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Casino Fraud Protection AACasino Ltd

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The brand specialises in multi-faceted programs for the casino and betting industries. The supplier operates in the international legal field. It proposes more than 30 solutions and services for operators.

One of the key positions in the manufacturer's catalogue is the casino safety software. The vendor applies advanced technologies and IT tools to protect the businesses on all fronts.

Casino fraud protection from AACasino Ltd

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Extensive Catalogue of the Vendor’s Offers

AACasino’s casino security mechanisms are based on an integrated approach to securing sites from external and internal threats.

The producer proposes:

Multiple-stage user check

The verification tools are focused on:

  • identification of gamers by biometrics (face matching, fingerprints);
  • KYC-authentication (personal data, code requests, analysis of profiles on social networks);
  • one-time confirmation when registering, entering, and making a transaction (voice call or SMS notification);
  • additional check (IP devices, geolocation, activity, suspicious domains, and redirects are monitored)

Perimeter protection

The company provides a thorough evaluation of internet traffic to prevent illegal intrusion, cyberattacks, and other types of scam.

AACasino’s casino security software has several built-in firewalls that analyse suspicious activity automatically. For example, mass registration or logging into the system are used to increase the load on a site and disable its infrastructure

Code-level security

The firm applies cutting-edge methods of protecting programs from the inside:

  • SSL-based cryptographic tools (the generally accepted standard for secure encryption/decryption);
  • code obfuscation (transferring program arrays to a state inaccessible for reengineering by a third party)

Protection against internal threats

The KYS system is aimed at developing access levels for different categories of employees (management staff, administrators).

Besides, the program set includes additional encryption of systemically important documents (files, data libraries) and the development of measures for preventing leaks and technical failures

Technical Specifics of the Programs

The software is a multi-process product developed by a team of experienced programmers, testers, architects, managers, and other IT specialists.

Crucial advantages of the programs:

  1. Flexible environment. The variability of settings will let you connect the software AACasino Ltd to protect casinos, mobile applications, and land-based gaming clubs. The developer offers numerous tools for installing programs in studios with live dealers and even on casino ships. This brand is one of the few firms that provide lots of connection variants regardless of an operator's business processes.
  2. Compliance with industry standards. The security instruments fully comply with the provisions of the international PCI DSS protocol (secure work with payment cards), ISO 27001 (IT security) standards, the EU GDPR directive (European procedure for working with confidential data).
  3. Good performance. The solution instantly reacts to attempts of illegal intrusion into the operation of a site, including moments of peak loads on the infrastructure of an internet resource or a land-based service. Increased user activity is observed during holidays and prestigious competitions (as a rule, gamers play slot machines and bet on sports simultaneously).
  4. Intuitive interface. The convenient back-end and reporting module settings are designed for comfortable software management. It is possible to create dashboards, tables with detailed analysis of online traffic, request information about processed payments, etc.

Overarching Risk Control Instruments

AACasino protection software: risk control instruments

AACasino’s casino protection software contains a module for checking each monetary operation for riskiness and compliance with generally accepted legislation.

The vendor realises its defence programs in many jurisdictions. Therefore, it is well acquainted with the juridical peculiarities of working in different countries.

The essential focus is on:

  • tax rates (promptness of charge and payment of taxes on gamers' winnings, as well as an operator's net profit);
  • age restrictions (in some countries it is allowed to play games from the age of 18 (or 21 in others));
  • rules for processing bank documents (IBAN codes are requested, the most complete information about the recipient and the sender should be filled in the "Details" section);
  • compliance with SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) and SWIFT (international interbank information transfer system) requirements;
  • maintaining an operator's corporate accounts (separate accounts are required for commercial activities, pay-outs of monetary prizes, reserve funds);
  • commission fees and other payments.

AACasino’s ID verification for casino sites checks payments for compliance with two regulations:

  • AML preventing money laundering;
  • PEP tracking work with politically exposed persons and lists of sanctions.

These measures protect sites against theft of financial assets and intellectual property and guarantee successful government checks passing.

Algorithm of Connecting the Verification for Casinos from AACasino Ltd

Cooperation with entrepreneurs is built on the White Label principle when an operator gets access to the software for a particular monthly fee.

The vendor takes over the processes of installation, technical support, and prompt product updates, providing businessmen with comfortable and safe working conditions.

The authentication system is licensed by the Maltese Gambling Regulator. This fact ensures smooth software integration for residents of different countries. An exception is entrepreneurs from jurisdictions prohibiting iGaming (the Middle East, some Asian countries).

A beneficial tax policy, simplified registration, and international recognition belong to the list of important advantages of licensing in Malta.

To install the safety programs, an operator does not need to have specific technical skills. The vendor takes over the integration process and full-scale juridical support. Seamless software installation takes a minimum of time and does not change the structure of the source code.

Additional Options from the Supplier

AACasino software: additional options

It is possible to connect the verification programs as a package along with other solutions.

The brand proposes such services:

Winnings Insurance

The vendor covers operators’ expenses for large monetary prizes related to progressive jackpots and unsecured tournaments (if the prize pool is not formed from user fees).

Another advantage here is in the fact that the producer helps operators with the organisation of effective advertising campaigns.

Here are the key marketing tasks:

  • attraction of consumers to casino sites;
  • creation of original and dynamic contests that can allow gambling portals to stand out from competitors;
  • equal distribution of pay-outs for each category of clients (newcomers, regular players, VIP-users).

Customised KYC Tools

AACasino’s casino fraud protection instruments are based on AI technologies. They are also used to analyse behavioural factors to offer gamers the best playing conditions.

A personalised user interface with dedicated features, flexible settings, and a list of interesting entertainments is implied.

Recruitment and Outsourcing of Personnel

Depending on the needs of a business, the brand provides qualified employees for land-based and online gaming enterprises. These are administrators, pit bosses, croupiers, dealers, cashiers, operators of lottery tickets, and sports betting shops.

Companies can outsource some of their routine duties to reduce the financial burden on their businesses.

Entrepreneurs do not have to spend time and money on staff employment, induction, training, compliance with social guarantees (sickness, vacations, and additional costs associated with the recruitment of full-time staff).

Integration of Entertainment Content

It is possible to connect the verification for casinos AACasino Ltd along with a universal gaming system.

The producer proposes:

  • entertainments with live dealers (over 30 positions, including baccarat, Sic Bo, European and American versions of roulette);
  • slots (3D games, options with a cumulative jackpot, classic fruit machines);
  • sportsbook program components (this list includes a platform, user interface, software for creating and updating the assortment of sporting events).

The Main Things about the Safety Program Set

The main focus of the considered B2B service provider is on security for reliable protection of virtual resources from cyberattacks and scam.

  • The programs are oriented on multifactorial authentication of users and employees of a gambling site, perimeter security (internet traffic analysis), and source code defence (cryptographic encryption, obfuscation).
  • The product meets industry standards and guarantees high performance even during peak infrastructure loads. The vendor is one of the few companies offering safety software for studios with live croupiers and cruise casino complexes.
  • The producer proposes such extra options as winnings insurance, recruitment of workforce, personnel training, and individual KYS solutions. It is possible to buy games (slots, entertainments with live dealers) or a ready-made sportsbook site.

Contact Rosloto representatives to order security programs from this outstanding brand. The connection of the product will take minimum time. The integration of the software will significantly increase the productivity and safety of your virtual portal.

Besides, we offer:

  • options for offline clubs (certified up-to-date hardware, cash systems);
  • entertainments from industry-leading suppliers;
  • services for launching marketing campaigns and attracting internet traffic.

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Updated 10.02.2023
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