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With the Rosloto company, you can purchase an online casino with Denmark license. It is a good decision that will ensure a return on investment within a very short time.

Gambling license in Denmark: why it is worth your attention

The activity in Denmark offers amazing opportunities for business owners. Here, there is understandable legislation and high engagement of consumers of gambling services, which guarantees decent profit to all market participants.

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A Casino With Denmark License: Advantages

Running a casino or another solution with a Denmark gambling license in this jurisdiction has many undeniable advantages:

  1. The increased profile of the brand. The local market is considered one of the most prestigious in the world. To some extent, this is because it is quite difficult to launch a licensed gambling business in Denmark. But all companies that have successfully passed this difficult path can hope for a rapid increase in popularity.
  2. A good income. Denmark is a country with one of the highest GDP per capita, which economically and socially developed. There is also a shortened working week, which means that locals have a lot of free time. One of their favourite activities is both online and land-based casinos and poker clubs.
  3. Entrance to the European market. The Kingdom of Denmark has been a member of the EU for several decades. The Denmark gambling license simplifies the integration of business under European standards since all laws are already in force within the EU.
  4. Connection to international banking systems. Companies can make international money transfers according to IBAN and SWIFT and also get a long-term or short-term loan from one of the local banks.
  5. Stable legislation. The legal framework is protected from changes for the next few years. It refers to such aspects of the business as taxation, the terms and conditions of the opening of a casino with Denmark license, and the cost of this permit.

The Influence of the Government on the Gambling Industry

Gambling industry in Denmark

The monopolisation at the country level was officially repealed in 2010 with the adoption of the Gambling Act. However, not all divisions were given to private companies. At the moment, the distribution looks like this:

The right to open a company

The type of gambling


Lottery, bingo, scratch cards, and betting on horse racing and dog racing

Private sector

Betting on the Internet and by opening betting shops, land-based and online casinos, gambling locations, and websites with online slots

In addition, the government has several regulatory functions in relation to commercial companies. It is possible thanks to the creation of a special unit of the Ministry of Justice ― the Danish Gambling Authority (DGA).

DGA has the following authorities:


All participants in the local gambling market must obtain permits. For example, the state-owned operator Danske Lotteri Spil goes through the licensing process annually, like most of the monopolists.

Gambling in Denmark provides gambling licenses of two types:

  • conditional;
  • full.

Initially, companies only apply for the first type of permit, which is valid for one year. And after that, firms can expect the acquisition of a full license.

The Regulation of Advertising

Only a casino operator with the Danish license can advertise gambling, and any intermediary services are strictly prohibited. Also, it is impossible to use well-known personalities in advertising activities and disseminate false information. Potential players should receive only those data that will help them to understand how high their chances of winning are.

Control Over Financial Assurance

The original inspection is carried out at the time of the issuance of a permit, and an unscheduled check-out by the DGA is possible at any time. The Committee is interested in the timeliness of payments to users, the completeness of charges and taxes, and compliance with the principles of fair play.

Management of Funds Received From Licensees

In this case, we are talking about two sources of the budget replenishment: income from the issuance of permits and tax deductions. DGA is engaged in a phased distribution of the received funds. As a rule, they are spent on the support for several cultural and social programs for the locals and the development of infrastructure projects near big casinos.

How to Receive a Gambling License?

Gambling in Denmark is quite complex, and to open a casino here can be a difficult thing, especially for the beginners. The Rosloto company believes that it is necessary to immediately contact professionals who have experience in this field. We will easily prepare a full package of documents and guide your project at all stages of obtaining a permit.

Requirements for the Applicants

The DGA Committee sets several basic conditions for those business entities that are planning to conduct gambling activities in the country:

  • The lawful age of an applicant, a clean record, and the absence of debts to the state.
  • The lack of prosecution for bankruptcy.
  • Registration of a company in Denmark or another member of the EU. Companies are entitled to open a local representative office of an existing business ― in this case, it will be possible not to follow the registration requirements.
  • Stable financial condition. It is advisable to provide a detailed financial plan for three years, which indicates all sources of investment and replenishment of funds, as well as current assets.
  • The satisfactory reputation of the company, its shareholders, and the company's management team.
  • Certified hardware, software, a new company’s site and other key elements (such as a random number generator or a built-in payment module). The company will need at least eight different certificates, including the prestigious document ISO/IEC 27001 that defines IT standards.

Entrepreneurs must collect a complete package of documents that confirms the compliance of the company with the above-mentioned requirements. The application lead time depends on the characteristics of the company and takes 3―6 months.

The Cost of Licensing

Gambling license in Denmark: price

The government has set the following rates for those who want to launch the gambling project in Denmark:

  1. The application filing for the opening of an online casino or any other virtual resource ― 37 thousand euros.
  2. The application filing for licensing of a combined type (online casino + betting on the Web) ― 52 thousand euros.
  3. The annual fee for license holders. Its size depends on the company's GGR (gross gambling income). If the annual GGR does not exceed 134 thousand euros, then the amount of the fee will be 7.3 thousand euros.

Also, all enterprises must pay taxes. In the case of iGaming, there are two types of taxes: a profit tax (20% of the net income) and corporate tax (25% of the amount that remains after the deduction of the profit tax).

Where to Buy a Denmark gambling license?

The Rosloto company provides a wide range of services related to gambling in Denmark or any other European country. We have vast experience in launching successful and highly profitable projects quickly and with minimal financial expenses.

Rosloto also offers turnkey solutions for your business: a turnkey online casino with a license, an impressive catalogue of video slots, a multifunctional payment system, and high-quality software that makes the management of a gaming site as efficient as possible.

Moreover, Rosloto develops unique games in HTML5 format, which will definitely become a real gem of your casino. We offer slots in the style of action and exciting adventures, as well as games for logic with interesting storylines. The unique style and well-thought-out gameplay is our mission statement.

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Author: Clara Hazel
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Updated 30.06.2023
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