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Unicum Casino Software: Order Old-School Slots

Unicum Casino Software: Order Old-School Slots

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The firm has not engaged in the business since 2007 but its video slots are as in-demand as they were in the days when gambling halls were popular. These are dynamic products that appeal to both fans of the “old school” style and young users who are interested in the reality of the 90s.

Unicum casino software: order old-school slots

The gambling software by Unicum attracts players with a special atmosphere, so it is worth connecting it in order to increase the traffic flow and retain regular customers.

You can buy any slot machine of this developer from Rosloto. We offer content that will attract users and allow them to direct their emotions outward.

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About the Russian Developer of Dynamic Slots

The firm was founded in Moscow in 1991. In the early 2000s, when gambling halls were opening all over Russia, the company started producing land-based slots. Products from the supplier were a huge success. They were installed by 15% of casino operators in the CIS and Eastern Europe. The brand prospered and developed.

In 2005, online games started to become popular, and at the same time, more and more personal computers appeared. Then the company's management decided to merge with Smart Gaming and create slots for gaming sites.

The assortment of the Unicum turnkey casino includes 9 slot machines. They are dedicated to the adventure theme.

For 2 years, Unicum web casinos software and equipment were extremely in-demand but due to some difficulties in the development of the business, the company stopped issuing gambling solutions and changed its line of activity. Today, the brand specialises in vending machines and creates payment systems for both online and offline projects.

The Gaming System of the Vendor

Entrepreneurs can launch a casino in a convenient format. The integration process takes a minimum of time, and the system can be used immediately. Users may play in any browser and operating system. The number of gamers is not limited.

The platform is easily managed thanks to a multifunctional administrative module. Operators can monitor the work of employees and the activity of casino visitors in real-time.

Features of the Brand’s Offer

Games of the Unicum online casinos top provider include:

  • 21 active lines;
  • 5 reels;
  • bonus games;
  • the risk round.

Unicum web casinos software works on the basis of a random number generator. The vendor has taken care of regular and timely checking of the solution.

Why it is Worth Launching the Gambling Software by Unicum

Unicum gambling software: advantages

The main advantages of the product:

Intuitive interface

Unicum casino software is very easy to manage. Gamblers do not need to waste time on the adaptation, quickly understand the interface, and start playing for real money

Unique graphics

A lot of time has passed since the release of the first slot machine of the provider. Modern games impress with voluminous and animated elements but even against their background, Unicum products look decently.

The main advantage of graphics is authenticity. All gaming symbols reflect the vibe of the era to which the plot is dedicated

Good background sound

As a background sound, the manufacturer chose melodies known to most residents of the countries of the post-Soviet space

Interesting plots

Communist construction yards, roaring 90s, gang warfare: it is hard to find as original and catchy themes in slots of other developers

Profitable RTP percentage

The RTP percentage in all types of entertainment is 97.9%

Demo versions of all solutions

It is possible to connect a casino from the provider with the ability to launch games for free.

Users are always happy to play in a demo mode, and then, having convinced themselves of the generosity of the bonus program, they can bet real money

5 Most Popular Offers of the Supplier

When buying Unicum turnkey casinos, make sure that the catalogue of offers contains the best products of the developer.

The list of top 5 games includes:

Gold of the Party

According to the legends, the Communist Party of the USSR owned huge gold reserves. The vendor dedicated the original slot to these riches. Every gambler can participate in a treasure hunt accompanied by the music that was popular during the high day of the Soviet Union.

The slot machine pleases users with generous payouts and offers 2 bonus rounds where they can increase the prizes:

  1. Envelope. A combination of more than 3 money symbols launches the round with 4 envelopes. One of them contains banknotes. If players guess correctly, they will win a prize. If not, they will lose all the money.
  2. Satellite. When a combination of 3 satellites appears on the panel, an additional round is activated. Gamblers need to “organise an expedition” on one of the offered planets.

The dynamic plot, good bonuses, and pleasant odds make this game exciting and very popular for many years.


The slot machine is dedicated to the difficult turning point of the 90s of the twentieth century. The plot is based on the confrontation between criminal authorities and law enforcement agencies. The images here are appropriate: the gang, policemen, and weapons.

There are also 2 special symbols:

  1. Wild. The picture with the image of a joker helps users to collect winning combinations and double the size of a prize.
  2. Scatter. The roulette icon launches additional rounds.

Gamblers can increase the reward in 2 bonus games:

  • The burglar needs to find the building that has the most valuables. Players are offered 5 options.
  • One of the 2 boxes contains money, while the other is empty. Users need to make the right choice.


The gambling software by Unicum is distinguished by original plots, and the Bazar slot is no exception. The developer recaptured the atmosphere of the Russian market where food, clothes, and household items are sold.

The bazaar lives according to its laws, and this is shown by the symbols. Here, you can see a Georgian merchant, an old lady with a screwface, as well as goods that were relevant in the 80s and 90s.

Gamblers have many opportunities to win a big prize: there are wild symbols, scatters, and 2 bonus rounds.

Around the World

The solution was created based on the cartoon “Around the World in 80 Days”, which was dedicated to the adventure novel of the same name by Jules Verne. In this game, users will meet such familiar characters as Phileas Fogg and Jean Passepartout.

The slot has 2 special symbols:

  1. Wild. An image of an aeroplane completes the winning combinations with the missing symbols.
  2. Scatter. The globe icon launches the bonus mode.


The developer offered his interpretation of the popular novel by Daniel Defoe “Robinson Crusoe”. Although the basic plot remains the same (the main character ends up on a desert island), there are several new characters (a beautiful girl and a savage).

A wild symbol here is a tin that activates one of the bonus games:

  • The main character will have to steal some food from the ogre and not fall into his hands.
  • Players need to load up the raft to escape the island without using too many supplies so it does not sink.

The Main Things about Offers of the Vendor

The product is popular with gamblers and can bring good income to operators. Connect the Unicum casino software with the help of Rosloto and expand the catalogue on your website!

  • The provider has stopped releasing new games but its slots are still popular with casino visitors. Offer them something radically different from the offers of modern developers!
  • Plots are interesting not only for people who feel nostalgic for the USSR but also for young users. They will be happy to immerse themselves into the atmosphere of Komsomol building areas and gang warfare. And as for the adventure-themed slot machines — they are always relevant.
  • Graphics does not have 3D and animation effects but it attracts with originality. Players appreciate the unusual style of slots and the soundtrack.
  • The control panel in the vending machines is easily understood even by beginners. This is a huge advantage of traditional games with a familiar interface: users immediately launch the reels without wasting their time.

Rosloto offers high-quality products for iGaming projects:

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