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Paytm Casino Payment System: Order a Multitasking Product from Rosloto

Paytm Casino Payment System: Order a Multitasking Product from Rosloto

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By connecting the Paytm casino payment system, you are making a choice in favour of a well-thought-out and cross-platform solution with a high level of security.

Paytm online casino payment system

This service is popular for instant transfers, the user-friendly interface, and minimal commission fees. You can order the branded software from Rosloto.

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Paytm Service: History of the Launch

The installation of the Paytm casino payment system was possible thanks to the Indian company ― One97 Communications. It is the world’s leading manufacturer in the financial industry that delivers multitasking products for various enterprises. Among the clients of this brand, there are representatives of the gambling industry, telecommunications, retail, and insurance.

The Paytm payment system for online casinos was presented in August 2010.

Within 10 years, the company has shown an impressive pace of development:

  • In 2014 ― the introduction of Paytm Wallet (an electronic digital wallet) into the service structure. Initially, the solution was used to process transactions of 2 leaders of the local market ― Uber and the owner of the Indian railway. Over time, it became possible to integrate the Paytm payment system with casinos and other industries (including tourism, public utility, and education).
  • In 2017 ― acquisition of a license of the Central Bank, thanks to which, on the basis of Paytm, it was possible to open the Paytm Payments Bank Limited banking institution. In the same year, the Paytm casino payment system became the most downloadable application (more than 100 million downloads per year).
  • In 2018, capabilities of the system expanded due to the opening of a new Paytm E-commerce branch in the structure of the solution. The provider also launched Paytm for Business ― a separate application for solving business problems (transactions, transfers, reports).
  • 2019 was marked by the attraction of large investments (over 1 billion dollars) from T. Rowe Price Associates, a US concern. SoftBank, Ant Financial, and Discovery Capital have also invested in the development of this project. Thanks to the good investment strategy of One97, the capitalization of Paytm was valued at 16 billion dollars at the end of 2019.
  • In 2020, the All-in-One QR system was opened within the Paytm framework. The platform conducts transactions with no commissions and with the use of a QR code.

Connect the Paytm Payment Service for Casinos: Features of the Product

Paytm payment service for casinos: features

Paytm for Business solves a wide variety of tasks:

  • acceptance of payments on the Internet with the use of an electronic wallet;
  • processing of transactions received from land-based POS points (terminals, game consoles, sportsbooks, and lottery machines);
  • acceptance of payments via plastic debit and credit cards;
  • acceptance of mobile payments;
  • business financing at the cost of crediting (by banks) at low interest;
  • opening of commercial accounts (for the payment of salary, tax remittance, wire transfers in favour of a third party, etc.);
  • automation of money transfers to a bank account and electronic wallets.

Those operators who want to connect the Paytm casino payment service can open an unlimited number of accounts without paying any commission for their use. This is extremely convenient for companies that have decided to carry out all their activities with the help of Paytm tools.

Key Components of the Paytm for Business Service

The integration of the Paytm payment system for casinos provides for the installation of the following structural elements:

Banking Panel

This is the round-the-clock business banking panel that checks the details of user accounts and their transactions.

The connection of the Paytm casino payment system allows you to create embossed debit cards, which can be ordered directly in the interface of the business panel

Business Khata

This is a “digital accountant” which is part of the software. It is responsible for insurance, lending, and reporting to controlling agencies.

The system helps you to:

  • conduct a daily audit;

  • interact with customers (for example, as a reminder of the opportunity to deposit funds on beneficial terms);

  • render accounts

Risk Manager

This component is responsible for the protection of the service against internal and external threats.

The integration of a casino with Paytm payment systems, as well as the transfer of all confidential data, take place via special communication channels with 256-bit encryption.

Moreover, the 3D-secure security protocol is implemented into the product

Paytm Collect

Adaptation of interconnected payments to other products that are popular in Asia:

  • NEFT, RTGS, IMPS (all of them require the registration of a personal virtual account);

  • UPI (an application that allows you to transfer funds between banks)

Verification Manager

The verification of user accounts is supported by a highly secure infrastructure and two-factor authentication

The Main Advantages of the Solution

Paytm payment solution: main advantages

Top 5 reasons to install the Paytm casino payment system:

  1. Cross-platform interface. The product can be launched on all personal devices and in popular operating systems (iOS, Windows, Android and others) without any problems.
  2. Adaptability. The solution can be customized in accordance with the specifics of the local legislation, financial instruments that are used, and tax policy. The system supports 12 Indian dialects and is available in English, Chinese, Japanese, and other languages.
  3. Fast installation. It is possible to easily connect the Paytm payment service thanks to API-interfaces. They do not change the structure of the source code of the virtual platform (no matter what programming language the gaming site is written in) but only improve the parameters of the finished project.
  4. Professional technical support. The customer service works round-the-clock. It can solve a wide range of problems related to the returned payments, system setup, peer-to-peer transfers, authentication of gamblers, and other technical complexities.
  5. Work in the land-based sector. This became possible since the beginning of 2020, after the launch of the All-in-One QR ― a service for confirming instant transfers by using a simple QR code.

The Main Things About the Paytm Product

Paytm is the most popular payment system in India, which is also successfully used in other Asian countries. The developer of this project is the One97 company. Its competent investment policy has worked towards the investment of several billions of dollars made by international holdings.

  • The product was presented in 2010 and has withstood the tests of time. In 7 years, it grew into the Indian commercial bank, and in another 3 years, specialists of One97 have launched a QR solution for the land-based business.
  • Among the main advantages of Paytm, we can name a cross-platform interface, adaptability, and simple integration into already existing online casinos.
  • The company pays special attention to the security matter. The developer has provided for the two-factor authentication, confirmation of transfers according to 3D-Secure, and transfer of information via the encrypted channels.

You can buy Paytm from Rosloto by submitting a preliminary application on our website.

We also offer some multitasking products for casinos: sets of scripts, payment services, affiliate programs, and unique HTML5 games.

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