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Casexe: Gambling Business Solutions

Casexe: Gambling Business Solutions

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Online casinos appeared thanks to the ban on the activity of land-based gambling establishments, when owners of this business, not wishing to lose their profit, decided to move casinos to the online space. As a result, today, online casinos have become one of the most profitable ways of regular earnings.

At the same time, there are many new companies that want to organise online gambling establishments or purchase an online casino on turnkey basis. The best way to do it can be suggested by specialists who are engaged in such activities, for example, employees of the Casexe development company.

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What is Included in the Process of Creation of Online Casinos?

creation of online casinos

It is worth noting that it can take a significant amount of time and efforts but it will still be possible to implement the plan if you follow a predetermined list of actions.

  • Registration of a legal entity. Today, this issue can be resolved quickly enough, you just need to file an application to the local executive body and wait for a while.
  • Obtaining a gambling license. This procedure requires some efforts since you will have to choose the jurisdiction and prepare documents independently, which might take time.
  • Acquisition or development of the software. It is also an important step, which requires the presence of knowledge of all the nuances of the issue.
  • Creation of a casino website designed for the installation of a package of games. This work requires efforts of experienced programmers and designers.
  • Integration on the website of all programs that are necessary for the operation: games, payment systems, technical support program, etc.

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As you can see, it is not so easy to clear all items of the plan independently. But, at the same time, you can find the best options that will help you to do what you have planned: there is an opportunity to create an online casino on turnkey basis. In this case, the process will not be so long, exhausting, and complex.

What You Need to Know About the Purchase of Gambling Software

purchase of gambling software

The software must meet the highest requirements since absolutely all components of a new online casino depend on it: functionality, games, payment systems, technical support, etc. Buying the second-class software, you can get yourself into an unpleasant situation when you will have to re-do everything or even do everything from scratch again, wasting time and efforts.

Therefore, experts recommend operators to purchase the software exclusively from professionals with an unblemished reputation and who create high-quality products that can operate seamlessly and safely. It is necessary to buy online casinos on turnkey basis only from such companies, and before doing so, you should find out everything about their activities, to get the most reliable information because, in fact, both the activity of an online casino and the number of users who bring income to the gambling establishment depend on the chosen software.

A manufacturer must have vast experience, operate with the best games, and have many customers and partners who have a positive feedback about his work. All these characteristics apply to a well-known supplier of casino games Casexe.

What Does Casexe Offer?

The team of this company is known for its unique offers. Its specialists deal with:

  • the creation of modern games for online casinos;
  • the development and introduction of slot machines into gambling halls;
  • the integration of casinos with live dealers (so-called live casinos);
  • the development of mobile versions of games;
  • the creation of an online casino on turnkey basis;
  • the development and the organisation of lotteries;
  • the introduction of new technologies for simultaneous operation of several servers;
  • the introduction of systems of protection against burglary and viruses;
  • the provision of affiliate programs for the promotion;
  • the installation of RNG modules (random number generators).

Among administration systems of Casexe, we would like to mention the offer of affiliate programs, the introduction of payment systems, the running of Internet tournaments, the acceptance of bitcoin payments, bonus and prize programs, as well as loyalty programs.

What Does it Mean to Buy an Online Casino on a Turnkey Basis?

buy an online casino on a turnkey basis

Undoubtedly, this service will help business owners to acquire a new business without any difficulties especially since there are quite a lot of companies that are ready to provide all necessary components for a successful operation while they are developing the software.

The Casexe company, which is a major provider of services for the creation of such kind of business, offers to develop an online casino on a turnkey basis.

Having decided to turn to its professionals, operators get ready-made casino platforms with all necessary programs and functions, including:

  • the purchase or the development of the made-to-order gambling software;
  • the provision of a package of popular games (there is no need to choose them on your own — experts will do it for you);
  • the creation of a specialised website for casinos;
  • the provision of a ready-made gambling license (operators do not have to choose the most beneficial jurisdiction on their own);
  • the installation of a maximum number of payment programs;
  • the integration of a reliable technical support program into the website;
  • legal advice of professional lawyers who will help operators with the official registration of all documents;
  • the assistance in the promotion of a new online casino.

Those businessmen or companies, which have an intention to purchase or create a new online casino, can turn to Casexe without any doubt, and after that, their gambling establishments will operate without risks and difficulties — all steps that are necessary for the creation of a casino will be taken by specialists.

It is also worth noting that you can purchase a turnkey online casino from Rosloto.

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Updated 10.02.2023
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