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Afimac’s Casino Fraud Protection Programs

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The producer proposes emergency response, anti-fraud measures, risk management, and business continuity services. The company has opened its offices throughout North America. It is headquartered in Milton, Ontario, Canada.

Afimac casino fraud protection programs

The firm was founded in 1982. Initially, it specialised exclusively in land-based security:

  • monitoring and video surveillance systems;
  • programs for an emergency response to natural disasters (fires, floods, earthquakes);
  • services for the settlement of labour disputes;
  • crisis response products, etc.

Over time, the brand’s catalogue was supplemented with effective solutions for internet defence of businesses and the public sector. These are the authentication system, products for the tourism industry, security software for online trading platforms, and other positions.

Colossal experience (more than 30 years in the safety industry) and understanding of current business trends help the firm provide the best protection in all fields.

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The Vendor’s Product Line

The manufacturer is focused on overarching defence when both external threats and internal risks are considered.

The firm proposes:

Confidential Data Safety

The theft of details about users and operators is one of the main targets of internet scam and cyberattacks. The producer’s verification tools can successfully cope with this problem by providing the best security service in the industry.

To manage the risks of electronic sabotage effectively, the company is oriented on:

  • proven threat estimation methods (customer check, danger management, additional firewalls);
  • integrated system analysis (types of confidential data and the likelihood of their theft as a result of electronic espionage);
  • implementation of cross-cutting security solutions.

The vendor is engaged in the training of employees who have access to critical information. In addition, the firm interacts with every user (through multi-factor authentication) to avoid potential data interception.

Corporate Internet Fraud Investigation

The producer has tremendous experience in resolving labour disputes and investigating illegal actions.

The vendor performs such tasks:

  • organises covert surveillance;
  • collects material evidence;
  • conducts a well-rounded assessment of pre-trial proceedings.

The brand’s services are related to forensic visualisation, financial inquiries due to manipulation of reporting, internet investigations of appropriating the intellectual property.

The evaluation of illegal actions (most often these are stealing money, data leakage, targeted attacks, reward abuse, illegal actions of employees) is carried out following the accepted norms of legislation.

Afimac’s casino security software helps entrepreneurs collect and arrange a powerful evidence base, which directly affects the effectiveness of legal claims.

Multiple-Task Risk Control Instruments

The safety programs ensure accurate check of payments before they are sent to the issuing bank. The completeness of the details, the type of bank card, geolocation data, and other parameters are considered.

The system provides three types of results: the transfer can be approved, unapproved, or sent for additional analysis. Besides, the details of each operation are checked for presence or absence in international sanction lists:

  • AML (anti-money laundering);
  • CTF (terrorist sponsoring);
  • PEPS (work with persons under sanctions).

The casino defence software helps operators to sort out the complex issues of possible online scam. This list includes tax evasion (in many countries, entrepreneurs must pay a percentage of gamers’ winnings), transferring money to "grey zones" (for example, unrecognised republics), and other types of abuse.

Technological Features of the Programs

Afimac casino protection software: tech features

Afimac’s casino protection software was created using numerous progressive methods and techniques:

Perimeter security

The supplier is using modern firewalls for analysing internet traffic.

To ensure defence, the brand applies next-generation NGFW firewalls. This class of defence is characterised by an in-depth evaluation of filtered content and online traffic

Afimac’s ID verification for casino start-ups

The vendor uses FRT services (biometric face recognition systems) ensuring quick identification of gamers and providing them with optimal conditions for playing games.

To connect the verification instruments and work with them, the developer creates databases with dozens of images (including photos of gamblers’ faces).

Then, the system analyses each fragment of a picture by the previously installed classifiers and identifies a client

Code-level protection

The programs imply source code obfuscation.

This technique is based on transforming a code into a special format, which is inaccessible for reverse engineering and any modifications. At the same time, the software functionality remains unchanged

The use of modern techniques and tools guarantees the high performance of programs. The system easily processes large amounts of internet traffic data (for example, during the Christmas holidays, when gamers traditionally play more) promptly responding to emerging threats.

It is worth integrating the safety software due to its flexibility. The supplier offers a set of tools for the quick customisation of programs. The solution is applicable in both the online and offline sectors (self-service terminals, game cabinets, bar consoles, etc.). It is also possible to use the software for several gambling sites.

Why Is It Advantageous to Connect Afimac’s Verification for Casino Portals?

Afimac verification for casino portals: connection

Cooperation with operators is based on the White Label scheme. An entrepreneur does not make a one-time purchase, but connects the software with an established monthly service fee.

The exact cost of a deal is negotiated privately because each interested client receives an individual commercial offer based on the specifics of his or her activity (for example, a land-based gambling hall or an online portal) and established business scenarios.

The producer has implemented a flexible API toolkit to allow operators to connect the program set quickly and without making any changes to the original software. The system consists of data libraries, descriptions of procedures, and architectural arrays that are easily integrated into the structure of a working portal.

The vendor takes over the installation and debugging of the product, as well as its prompt updates. An operator receives the relevant version of programs with all the necessary improvements: the optimisation of basic processes, the addition of new functions, etc.

Extra Services from the Supplier

To improve the level of safety, the firm presented some offering for businesses:

  1. Juridical consulting. This is legal support related to the resolution of disputes, licensing, certification, and entering international markets. The producer helps entrepreneurs with business registration, reporting, etc.
  2. Personnel training. The firm conducts hours-long learning courses to increase employee loyalty and general awareness of the confidential data usage principles and effective security measures. Employees are taught how to act in crises, work with different levels of access to files, and identify signs of scam and hacking.

The Main Things about the Program Solutions

The North American company has been providing multi-faceted safety services for more than 30 years (it is in the market since 1982). Initially, the producer focused on the offline sector. However, it began working for the online market in the early 2000s.

The supplier collaborates with thousands of firms around the world, including iGaming operators.

  • The product line is oriented on the protection of restricted data and immaterial goods, corporate investigation of an internet scam, and analysis of payments. The risk control module contains flexible settings for multi-factor check of transactions and minimisation of bank card fraud.
  • The program set was created using modern tools: NGFW class firewalls, FRT services (biometric face recognition), code obfuscation technologies, and other advanced methods. The ready-made software is marked by good performance and flexibility of settings. The solution is suitable both for land-based gaming halls and slot machine sites.
  • The firm offers some additional services. These are staff training (lectures, testing, conducting extensive master classes, etc.) and legal consulting (business registration, reporting, legal disputes, and other issues).

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Updated 10.02.2023
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