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Vivo Gaming: Sale of Powerful Operating System for Live Casino

Vivo Gaming: Sale of Powerful Operating System for Live Casino

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Online casino with live dealers is one of the most profitable types of gambling activities on the World Wide Web. Everything is simple: today, as hundreds of years ago, players prefer to deal with attractive dealers, not with a cold soulless algorithm. Therefore, such projects will always be in demand.

Gaming sites in actual format require special software — such as manufactures Vivo Gaming supplier. Rosloto recommends that you install the platforms for live casino games from this developer.

The developer of live casino software — Vivo Gaming

Vivo Gaming is a serious, stable platform that will ensure the smooth operation of the gambling site and help to make the game process as pleasant and comfortable as possible for visitors.

You can find out more about the peculiarities of Vivo Gaming platform, order its installation, and in addition to this, get free advice on the organization of gambling activity from the personal manager of Rosloto. Just fill out the form below and we will contact you!

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Let us consider, what distinguishes Vivo Gaming operating system in contrast to the other competitors and whether you should create a gambling site on its basis.

A Little Bit About Vivo Gaming Company

The manufacturer of Vivo Gaming is known primarily for its products for organizing games with live dealers. The company was established in 2007 and since that time has been actively developing software in accordance with customer requests.

In the Vivo Gaming arsenal there are operating systems for online casinos and for the organization of land-based gambling clubs, therefore, the platforms are especially appreciated by entrepreneurs who want to launch projects in both formats.

Although the company was originally established in Israel, it received a license for developing gambling software in Curacao. Vivo Gaming live dealer games are broadcast from a studio in Curacao, Costa Rica and on different territories. Nowadays, the company can be called international.

Live-studios and offices are located in different parts of the world so that Vivo Gaming programs combine the best practices of specialists from around the globe. An important peculiarity: this live casino software is designed for the logic and psychology of players from different regions, which means that it is well suited for creating a website with a focus on the international market.

Why Do Operators Choose Vivo Gaming Live casino software?

Live casino software by Vivo Gaming

The company conducts research of gaming experience across the world and persistently improves the finished products. Developers are studying what gaming operators are waiting for, what functions they need and in favour of what operating systems, they make a choice. Therefore, the software supplier in its developments focuses on such aspects that solve the current problems of operators and allow to continuously increase the level of income, effectively using the Vivo Gaming offers.

Key Features of the Vivo Gaming Software

Advantage Description
Increasing the player value This is an indicator that reflects the expenditures on attracting gamblers with the return received from the projects of this user. You can increase the value of players by increasing loyalty, motivation for repeated visits, increasing the size of the bet and so on. Vivo Gaming platform has all the necessary tools for this
New opportunities for business growth The great thing regarding Vivo Gaming platforms is that they allow adding casino games when the owner feels that his audience is ready to accept new offers. Live roulette, baccarat, Sic Bo, poker and online gaming tables — your range will consist of as much gambling entertainments as you want, and their addition and installation usually takes a few minutes
Tools for analysis of the business effectiveness Vivo Gaming platform allows assessing the state of the system in real time coupled with the final format for a specific period of time. The operator sees how much money is received, how much is paid, what mandatory expenses are planned and how advertising is promoted. All this allows effectively managing your business and planning financial decisions ahead
Control of fraud Have you ever faced with surebets-makers or players who make the deadline sports betting? Special intelligent Vivo Gaming system will help to protect your business and money from unscrupulous players. The program automatically monitors all suspicious actions of users in the system and can block accounts and/or personal funds until the competent members of stuff consider the situation

Secure Broadcasts

Since Vivo Gaming studios are located all over the globe, and the data of operators and all participants are transmitted through multiple channels, the provider for live dealer games is particularly sensitive to the privacy and data security.

Vivo Gaming platform: why you can trust the developer

The supplier guarantees that all live casino games, recording equipment and related operating systems are certified, safe and operate only via channels with the highest level of protection.

What Games Does the Gaming Platform Support?

Although the key product of the company, which has brought it worldwide fame, is live casino software, Vivo Gaming developers are trying to meet the needs of operators who focus on other types of gambling entertainment. So, nowadays the producer offers more than ten types of card games with dealers and about 350 video slots.

The Advantages of iGaming Operating System from Vivo Gaming

  1. Participants can make bets on various tables simultaneously. The game platform includes Multi Game Play; therefore, it is possible to play the leading game at one table and make small bets in mini-games in a special window.
  2. The operating system interface is suitable for players all over the globe: multilingual and multicurrency functionality makes the game convenient for representatives of all regions. The user can choose the appropriate visual style of play: Asian, Latin American or European.
  3. During the game, the gambler can be in contact with other gamers and dealers in a special chat. It is like a land-based casino, but it is possible to play at home or any other comfortable place.
  4. A special adaptive version of the platforms for mobile devices allows making bet literally on the move.
  5. The developer uses modern technologies: HTML5, Full HD, Flash. Due to the diversity on any of the platforms or operating systems, the user gets an excellent visual image, access to the casino functionality and, as a result, a real pleasure from the game.

Best Games from Vivo Gaming

  • Roulette. The developer offers traditional European roulette. Automatic cameras with full HD resolution, a huge choice of betting options on the tables (together with neighbours’ bets, repeated bets and hint mode), full customization of the game appearance at the request of the player. Gaming live roulette produced by Vivo Gaming looks good, proves itself to work well in practice and always brings great profits to the owner of the site.
  • Blackjack. 7 Seat Blackjack is the most popular version of blackjack produced by Vivo Gaming supplier. The game has standard pay-outs of 3:2. Dealers can interact with customers via live chat. A distinctive feature of the game: long pauses, during which you can think on the bet, make a move and do not break the harmonious course of the game.
  • Baccarat. Software for baccarat in live-mode offers several options of hands and different limits of tables. It is perfect for clients accustomed to make a big bet and for players with a limited budget. There are different variations of baccarat: usual dealing of cards, high-speed, fantasy live baccarat (dealers wear the costumes of fantastic heroes or fairy-tale characters), early 6-card dealing. The game is available for PC and mobile platforms.
  • Poker. Vivo Gaming supplier offers to poker fans a special application Caribbean Stud Poker. This is a live game in which you can compete for a progressive award by means of additional bets. Entertainment is in great demand in the European market and in the Latin American region. It is one of the best analogues of traditional poker rooms in online casinos.
  • Sic Bo. A popular entertainment among the players of the Asian region. The essence of the game is to make a prediction, and then the element of luck is determined by the traditional dice game. Thus, one should pay tribute to Vivo Gaming: the developers have done everything possible to ensure that users with any gaming experience from different countries can easily understand the rules and join the game. As a result, today the demand for Sic Bo is growing rapidly, as well as the number of connoisseurs.
  • Craps. It is the Western analogue of Sic Bo game. It should be noted that today on the market there are not so many developers who are engaged in developing operating systems for dice games, and in this segment, Vivo Gaming is considered to be one of the leaders. On a related note, Live Craps from this corporation is the first version of the networked dice game with live dealers.
  • Dragon Tiger. Gamers probably may not know the name Dragon Tiger, but distinctly possible they are familiar with the Western version of this entertainment — Casino War. As in the case of the dice, only a small number of producers put up for sale the Dragon Tiger.

The rich line of offers from Vivo Gaming is much wider — we have covered only the key gambling entertainments that players prefer and therefore that is in demand among operators. Among other things, the producer offers keno, bingo, virtual horse racing, video poker, traditional slots and gaming machines, etc.

All table games are available for installation via API. It is fast, reliable and will help to enlarge the game range of your site in a few minutes.

How to Purchase Vivo Gaming Operating System?

All Vivo Gaming platforms can be described as follows: these are programs that allow gamers to plunge into the vibe of land-based casinos without leaving home. All kinds of settings, a huge range of games and even the preference of dealers in the region (Asia, Europe, Latin America) guarantee an excellent game and pleasant emotions.

From the gambling project owner point of view, this is a great chance to expand your audience and significantly improve earnings. It is possible to buy the Vivo Gaming platform and add the necessary programs from the same manufacturer.

If the software from another provider is already operating on your site, do not worry — Rosloto experts easily carry out the installation of high-quality software from Vivo Gaming on the running site even without stopping it.

Here you can not only order the original certified software but also buy a casino on a turnkey basis, request the site development according to individual requirements and get the support of our lawyers.

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