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Bonobo Lottery Software: a Platform for a Quick Project Launch

Bonobo Lottery Software: a Platform for a Quick Project Launch

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Today, we are going to talk about a modern cross-platform product for the rapid growth in online and offline markets of the world’s leading jurisdictions. The manufacturer has provided a large selection of settings: from a well-thought-out back office to tools for the creation of unique sweepstakes entertainment.

Bonobo online lottery software: quick business start

You can buy the Bonobo software for online lotteries from the Rosloto studio. Just contact our managers and get more information about the benefits of the solution.

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About the Supplier

The company was founded in 2009 by Mark Homayoun, who is now taking the position of CEO. The staff consists of more than 50 specialists in the field of programming, QA engineering, web design, and marketing.

Key information about the vendor:

  • The main office of the firm is located in Douglas (the Isle of Man). The brand also has a representative office in Toronto, Canada.
  • The provider specialises in the release of multi-tasking products for the lottery industry. It includes ready-made gambling platforms, solutions for the owners of land-based locations, unique content, progressive jackpot systems, and much more.
  • The Bonobo lottery software complies with the principle of responsible gambling. The company is a permanent member of the GamCare non-profit organisation and offers effective mechanisms to support safe play: timely information about the risks of gambling addiction, necessary restrictions, and a ban on accessing gaming sites for minors.
  • The data centres and server storage of the developer are located in the UK and the Isle of Man. The system processes more than 1.5 billion bets per year, which are placed by about 1 billion gamblers all over the world.

Bonobo Software for Online Lotteries

The company offers a licensed platform for a quick launch of a lotto business in regulated markets.

Features of the Proprietary Software

Bonobo lottery software has the following advantages:

  1. Cross-platform environment. The solution is compatible with all browsers and operating systems. Games for real money can be played on devices that support macOS, Windows, iOS, or Android. The system functions flawlessly on all gadgets and land-based terminals with cash and non-cash payments.
  2. Prestigious licensing. The product is approved by the UK Gambling Commission and the regulator of the Isle of Man Gaming. The developer has exclusive rights to organise lotteries and bingo in the United Kingdom.
  3. Integration with social networks. The Facebook cross-browser plug-in has been implemented into the Bonobo software for online lotto. Thanks to this, gamblers can play directly from their pages on the social network, as well as invite friends, and exchange gifts and achievements.

Features of the Solution

The gambling system includes an extensive set of functions:

Well-thought-out back office

The Bonobo lottery software contains a wide range of options:

  • user accounts management;
  • 360-degree view of the system’s operation in the round-the-clock format;
  • analysis of the security of the website and risk management;
  • integration of third-party software from partner vendors;
  • automatic updates of the system;
  • creation of detailed analytics on key parameters;
  • segmentation of players

Financial gateway

The product makes transfers in more than 50 international and local currencies. Operators can launch the processing of transactions in digital assets and set up the interconnection with banking and electronic payment services.

Bonobo software for online lotteries complies with AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) security policies.

The solution supports payments in cash and via land-based POS lottery terminals

Marketing system

The product includes effective tools for the attraction and retention of casino visitors:

  • bonus program (gifts for the registration and deposition of funds for the first time, loyalty points, and one-time lottery drawings);
  • Player 2 Player (P2P) referral system;
  • affiliate services;
  • in-game tools and gamification features (jackpots, leaderboards, challenges, trophies, and team rounds)

Skins and templates

The offer to buy Bonobo lottery software includes the possibility of branding the gaming site.

Customers get access to more than 50 ready-made templates to choose from, as well as a multilingual user interface, and a unique design of their platforms. The company provides the UX interface based on HTML5 technology, thanks to which it instantly adapts to the parameters of the device being used by gamblers

Creation of Exclusive Content

Bonobo lottery software: exclusive content

One of the reasons to buy Bonobo software for the lottery is the ability to develop original drawings. The vendor produces unique solutions and also provides a universal constructor so that entrepreneurs can independently create games.

Content with individual branding and paytables can be easily customised using the back office. Thanks to API integration, all operations are processed as simply and quickly as possible, so there is no need to deal with programming from scratch.

The manufacturer provides several groups of templates to choose from.

Bonobo’s Unparalleled Mobile Lottery Experience

In the realm of entertainment solutions for smartphones, the supplier shines as a pioneer, offering a suite of features designed to redefine gaming on the go.

The mobile products provide unmatched comfort:

  1. Anywhere and anytime access. Bonobo’s content allows players to participate in their favourite amusement from any location. Whether commuting, waiting, or relaxing, the smart device convenience brings the thrill of the lottery to their fingertips.
  2. Intuitive touch interface. The supplier ensures that navigating the software is effortless. Mobile-centric design empowers punters to engage the titles comfortably and without the complications of traditional user menus.
  3. Adaptive gameplay. Bonobo’s solutions can be seamlessly adjusted to various screen sizes and orientations. This feature guarantees a smooth and visually pleasing experience, regardless of the device.
  4. Buying tickets without a hassle. The provider’s streamlined process enables punters to select numbers and participate in draws with a few taps.
  5. Real-time updates. Instant notifications about results and winnings ensure that clients stay amused and informed throughout their day.
  6. Safe transactions on the go. Bonobo prioritises security in mobile gambling. State-of-the-art encryption and reliable settlement gateways facilitate worry-free operations, even when users are on the move.
  7. Synchronised experience. The supplier ensures a seamless transition between devices. Punters can start the game on their smartphones and continue right where they left off on a desktop.
  8. Elevated social interaction. Gamblers can effortlessly share their achievements. This integration fosters connections, allowing players to celebrate wins and discuss strategies with friends.

Lottery Master System

Business owners are offered an impressive set of functions for the creation of popular drawings:

  1. The basic lottery. Gamblers choose certain numbers from the presented range. In the standard version, in total, the basket consists of 53 balls, from which users need to guess 6 numbers.
  2. The Powerball game. Players choose numbers from the main and additional ranges. In a traditional drawing, the basic pool consists of 50 balls (it is necessary to guess 5 numbers) and the additional pool consists of 12 balls (users need to correctly guess 2 numbers).
  3. The Powerball Plus lottery. The solution is a variation of the previous version. Here, in addition to the basic and additional pools, customers receive a bonus drop of the ball after each correct guessing of the number.
  4. Any Place Lottery. Thanks to these tools, operators can create alternative paytables, set an unlimited quantity of prize numbers, and add bonus features and special offers.

The Bonobo Raffle Creator Constructor

The Bonobo software for online lotto provides for the launch of 3 types of individual drawings:

  1. Mixed Prizers. The rewards are cash, gifts, or VIP experience. Game mathematics can be anything: from the basic choice of numbers from the offered pool to additional rounds and random balls.
  2. Cash Fixed Prizes. A lottery with a fixed amount of remuneration. Cash awards are set before the start of the drawing and do not increase after tickets are sold.
  3. Cash Accumulator. The prize fund grows in proportion to the number of lottery tickets that were sold. Each rank has its payout pool. Moreover, it is possible to activate a global giveaway.

Drawings begin at the set date and time and continue until all prizes have been paid out. Each ticket (for both offline and online sales) is numbered consecutively starting from 000001.

LottoRace Dynamic Entertainment

This online game is similar to traditional keno or bingo. It involves configurable and guaranteed odds for total prizes.

The Bonobo lottery software has the following features:

  • various game templates (pools for 2–20 participants with 1–5 winning numbers);
  • connection of a progressive jackpot with a flexible payout table;
  • instant and scheduled drawings;
  • proportional distribution of prizes between winners and players who took second and third places;
  • different design options, including exclusive branding.

The Bonobo's Lottery as a Service (LaaS) Program

The company offers a universal model of cooperation. According to it, the fee for using the software is set in proportion to the number of sold lottery tickets.

The cost of one operation depends on the chosen method of interaction: from 0.03 pounds for charitable drawings to 0.05 pounds for the connection of software for commercial organisations.

Ways to Conquer Regulated Markets

The LaaS program provides for the use of the product in several formats:

Traditional lottery

This option is for those operators who want to scale their already existing business or launch an iGaming project from scratch.

The solution includes a branded website, a catalogue of unique games, and tools for selling tickets through retail stores and agents.

The program has a user-friendly interface and a good choice of settings

Free lotto

Giveaways are a proven method of attracting the target audience and building a loyal customer base. Free games can be added as a bonus offer or a seasonal promotion or coincided with the release of a new product.

In most jurisdictions, lotteries do not require licensing. This is an effective way to enter new markets and improve the corporate image of an iGaming brand

Charity raffles

A set of tools for organising sweepstakes in non-profit organisations. The task is to raise funds for the development of medicine, ecology, construction of social infrastructure facilities, etc.

Tickets can be sold on the company's website, in land-based gambling halls, or via the sub-agent system.

The vendor’s software comes with a well-thought-out backend. It contains a large selection of management functions and role models of access

Lotto with a monthly subscription

The special platform provides options for the organisation of weekly or monthly lotteries. Later, lotto subscriptions can be sold online, by phone, or in person.

The monthly subscription must be paid by the customer

Software Integration Options

Bonobo software for online lotto: integration

You can launch the supplier's solution in different ways:

  1. API installation. Seamless connection of content based on international HTTP data transfer protocols. Operators can order the installation of software on one gaming site or set up the exchange of games under different brands between several platforms. The API integration gives access to the complete functionality of the website and KYC management tools.
  2. Installation on land-based devices. These are self-service terminals, equipment with automatic cash acceptance, and non-cash POS payments. The company provides fast installation and automatic service updates, as well as round-the-clock technical support.

The Main Things about the Connection of the Vendor’s Software

Bonobo is an international manufacturer of multitasking solutions for offline and online gambling sectors.

  • The brand produces lottery platforms, products for offline terminals, solutions for charity drawings, and sessions with a monthly subscription.
  • The developer’s gaming system includes a well-thought-out back office, a financial gateway, marketing tools, templates, and skins. The supplier offers a convenient, ready-to-launch cross-platform product.
  • The firm has provided the possibility of creating unique content using Lottery Master templates, Bonobo Raffle Creator, and LottoRace game settings, which contain elements of the lotto pool, bingo, and keno and connects to the progressive jackpot system.

The licensed content from the company can be ordered from the Rosloto studio.

We offer different types of cooperation: launching a turnkey project, the White Label scheme, purchasing a script, or renting slot machines.

Rosloto provides the following useful business services:

For all questions, please contact our managers!

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Updated 22.08.2023
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