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The Rosloto company offers its customers to buy turnkey online casinos with licenses in Australia, reliable software, and an impressive range of games. It is a promising investment, with the help of which business owners will get high dividends and make their casino brands prosperous.

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Features of the Legal Framework

Australia gambling license: legal framework

According to the Australian legislation (and a few more countries as well), gambling is totally legal. It helps the public treasury to be replenished by 6 billion dollars annually, and it is the highest indicator worldwide.

15% of the national budget is the taxes from the casino industry. Here, you can find more than 400 land-based casinos and several dozens of elite clubs. Online slots are also very in-demand, making the market incredibly attractive to foreign investors.

However, Australia is a country with a rather complex legal framework mostly because of the political structure, which is divided into 8 federal provinces.

All administrative divisions have their laws and regulators, which deal with all the issues related to gambling.

A License for a Casino in Australia: Advantages

Despite the multilevel legal structure, the opening of a casino in Australia has several advantages for a potential investor:

  1. Perfect reputation. Australian entrepreneurs who are working in the casino segment increase the prestige and recognition of their brands.
  2. High profit. Online gambling is very popular with local gamblers, so new companies will definitely get an increase in solvent customers, which will positively affect the profitability of their business.
  3. Loyal taxation. Australia does not have low tax rates but you can take advantage of tax holidays and use a zero rate during the tax concession period. Then, the tax rate will rise and range from 5% to 15% depending on the chosen gambling division.
  4. Connection to international payments. A businessman can carry out international transactions in the SWIFT and IBAM systems. Many companies apply for long-term and short-term loans in the world’s leading banking institutions.
  5. Stable legislation. Legal norms are protected from changes for the coming years, which is convenient when planning investments for a long period of time.
  6. Developed infrastructure. The whole country is covered by a 5G wide-format network, and there are many good suppliers of the equipment and original content for the virtual resources.

Gambling Regulation

As we have already mentioned, each federal state has a regulator that deals with the issuance and administration of permits.

All of them have a similar set of functions, which includes monitoring of compliance with the law by license holders and getting complaints from users.

Administrative division


The capital area

Gambling and Racing Commission Office

New South Wales

Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing


Victorian Commission for Gambling


Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation

Northern Australia

Northern Territory of Licensing

Southern Australia

Independent Gambling Authority

Western Australia

Department of Gaming and Liquor


Tasmanian Gaming Office

Each commission adheres to its own rules ― the basis, on which permits are granted.

If entrepreneurs are planning to buy an Australia casino, they will, first of all, have to decide in which province they want to work. The cost of a license for a casino in Australia, the size of registration fees, and how long the whole procedure will take depends on this.

How to Order a Permit?

How to obtain a license for a casino in Australia

Licenses in Australia are valid only within the limits of the specific state where it was issued.

The Licensed Kinds of Gambling

Local commissions allow applicants to receive permits for:

  • land-based and online locations;
  • poker tournaments (both on the Internet and real);
  • lotteries (the tickets are sold via both real points and virtual platforms);
  • betting (online sweepstakes and land-based bookmaker’s offices);
  • keno and bingo.

The Package of Documents

Along with an application for receiving a license for a casino in Australia, entrepreneurs must send a package of documents that contains information on the registration, legitimacy, and financial assurances. It is also necessary to provide information on each founder, shareholder, and beneficiary of the company, as well as the management team.

Besides, a separate list of all the documents that confirm the technical side of the transaction is needed:

  • a detailed description of the premises where the land-based facility will be located;
  • copies of contracts with suppliers of equipment, servers, and other hardware;
  • agreements with software vendors and the developers of the payment system and the game content for a gambling resource;
  • a hosting agreement for a virtual platform.

You must also send copies of receipts confirming the payment of all taxes and state duties.

Requirements for the Applicants

The commissions lay down the following conditions for all licensees:

  1. Active cooperation with law enforcement agencies.
  2. Establishment of financial restrictions on the website (limits for deposits and transfers).
  3. Accreditation of all employees.
  4. Compliance with the data privacy law.
  5. Conduct of honest and transparent business, fair play, and a ban on money laundering and other illegal manipulations.

Also, permit holders cannot advertise any activities related to gambling projects that are targeted at residents.

The Value and Taxation

These parameters may differ depending on a particular province. The most expensive license for a casino in Australia is in the capital area. Here, the state duty is 200 thousand dollars. In the north of the country, the same document will cost 20 thousand dollars.

As for taxation, four types of assignments to the budget are established:

  1. Taxes on sales.
  2. Payments for the lost user.
  3. The net profit tax.
  4. The license fee.

Tax rates vary depending on the legal framework but, in general, they stay in the range of 5―15%. The amount of tax is also connected with to the place of registration of the company.

The taxation system is constantly changing. Basically, the aim of all the innovations is to lower tax rates and provide companies with various benefits.

Unlike most European and Asian countries, Australia has no taxes on winnings of the end-user. The interest in gambling is not considered equivalent to the main activity of an individual, and therefore, he does not have to pay any fees.

Where to Buy an Australian Casino License?

Open an online casino in Australia

This country is considered a promising territory for those who want to conduct a gambling business. Here, there is an average tax level, a well-developed infrastructure, and high popularity of gambling among the locals. The launch of a virtual resource in this jurisdiction will be profitable, and it will increase brand recognition and its competitiveness.

The Rosloto company provides a wide range of services related to the launch of online casinos anywhere in the world. We offer ready-made platforms with a complete setup: the high-quality software, a large selection of video slots, and a well-thought-out payment system.

From us, you can purchase licensed products, which will help you to optimise the operating expenses in the future.

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Updated 30.06.2023
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