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The considered program set is a digital identity platform that provides an easy and secure way to verify user identity in online and land-based gambling halls.

Casino fraud protection from the Yoti provider

The programs are flexible. They have good performance rates. The supplier has implied two methods of integration (API environment and SDK plugins), as well as a free test mode (30 days).

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Crucial Facts about the Firm

The British company is headquartered in London. It was founded in 2014 by programmers Robin Thombs, Duncan Francis, and Noel Hayden. Currently, the provider has about 200 employees, including specialists from India and the United States (additional development and testing departments are localised in these countries).

The main vector of the firm’s development is associated with applications for multi-factor authentication. Consumers, their devices, entry points (geolocation), and other facts are checked to prevent online scam and enhance the quality of service.

The verification options are presented in two versions:

B2C Offers

The free app from the vendor is available for Apple and Android users. The installation takes less than five minutes. End consumers have to take selfies, scan their passports or driving licences using a mobile device. Then, Yoti’s casino security software will transform the data into digital identification.

As of December 2020, the application has been downloaded by more than 8 million users. This fact confirms its exceptional value.

B2B Opportunities

The vendor’s security programs are widely applied in:

  • public sector (interactive digital IDs);
  • tourism (biometric verification of travellers);
  • healthcare (the registration of medical test results online), and other fields.

The provider placed particular attention on iGaming. This is a dynamically developing business with billions of entry points and an increased thread of Internet scam.

Yoti’s casino security algorithms are focused on multiple-stage research of Internet traffic. It contains such actual verification methods as biometrics, KYC, device cross-validation, etc.

Enterprisers may connect Yoti’s verification for their casino sites as a free demo. The test mode lets them estimate the efficiency of the offering.

Demo version

The iGaming Product Catalogue

The manufacturer presents an arsenal of offers for defence against:

  • cyberattack;
  • viruses;
  • stealing of monetary assets and immaterial goods;
  • reengineering.

The line of products includes:

Yoti Age Scan

This is a tool for assessing the age of gamers instantly.

The age check is based on the computational mechanisms of machine learning.

To pass identification and start playing games, customers do not need to provide identity documents.

Gamers can be 100% sure that their scanned images are securely stored in the vendor’s database and will not be transferred to third parties

Yoti Doc Scan

The document validation solution can be installed into the current development environment to improve the customer experience.

Yoti’s casino protection software is focused on document authenticity analysis (files are loaded in a few seconds) and Face Match (face recognition). The instrument is based on high-frequency NFC communication

Yoti Sign

This function is based on digital signatures. The firm guarantees the convenience and simplicity of a DS platform with biometric verification and cryptographic encryption.

Operators can establish the terms for using DS — from signing of documents by e-mail to multi-layered authentication, where the digital signature is one of many stages

Yoti App QR

The validation system is premised on checking various types of QR codes. The crucial emphasis is placed on codes that include dynamically generated attributes

Yoti ID Verification for Casino Start-Ups

Yoti ID verification for casino start-ups

The program set shows high efficiency regardless of the programming language in which the source code is created. It is suitable for Java, PHP, Ruby, and Python formats, as well as such actual frameworks as WordPress, Joomla, Node JS, Drupal, and other popular operating environments.

Collaboration Variants

The program creator proposes two ways for the integration of security instruments into an iGaming platform:

  1. The usage of SDK plugins. This is a set of libraries (files that contain the needed functions) and utilities (instruments for connecting and applying protection features). It is advisable to connect SDK tools for new projects that are at the stage of launching or preliminary testing. Seamless SDK plugins can also be built into mobile gambling applications for iOS and Android.
  2. The application of a flexible API environment. This is a selection of ready-made classes, procedures, and structures for use in external program products. Therefore, it is better to integrate API instruments for operating casino sites or mobile apps.

Whichever type of integration an operator chooses, the specialists provide full configuration and debugging of programs, as well as constant assistance after the implementation.

The Integration in a Test Mode

Yoti’s ID verification for casino sites is one of the few offerings that can be fully evaluated in a trial mode.

The producer offers free 30-day versions of all programs, including tools for scanning Yoti Age Scan and Yoti Doc Scan, DS instruments Yoti Sign, and the module for checking QR codes Yoti App QR.

The Strong Suits of the Programs

Here are the essential strengths:

  1. Multi-platform space. It is possible to apply safety programs both for Internet projects (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android) and offline businesses. The product is suitable for gaming terminals, retail checkouts and self-service machines, interactive consoles, and other types of hardware.
  2. Optimal scalability. Yoti’s casino fraud protection mechanisms process millions of scans per day. For example, over 240 million operations were performed in 2020.
  3. Flexible installation. The defence system can be customisable according to the age and document verification requirements. It is also easy to integrate it into an operator's user flows. Entrepreneurs can buy a multi-step authentication module that analyses age, documents, fingerprints, geolocation, and other changing parameters.
  4. Powerful capabilities. The software production is based on AI and biometrics developments. The vendor applies OCR (ultra-fast optical character recognition) and NFC (wireless data transfer) instruments. Particular attention is paid to anti-spoofing — the detection of hidden illegal actions.

International and Sector-Specific Compliance

The programs have been tested by numerous independent organisations. They fully comply with the information protection requirements and the rules for interacting with monetary operations.

The offerings correspond to:

  • EU GDPR — European General Data Protection Regulation (it established the algorithm for dealing with confidential records for countries belonging to the European Economic Area);
  • PSD2 — EU Directive about financial services (the main purpose of the document is to create transparent Internet banking and ensure reliable protection of consumer data);
  • ISO 27001 — an international standard for information security in the field of IT development;
  • AICPA SOC 2 — cybersecurity risk management system (a set of standards developed by AICPA — American Institute of Certified Public Accountants);
  • JMLSG — Joint Money Laundering Steering Group;
  • eIDAS — regulation on Electronic Identity and Trust Services for Electronic Transactions within the EU internal market.

The supplier’s offerings were approved by such well-known IT developers as Cigital (the field of application security testing and project architecture analysis), NCC Group (the main activity is cyber defence), CDT (it studies the impact of technology policies and practices on living standards).

The vendor is included in the list of certificated suppliers for the UK government agencies. It has the G-Cloud 11 conformity mark.

Financial Safety of Projects

Yoti casino software: financial security

The programs are used to optimise monetary services, providing gamers with the best experience.

The firm offers such options:

  1. Flexible user authentication based on KYC. Operators can use one-time verification (face scan) or multi-factor identification (biometrics, fingerprints, and analysis of scanned documents).
  2. Risk management of transactions. The system checks operations for the possibility of an Internet scam, AML/KYC compliance, the absence of consumers in PEPS (sanction lists). The provider applies automatic data extraction, biometric research, the validation of documents, etc.
  3. Reduced operating expenses. Cost optimisation occurs due to the acceleration of the check process. It increases users’ loyalty to a firm and generates Internet traffic. The reduction of costs is directly related to scam (stealing money and bonuses).

The Main Things about the Defence Program Creator

The UK-based vendor offers its solutions to operators from Europe, Asia, and North America. The organisation specialises in the implementation of multi-factor identity and document verification systems.

  • The programs are based on face biometrics, AI, OCR algorithms, and NFC mechanisms. The solution is marked by high performance, flexibility, and simplified distribution in regulated markets.
  • Financial security is based on step-by-step validation of users and monetary operations with the detection of behavioural anomalies and hidden associations. The system verifies the details of transfers with the international AML/CTF/ PEPS (money laundering /terrorist financing /sanctions) lists to ensure durable and transparent operations.
  • Besides instruments for analysing documents and age, the product family includes Yoti Sign (digital signature) and Yoti App QR (QR code verification). All solutions comply with such international IT security directives as ISO 27001, eIDAS, EU GDPR, PSD2, and others.

Turn to the Rosloto guide studio to connect Yoti’s software to protect the web casino.

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Updated 10.02.2023
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