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Casino Software Incredible Technologies: Game-Changing Novelties

Casino Software Incredible Technologies: Game-Changing Novelties

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Starting out as a small enterprise that specialises in the development of entertainment applications, the manufacturer brought a completely new vision of gambling to the iGaming niche. It offered the audience unique entertainment solutions that have no analogues.

Incredible Technologies casino software: pros

The developer describes itself in the following way:

Whether we are writing lines of code for a pinball game, animating bulky pixels, or taking a leap of faith entering the gambling market, our vision does not change — IT innovations remain the most important thing for us.

Today's review from Rosloto is dedicated to the most promising projects of the brand. Read about the innovations that are changing the gambling field and find out how to launch a casino by the Incredible Technologies provider on transparent, secure terms.

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General Information about the Brand

The studio has been on the market since 1985. The company was established by two enthusiasts who graduated from Purdue University: Elaine Hodgson and Richard Ditton. In the early years, the enterprise specialised in programming and creating entertainment applications.

Incredible Technologies casino slots for sale with proprietary developments appeared in 1988 when a series of arcade games was released. The company experienced an expansion of staff and a transition to new areas of work, including the production of its hardware platforms.

The first line of proposals is coin-operated arcade machines. The company caught on to the trend, and its products began to be massively installed throughout the United States.

In 1989, the world saw a project unique for its time — a virtual golf course. The Golden Tee Golf program is still considered one of the provider's biggest achievements. The development was such a resounding success that the company began releasing updates for it every year. One of the latest modifications was introduced in 2021.

In 1995, the studio made another breakthrough — it developed a unique digital infrastructure that combines stationary equipment with cloud servers. With the creation of a single remote database, IT Net introduced a competitive element to the top casino software Incredible Technologies.

The project has been improved over several years. Now the infrastructure is used to organise multiplayer online championships. The system currently integrates tens of thousands of stationary machines in North America, the UK and Australia.

Until the 2000s, the company's product line was represented by arcades and related administrative services for B2B clients.

In 2005, the developer launched a new production line and concentrated all of its efforts on the production of cabinets.

The production of stationary machines remains the main specialisation of the enterprise. Branded casino software Incredible Technologies can be installed in:

  • gaming clubs in 17 states of America;
  • Australia;
  • Great Britain;
  • Macau;
  • the Philippines.

The company guarantees its customers absolute safety and the highest level of quality of its products. One of the confirmations of the reliability of the provider is a permanent membership in several respected niche organisations:

  • National Indian Gambling Association;
  • Association of manufacturers of casino equipment and slot machines in the USA;
  • Associations of operators of gambling systems.

The digital segment operation is a relatively new niche for the enterprise. For instance, this production is a limited premium series with 40+ positions.

Despite the modest assortment, the company successfully cooperates with large niche brands:

  • NYX Gaming;
  • NetBet Casino;
  • Spin Games;
  • Lightning Box and others.

The company has 200+ employees, including its department that takes care of the development and post-sale assistance with stationary equipment. The main office and primary technological facilities are located in the state of Illinois. Several divisions and sales offices are open in Las Vegas, the UK and various major regulated markets.

Since the organisation has been primarily working with hardware and products for land-based halls, its digital assortment is currently being slowly replenished. Today, it is only 40 positions, but with close cooperation with other organisations, the library is expected to get bigger with time.

Stationary Systems from the Group

The hardware gaming devices of the American brand are represented by 6+ innovative examples — from cabinets that possess unique interactive interfaces to specialised equipment for promotional and advertising campaigns.

The prominent models of vending equipment in the assets of IT Inc. are:

Infinity U23

This is the most famous line, which has become a classic in American gambling halls.

Two complementary monitors are available with a variety of configurations. The 23-inch touchscreen elements can be used to control the slot or exclusively to broadcast the playing field and commercials.

Basic user functions are duplicated by mechanical buttons located under the main screen.

The developer has provided a wide range of modifications:

  • synchronised LED lighting around monitors and mechanical control panel;
  • several graphics packages, including support for HD and 4K video;
  • the acoustic system of the latest generation.

Infinity Super Skybox

An innovative solution was released in 2016. The company presented a combined cabinet that includes four hardware devices with vertical screens of 55 inches.

The main feature of the series is a single panel that takes care of the advertising functions. The 123-inch screen is installed as a solid canvas on top of the main screens.

Widescreen LED panels can be used in several ways:

  • to duplicate the game session in landscape mode;
  • to broadcast user ratings during online competitions and tournaments;
  • for promotions and advertisements.

Infinity V55

The first version of the cabinets was released in 2016 and was an unprecedented solution to provide users with maximum immersion depth.

The devices are equipped with an innovative video container. This is an exclusive production for gaming halls that broadcasts a 4K video stream.

The line has become so successful that the brand has released several additional modifications. The last update was presented in 2019. The series includes two new models at once:

  1. Summit cabinet. A device with an active touch zone of 5 inches and vertical LED components. The panels are tilted towards the cabinet body and allow you to stream 3D games without the need for an additional headset.
  2. Automatic Pilot. A unique device of its kind, complemented by another vertical monitor. The second screen, located above the main field, is great for promos, broadcasting the main session and tracking progressive draws.

Hardware Devices for Advertising Campaigns

One of the fascinating offerings in the studio's library is the Universal Jumbo Edge series of LED platforms. This is a universal wide-format device that can be used as a separate interior object or as part of any series of vending machines. Moreover, the design features of the block allow both vertical and horizontal installation.

At the heart of the development, there are the following elements:

  • the innovative Simple Sing Kit mounting system, which allows you to install the screen on top of any cabinets of the supplier;
  • the modular case Infinity Edge for ergonomic implementation of monitors in any interior group.

Online Library of the Manufacturer

Incredible Technologies software: online library

Digital gambling software by Incredible Technologies consists of story-based games with a wide variety of mechanics and exclusive features.

The company has a lot of fans due to the combination of such characteristics and features in the products:

Groundbreaking Mechanics

The work of copyright slot machines deserves respect. Certain game mechanics are available, among which there are:

  1. Additional prize lines. Megaways technology is implemented in most of the company's online products. Within the framework of the main game, up to 1296 outcome options are available to users. During bonus spins, the number of lines may increase.
  2. Extension of the Reelfecta field. An innovative solution that randomly adds new drums. The program starts regardless of the actions of the gambler and displays an additional active 4x4 grid on the screen.
  3. Secret additions. Online turnkey casino Incredible Technologies includes a limited series of premium slots with hidden quests. The bonus program will be available only when particular actions are completed in the main round.
  4. Multipliers. Boosted multiplier rounds are common in both standard and bonus rounds. Side odds are triggered by a special combination of icons, and their value can reach x4 to the initial bet.
  5. Renewable free spins. Free runs can be extended without leaving the bonus mode. Almost every model of online slots is equipped with a renewable free spins program and allows you to play with a bet from the house up to 100 times in a row.

Excellent Visualisation

The provider uses advanced technologies at every stage of the implementation of its products, including the visualisation of slots. Projects with realistic animation and 3D effects are available.

Casino software Incredible Technologies:

  • is reproduced on mobile devices in vertical and horizontal spreads;
  • guarantees HD picture quality;
  • broadcasts streaming video at an increased frame rate.

Retention Tools

The online turnkey casino Incredible Technologies comes with a branded multi-level loyalty program.

As part of the solution:

  • a rich selection of in-game bonuses (free spins, story quests, multipliers, etc.);
  • variable bonuses and features for character customisation;
  • personal modes (accelerated, single, PvP and others);
  • tournament support program (there is an option to invite participants personally and live broadcasts of the event with an additional betting system based on sports betting);
  • gift certificates (minimum purchase amount — $1).

Intuitive Controls

All the company’s software has a single user panel. This solution has already proven itself in large niche brands, such as NetEnt and Play’n Go. Users can quickly switch between different games without spending time learning the interface and personalising settings.

Another advantage is the ability to automate all gaming processes: from adjusting bets to participating in risk rounds.

The slots store the history of moves up to 100 clicks. This allows you to analyse in detail the frequency of payments, and the actions of other users and develop your strategy.

Top casino content of the company

Leonidas: King of Sparta

Historical theme project with very realistic graphic effects. In addition to full immersion, the developer guarantees high payouts and a large selection of bonuses:

  • renewable free rounds (up to 100 consecutive spins);
  • variable multipliers in the main and bonus levels;
  • hidden story quest with an additional set of wild symbols

Roll of Money

The playing field is designed as a machine that prints banknotes of denominations.

The best casino software Incredible Technologies was equipped with the patented Fast Line technology: any combination with a scatter on the middle reel will be winning by default, and the size of the prize is chosen by the gamblers themselves.

To receive a reward for the round, the participant needs to choose one of the offered bags of gold.

The bonus is a win-win, and the maximum multiplier in the round reaches x4.

Another feature is an enlarged field during bonuses. The free spins cycle starts in a separate window with an 8x5 grid

Eat Them

Creative development on the theme of the zombie apocalypse. Users can enjoy not only original graphics with bright special effects but also generous rewards, including a cumulative jackpot.

In standard mode, a 3x4 grid and 30 permanent lines are available.

The signature Sky Reels feature is randomly launched: an additional 6x4 game grid appears above the main field. The coils spin independently and can be reactivated up to 60 times in a row.

The bonus is done very effectively. The usual coils disappear on the screen, and zombies appear instead.

The player's task is to throw various items from the inventory at them by simply clicking on the playing field. The reward for the round will depend on the accuracy of the user and the number of defeated monsters

Other recognised titles of the last few years:

  • Jolly 8’s Prosperity Boost;
  • Astro Cat;
  • Ultra Rush Gold X;
  • Dragon Rush Fei Nu.

The versatility of topics is incredibly wide. Incredible Technologies introduce themes starting with history and all the way up to space. The majority of content has the layout grids of 3x5 and 4x4. The winning chances are estimated in paylines. Some titles have around 30 of them, while others can boast of up to a few hundred. The payout rate averages 94%.

Bonuses and promo elements are abundant in content by the Incredible Technologies:

  • wild symbols;
  • Ultra Rush lock and spin;
  • Persistent features, and more.

Rosloto works tightly with the entertainment creator and adjusts each package of content to the individual preferences of an operator. Order the professional assistance of our experts to guarantee a stable influx of clients and match their demands.

Live Tournaments in the LiveWire Home Gaming Cabinet

The online casino provider Incredible Technologies offers an interactive mobile environment. This is a convenient downloadable product including three independent games:

  1. Golf course Golden Tee. The user can choose a single round, form their team, compete with the AI ​​program or other participants. Gamblers have access to several atmospheric locations, quests, branded bonuses and various VIP events.
  2. Silver Strike Live virtual bowling alley with 3D effects. During the session, you can form your team or take part in single rounds.
  3. Power Putt Live mini-golf with variable locations (there are real landscapes from the world's largest playgrounds). The capacity of the system is enough to support thousands of international competitions in live mode. Besides, there is a set of character customisation tools.

Arcade Entertainment

In addition to its popular gambling amusement and terminal software, Incredible Technologies maintains its commitment to its original activity. As many casino establishments seek to diversify their offerings, they are now searching for trusted suppliers of arcade games. Such entertainment adds to the nostalgic atmosphere and provides a refreshing break from the usual casino participation.

Acclaimed arcade titles that managers should consider:

  1. Retro Racoons. Developed in partnership with Glitchbit, this multiplayer activity is a package of 40 mini-games designed for up to 4 users. Its unique feature is the Cheer way of playing style, where the terminal includes a place for a drink, and the game prompts participants to take a sip at specific moments.
  2. Bags. A beloved arcade for anyone familiar with cornhole entertainment. As a part of the Target Toss Pro package, this title introduces unique scoring principles. Players can earn extra points for predicting the landing position of a bag as it is in midair.
  3. Lawn Darts. Another activity included in the Target Toss Pro package offers four types of interaction: classic, poker, cricket, and 501 darts. Users can get their hands on digital versions of cherished outdoor entertainment during their gambling breaks.

Incredible Technologies has added a special feature to the entire Target Toss Pro package called RawTalk. The specific mechanics consist of uncensored comments from Jack “Shooter” Thompson that go through the entire gaming process. The RawTalk feature is optional and allows managers to decide whether to include it based on their audience. However, statistics show that the majority of users opt for the package just to hear the RawTalk commentary.

How to Launch a Casino by the Incredible Technologies Provider

Incredible Technologies turnkey online casino

This manufacturer's archive contains a wide multitude of solutions for ground operators and digital business owners.

Here is how Incredible Technologies casino slots for sale are established:

  1. Supply of stationary devices. Studio cabinets are certified and approved by the largest niche authorities. Hardware machines are supplied to all legal markets.
  2. Point integration. The studio offers separate positions for implementation in existing libraries. Gambling software by Incredible Technologies is a cross-platform product that is compatible with the content of large niche providers.
  3. Purchase of home offices. The provider offers separate deliveries of LiveWire tournament platforms for mobile clients. The product includes a full set of administrative tools, loyalty programs and specialised solutions for interacting with VIP users.
  4. Gaming platform White Label. You get an autonomous digital infrastructure and the ability to work under your brand. This is a ready-made software base with a built-in library, live tournaments, bonuses and advanced payment tools.
  5. Order IT Net server base. Global administrative service for remote management of a game project. The offer includes programs for tracking and controlling financial flows, multi-level reporting, customer activity control systems and much more.

The Main Things about Gambling Products from the Enterprise

American gambling manufacturer says:

For 25 years, our group has been designing and developing game releases, concentrating on innovation and positive user experience.

We are now the largest commercial game maker in the US and we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible with next-generation content.

  • The hallmark of the studio is the innovative LiveWire tournament platform. The project is designed for a mobile audience, is available in all legal markets of the world and is a set of three standalone products: golf, minigolf and bowling.
  • The company is constantly expanding its range of fixed cabinets. There are 6+ series in the developer catalogue, including exclusive machines with 55-inch vertical sensors and hybrid advertising panels for vertical and horizontal mounting.
  • Digital content is compatible with the developments of the largest niche providers. The studio successfully cooperates with multiple industry giants. All games are cross-platform and available for sale in any legal market.
  • Bonuses and promo elements are abundant in content by the Incredible Technologies and include wild symbols, unique mechanics, Ultra Rush lock and spin, persistent features, and more.
  • Retro Racoons, Bags, and Lawn Darts are excellent examples of iconic arcade entertainment elaborated by the organisation to allow punters to chill out during the breaks of their gambling process.

For detailed information about how to launch a casino by the Incredible Technologies provider, please contact the Rosloto studio.

We offer gambling content for every taste:

We guarantee prompt feedback, a detailed technical description of branded services and a professional solution to all organisational and legal nuances.

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