of integration, convenient and quick setup system, functionality.

The payment modules ensure stable operation of the system in a safe mode. They are also equipped with bonus options and special offers for both new customers and existing partners.

One of the main goals of this service is the optimization of expenditures and maximization of increasing the site profitability.

The main characteristics of the payment services Champion:

  • efficient service system for a large flow of visitors;
  • minimum fee contributions for the resource operation;
  • instant processing of applications;
  • the option of terminal devices connection;
  • reliable protection of personal data;
  • guarantee of the smooth operation of service;
  • multicurrency support of the system.

Special Offers from Champion

Champion Сasino software: special offers

The company is ready to offer its partners a range of exclusive solutions and opportunities:

Holding Competitions

The Champion gaming system is an ideal platform for organizing and holding tournament competitions.

Online competition from Champion has the following features:

  • the achievability of uninterrupted play;
  • free Internet access;
  • high chances of winning.

Each of the available tournaments has its own prize pool (the amount of winnings raises in proportion to the number of participants).

Competitions are held both for registered users with a positive balance, and for customers using a trial version of games.

Personal Manager Services

Communication with a personal assistant is maintained around the clock.

Financial Guarantee

After the conclusion of the contract, 10 thousand units are credited to the partner’s account. The Champion brand guarantees minimal risks at the start. The company is ready to compensate all the spent money at short notice, if the partner decides to refuse cooperation for any reason.

Remote Staff Training

The Champion brand is interested in the success of each partner and provides not only consulting services but also a set of solutions for remote operator’s employees training.

The programme course consists of the ensuing training modules:

  • conducting payment transactions;
  • creating a set of template operations;
  • saving and sending receipts for printing;
  • preparation of reporting documentation.

Incentives of Players

After user registration, the system automatically gives a new player incentive prizes and benefits. It can be a return of bets, free participation in tournaments, reward for the first deposit, seasonal and thematic promotions.

The constant advantage of such a choice — configuration of bonus programs remains under the control of the site operator.

Gaming Solutions by Champion

The brand’s portfolio can boast of a large variety of games of fortune and chance, each of them pleases with its original visual design, easily-grasped interface and a high rating of winnings.

Champion offers both traditional slots and completely new solutions that attract with unusual plot twists. For instance, on the first lines of the games rating in the casino Champion, there are creatively themed machines: Alice in Wonderland, Robinson, Nautilus and others.

In addition to slot machines, in the Champion catalogue, there is an excellent set of board and card games that can captivate even the most sophisticated and demanding fans of excitement for a long time.

One of the Champion slots benefits is their cross-platform. Entertainment runs perfectly on any device. They are adapted both for stationary machines and popular mobile platforms Android and iOS.


Champion software solutions are the right choice, that guaranteeing the owner of the gambling business a very solid profit. The product of the company pleases with excellent functionality, easy navigation, the simplicity of instalment and reliable protection system. Champion software is a well-thought-out complex set of software products that allow you to launch your own project in just a day.

In order to plug casino Champion, leave the application to employees of the Rosloto company. We will provide detailed information on the products you are attracted to and help you to choose the most relevant solutions for any type of gambling start-up. If you are still in doubt, then download the trial version of the gaming platform and see for yourself the merits of such an operating system.

Start a promising and profitable gambling business even today! We accept applications around the clock and guarantee a full payback of the project for six months of partnership.

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