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Rosloto offers to buy a licensed online casino from Italy. This promising and influential jurisdiction opens up new opportunities for many companies. The country is characterized by transparent legislative norms, as well as simplified interaction with profitable European markets.

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Features of the Legal Area

Gambling license in Italy: legal issues

Until 2010, a ban on gambling in Italy was in force, for both online and ground-based establishments. The crisis of 2008 changed everything. It stimulated the local government to look for new ways of replenishing the budget.

Thus, it became the first European country that legalized all gambling activities. According to statistics, this approach brings €8 billion to the treasury annually and ensures the stable development of the industry and related areas (audit, consulting, maintenance, legal services).

The authorities used an original method of land-based establishments placement. Almost all of them are located in the border areas to avoid the outflow of money.

Gambling in Italy: Its Advantages

The launching of a casino in Milan Italy or any other city of this state can be characterised by the following benefits:

  • A good reputation of the jurisdiction. The decision to open a Casino in Italy is always prestigious and promising in terms of return on investment and making good profits.
  • Fast permits issuing. The gambling regulator of the country works very effectively. The main thing is to prepare the documentation package properly. To do this, it is better to seek the advice of professionals, for example, Rosloto.
  • Entering the European market. Casino owners can launch their gambling products in other EU countries. No additional agreements are required here.
  • Connection to international operations. Italy license entitles businessmen to transactions in the SWIFT and IBAM systems. It is also possible to establish fruitful cooperation with European commercial banks, for example, in obtaining short-term or long-term loans.
  • Developed infrastructure. The territory of the country is covered by a 5G network. In addition, many related services are represented in the country very well (consulting, technical support, online software, and games development).
  • Long license validity period. A permit is issued for 9 years with the possibility of renewal in the future. Therefore, opening a casino in Rome Italy is considered an efficient solution.
  • There is no linking to the place of the company’s registration. Residents of the European Union, as well as Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland, and Norway, can obtain permissions.

Gambling Business Regulation

Gambling business in Italy: regulation

The government agency Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (ADM), deals with all matters related to the licensing of gambling business in Italy. In addition, the commission controls the industry and considers complaints from users and counterparties.

ADM is struggling with the illegal business by unmasking underground gambling clubs and casino in San Remo Italy, and other cities.

Types of Permissions

The commission works with several categories of licenses today:

  • for online casinos;
  • for sale of lottery tickets on the Internet;
  • sports and horserace betting.

It should be noted that any gambling advertisement is prohibited on the territory of the state from January 1, 2019. ADM monitors such activities with law enforcement officers. The commission may revoke the license if the operator violates this rule.

How to Obtain a License in Italy

According to the gambling act adopted in 2010, only licensed operators can be engaged in gambling in Italy.

Requirements for the Applicants

Italian laws are characterized by strict requirements for businessmen who decide to open a casino in Italy. However, they are achievable.

  1. Integration of the company’s servers with the ADM commission platform. The operator’s equipment can be located anywhere in the world. The main thing is to install the ADM program, which will help monitor the company's operating in real-time.
  2. Functioning only in the “.it” domain zone. All sites with this domain are directly linked to the ADM platform. Working with the “.com” domain is prohibited.
  3. An independent audit of the applicant’s technical capabilities, the correctness of the integrated payment system, and the operation of the gaming platform.
  4. A bank guarantee (€1.5 million). This amount is paid when a start-up or a company that has not been involved in gambling previously applies for a permit.
  5. Certification of the gaming content and embedded programs (for example, a random number generator) that are presented on the site.
  6. Opening a commercial account in any banking institution in the country.

A license is issued for different areas of gambling, but at the same time, a company can launch only one virtual resource. If the company plans to open several gambling sites, then it will be necessary to conclude a new agreement for each of them.

Documentation Package

In addition to the application (in electronic form), entrepreneurs are required to prepare and send a comprehensive documentation package to ADM. It should contain information about the registration, legitimacy, and the financial condition of the business entity, such as the charter of the company, the personal data of all its shareholders, founders, beneficiaries, and people holding senior positions. Copies of contracts and agreements with suppliers, contractors, and other business partners should be sent to the commission too.

Besides, applicants need to provide a detailed business plan. It must present all planned revenues and expenses of the company, as well as financing methods (loans, subventions, personal contributions), and development paths. This document should also indicate information about all video slots presented on the site (developer, gameplay, win guarantees, max, and min limits).


Cost of an online casino in Italy

The time frame for the consideration of the application may vary within 3-6 months. It depends on the correctness and completeness of the documents received to the commission

The cost of the permit is €350 thousand. Moreover, companies must pay 20% VAT. If this amount is divided into many payments during 9 years (this is the period for which a license is issued), the operators and investors will deal with quite acceptable sums.


Italy is not characterised by loyal tax policy, like most European countries. All companies operating here must pay a 27.5% net profit tax. In addition, representatives of the gambling industry have to make additional financial contributions, which depend on the direction of their activities.

Type of gambling

Rate (% of turnover)

Online casino


Financial betting


Horserace betting


Sports betting




Skill-based online entertainments


Where to Buy a Gaming Project in Italy

Italy is a promising area for organizing a gaming business. Gambling in Italy is characterised by high tax rates, but this disadvantage is overlapped by the long license validity period. This jurisdiction has a transparent and clear legislative framework. Moreover, it opens up excellent opportunities for working in the international arena.

You can order a ready-made online casino with an Italian license from Rosloto. We specialize in developing full-fledged solutions that can be launched in the shortest possible time. Our online casinos contain a vast range of video slots from leading world providers, well-thought-out payment modules, and high-quality software.

We create unique games according to customer's designs, using HTML5 technology. You can get legal and technical support and solve all the issues related to the gambling business in Italy with our help.

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Updated 30.06.2023
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