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The Rosloto company offers its customers to launch their own gambling projects in Austrian jurisdiction. This is a country that is considered very promising. Online casinos in Austria legislation will bring a high profit to their operator, and they will propel their business to a new level.

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An Austria License: Advantages

Austria gambling license: advantages

We would like to name several advantages of launching a casino in Baden Austria or any other city in this country:

  • Unblemished reputation. The casino license in Austria shows the competitiveness and reliability of the company. Holders of such permits increase the importance and prestige of their brands, which always positively affects the profit of the business.
  • Increase in revenue. The state has high indicators of GDP per capita. Therefore, gamblers are distinguished by paying capacity and spend their savings playing in online casinos in Austria with great pleasure. Operation in this market is always a guarantee of increasing the company's profitability.
  • Stable economic situation. Another reason to invest in the gambling segment with the goal of long-term capitalisation of the company and the scaling of the business in the future.
  • Integration into the European business community. The Austrian license allows you to work with the leading European markets on favourable terms.
  • Receipt of a multi-visa and an Austrian residence permit. Online casinos in Austria legislation bring their owners a residence permit, which is automatically issued to all individuals who have companies that are registered in Austria. The main thing is that the size of the contribution should be equal to the minimum amount of investment in the country but this is not a problem for the gambling business.
  • Access to modern technology. The country has a well-developed IT industry, creates high-tech software for iGaming, and the game content is also very exciting. Firms use the best equipment and ultrafast data transfer systems.
  • Long validity of the permit. A permit for owning online casinos in Austria is issued for 15 years with a possible extension in the future. This approach is attractive for those businessmen who consider a long-term investment in the country.
  • Dealing with international transactions. Holders of licenses are automatically connected to the international SWIFT and IBAN systems. Moreover, they can apply for loans at prestigious banking institutions.

Casino in Austria: Gambling Regulators

Gambling business in Austria: regulation issues

The legal framework in Austria is diverse but, in general, it is well integrated with the regulations and standards of Europe and is aimed at preventing unfair practices and fraud and protecting users with the sign of ludomania.

A regulatory document

Contents of the document

Austrian Gambling Act (GSpG)

The monopoly control in the gambling industry

Austrian Civil Code

Regulation of all kind of gambling entertainment

E-Commerce Act

Land-based betting and online sweepstakes management

Law on Unfair Competition

Organisation of gambling services in the media space

Law on Games of Chance

The organisation of lotteries and charity games

As for online casinos in Austria, the legislation is integrated with the European rule of law and the principles of transparent and safe operation. All basic rules are written in the Austrian Gambling Act.

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for controlling online casinos and poker tournaments. It issues licenses, regulates the interaction between all market participants, and deals with complaints from users.

How to Order the Permit?

Austria licensed online casino: how to obtain a permit

Licenses are issued for each type of gambling activity. If the company is planning to work with several areas at once (online casinos, poker, sports betting), it will be important to prepare a complete package of documents for each category in advance.

Requirements for Applicants

To obtain a permit, you must fulfil several conditions:

  1. To do a “check in” of a company in Austria. Recently, the authorities have removed the territorial restrictions for new firms, which allowed businessmen to easily launch a casino in Salzburg Austria or open a bookmaker’s office. Before this, companies could only be registered in the capital.
  2. To provide gambling services only to the local population. This item can be easily checked by analysing traffic resources on a specific website.
  3. To forbid the advertising of casinos and other types of gambling for minors. Also, you cannot use the bonus system of the “pyramid” type when clients receive rewards for the attraction of new users.
  4. To have a commercial account in one of the corporate banks of the country.
  5. To divide gambling products into two categories: those that are designed for “proper” and “small” games. In the first case, there are high stakes, deposits, and limits in any video game or poker tournament. Bets on games of the second type do not exceed 0.5 euros.
  6. To check the quality and safety of the used equipment (servers, terminals, modems) and software.

The Package of Documents

Together with the application, the company sends information on registration, legality, and financial guarantees. This is a charter, data on all the founders, beneficiaries, and managers of the enterprise. It is also necessary to provide copies of contracts, which show the leasing of premises and hosting for the gaming site.

A separate block is a business plan. It is better to develop the document a year in advance so that the commission understands the sources of financing (stocks, loans or personal savings) and expenditure items.

It will also be necessary to send a list of the game content with a detailed description of each slot (title, supplier, functionality, and limits).

The application lead time does not exceed 4 months. The cost of a permit depends on the characteristics of the company and is set by the Ministry of Finance on an individual basis.

Where to Buy a Casino License in Austria?

The Rosloto company provides a wide range of services for opening a gambling business in Austria. We offer ready-made solutions that can be launched immediately. A turnkey online casino is a profitable investment in a stable European market.

Our online platforms are distinguished by high-quality software, a well-thought-out set of video slots, and a stylish visual design. All products have licenses that were issued by prestigious international jurisdictions, and, frankly speaking, it greatly simplifies the work of operators. And also, if you type “casino in Baden Austria player reviews” in a search box, you will see the positive feedback from many holders of such a license.

The Rosloto team specialises in the development of dynamic HTML5 games and the creation of multifunctional poker and betting software. As an additional service, we offer promotional marketing.

For more information on Rosloto and our products, please contact our manager.

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Clara Hazel
Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert
Updated 30.06.2023
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