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Olimp Betting Shop: Sale of Sports Betting Software

Olimp Betting Shop: Sale of Sports Betting Software

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How much do you know the proven betting firms from the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet? Any the less? Then? Let us introduce Olimp betting shop — one of the best companies, which has recently started to produce its own betting software. You can open your online betting shop with a system that suites ideal for the Slavic audience, on the basis of this soft.

Olimp betting software

If you are interested in creating your own bookmaker's office, we recommend you to schedule a counselling session with one of the top specialists of Rosloto studio. Here you will find information about which software to choose, how to register a company and effectively promote betting shop on the Internet.

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Success Story of Olimp Betting Shop

The company under that name was registered in 2004 in Qazaqstan. At that time in the CIS, only a few bookmakers have been operating. Some of them have been closed later, but due to a special approach, Olimp betting shop managed to take and maintain leadership positions in that region.

Today Olimp bookie is famous for its impeccable service. It produces its own software and works with players around the globe, although the core of the audience still remains the Russian-speaking visitors.

It is interesting that Olimp continues to expand the network of betting shops in the former USSR territories (where it is permitted by law): Belarus, Qazaqstan, Russia, Tajikistan, etc. — although many other bookies have long put great attention and focus on online promotion.

Olimp develops both directions. Due to the constant work “on the field,” the office manages to offer exactly what gambling people are looking for. It can be said that the bookmaker literally knows its clients by sight.

Today Olimp betting firm is a huge network of betting shops, a powerful multi-million site on the Internet and an army of regular players. The office has received licenses in Malta and the Republic of South Africa, that is why it works transparently and honestly.

This specialized betting software under the Olimp brand has passed the expertise of international organizations and regularly receives new certificates that confirm its high quality.

Olimp Betting Software

Due to the fact that the Olimp bookmaker has gained enormous experience in its segment, the brand specialists managed to create a unique software that exactly meets the needs of players, and provides all the functionality necessary for the active development of the project for the owners of the online betting shops.

The list of software advantages:

  • perfect interface that makes the betting process easy, pleasant and interesting for players;
  • a huge range of sports events that you can bet on;
  • large selection of rates and odds;
  • betting on virtual sports;
  • the opportunity to bet in a live format.

All these options are combined with a full-featured system of project administration. With the help of Olimp software, you can always see what the state of play is on the site, how many bettors are online now, how many bets and payments are made over the specific period. This allows you to flexibly manage the office and plan your income.

Types of Software from Olimp Betting Shop

One of the key advantages of Olimp betting firm, for which the gamblers have loved this office, is a huge number of sports that you can bet on.

What competitions do the clients of Olimp bookmaker’s office most often bet on:

Kind of sports



There are three types of this sport: gridiron football, Australian footy and, of course, traditional football. It is difficult to imagine a regular at betting shop that has never bet on the match outcome. If the usual game has become a bit boring, you can bet on another its version


In second place after football traditionally stands hockey


Curious to relate, that in Olimp betting shop there is a huge demand for Rugby. It happens probably due to a large number of customers from Western countries. It also proves that by means of the Olimp software it is easy to promote the office to the European and American markets

Other sports

In addition to these games, the provider offers to bet on 17 other sports. Special attention is given to the section with virtual tournaments

Virtual Sports in Olimp Betting Shop

Betting business is based on the people’s desire to predict the results of the match and to test their competence or luck. Therefore, everywhere is a place for bookmakers, where the outcome of the competition depends on many factors.

Virtual sport is a pretty new phenomenon, that has already captured the heart of millions of fans. Of course, you should not avoid this wax of competition, if you are aimed at a young audience and want to build a business for the long term.

The loveliness of virtual sports from the bookmaker’s point of view is that the game is very fast. Customers do not need to analyse the probability of winning, because the results of the match depending on the random number generator, although they are based on moments from real life.

Virtual sports in Olimp betting shop

Betting scheme on virtual sports in Olimp betting shop:

  • Each competition lasts from a few seconds to several minutes
  • The player bets on the virtual match outcome
  • The software analyses real sports tournaments and adds a few random factors, then displays the result
  • Participants of the bet receive their winnings immediately

Olimp betting firm has created the perfect software for this type of entertainment. The client can choose one of the virtual players (or the whole team) and bet on it.

Since all virtual games of this type are based on real people, games and teams — the outcome often depends on how the events in real life have developed. But the unknown factor remains, so the game takes place in semi-random mode. The combination of virtual and real worlds makes such bets even more venturesome and excitable, and the emotions and experiences of players — more thrilling.

Good news is that tennis fans, for example, cannot wait for the warm season to bet on their favourite team. You can run a virtual game and make multiple bets. It is possible with Olimp betting software!

Thus, the software for bookmakers, developed by the Olimp betting office, allows attracting to the game even those people, whose interest in betting depends on the season.

Olimp Platform: Additional Features for Players

The developers of Olimp software are organizing non-standard events, trying to attract as many players as possible. Betting shop clients can bet on absolutely unique events.

Sports betting in Olimp betting shop

Special gambling entertainment in the Olimp software:

  • Financial rates. Betting on the outcome of trading in the OTC market is a real way to make great money if you are well versed in the situation in the foreign exchange market and stock quotes.
  • Football roulette. This is a new gambling entertainment, which involves betting not on the outcome of the match, but on specific actions of players (also available bets on the actions of teams and referees). It matters when the action will be done. The whole game visually looks like a classic roulette, where each of the cells is one of the events.
  • Bets on lottery results. It is “2 in 1” game in which customers can play with their luck and try to guess the lottery outcome. This is another unique feature of the Olimp software.

Due to such a personal touch, the developers of Olimp have managed to create a special betting platform, on the basis of which it is easy to open a high-quality and promising office.

Why do Players Prefer to Bet in the Casino Based on the Olimp Software?

As we mentioned above, the software from Olimp betting firm allows betting on a variety of events. But there are other reasons why players with great pleasure cooperate with offices on the basis of this platform:

  • possibility to make bets remotely and at any time of the day;
  • instant transfers of cash prizes;
  • excellent interface (clear and convenient), which is easy to understand both for an experienced bettor, and quite a beginner;
  • live betting format where you can bet on your favourite team in real time while the player is watching the match;
  • high winnings rates;
  • interesting bonuses for regular customers;
  • a wide range of built-in payment systems, transfers in different currencies and to different countries;
  • 100% guarantee of privacy and security of personal data;
  • convenient system of formation of the player’s actions history (it allows supporting operators to be aware of what is happening and qualitatively help in solving any issues);
  • the ability to make a bet even via a mobile phone.

All these factors make the entertainment very pleasant for the player and also provides freedom of choice and a wide range of tools for making an interesting bet.

As for the payments, the Olimp software has a built-in functional payment system, so you can easily and quickly make transfers from customers to the betting shop and back. A variety of currencies with a low conversion rate is also available. As a result, players do not worry about their money and enjoy pleasant leisure time.

How Can You Purchase the Olimp Software?

If you are seriously interested in the opportunity to open a successful betting shop on the Internet, the Olimp software is the perfect choice for a powerful start and further promotion of your project. It has everything that players and owners of the office need.

Considering the fact, that the platform was created by people who worked in the betting business, you would find everything you need for enterprise success. And if you need additional programs, payment modules or CRM-systems, you can always contact the manager of the Rosloto company, who will help to determine the necessary software and buy it at the lowest price.

You can not only order the software from us, but also buy a casino, completely ready for operating, or make an application for the project development from a to Z according to your individual requirements.

Write to us right now and let us create a new successful betting together!

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Updated 10.02.2023
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