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UPI (Unified Payments Interface) Casino Payment System: Buy an Effective Solution From Rosloto

UPI (Unified Payments Interface) Casino Payment System: Buy an Effective Solution From Rosloto

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The UPI online casino payment system is a product that was created on the initiative of the NPCI Indian government agency. The solution has been successfully used in Asia and the Pacific Region.

Apart from gambling, this system is used in retail, tourism, insurance, banking, and other economic realms, which are directly related to noncash settlements.

UPI payment service for casinos

To connect the UPI payment service for casinos, please contact Rosloto. We offer quick integration of the product into the structure of an already existing gaming site. The solution is also suitable for those operators who create virtual gambling platforms from scratch.

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Stages of the Development of the Payment Service

India launched this project in April 2016. The following key government agencies stood at its origins:

  • Indian Payments Corporation (NPCI);
  • Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT);
  • Reserve Bank of India (RBI);
  • the government of the Mumbai state.

21 commercial banks participated in the preliminary launch of the product, and already at the beginning of 2020, 134 banking institutions of India and the neighbouring countries were connected to the system.

As for the users of the platform (these are gamblers, tourists, ordinary buyers in online stores, and service consumers on the Web), they can download the mobile application since August 2016. Initially, the solution was available only in Google Play but after a while, it also appeared in App Store.

Key Features of the UPI System

UPI system: key features

This product works on the principle of a virtual platform for instant money transfers between various banking institutions and other electronic services. The system collects the requests orders for transactions and instantly makes a remittance.

The operation speed is determined by 2 factors:

Minimum account details

To install the UPI casino payment system and then conduct a transaction (make the first deposit, withdraw the earned funds), users do not need to complete forms with the bank account details.

This significantly speeds up money transfers and releases from a number of errors that often appear in the process of entering complex information

Integration of the advanced technologies

The integration of the UPI payment system into casinos is based on the use of IMPS multiple range systems (Immediate Payment Service) and AePS (a facility for conducting transactions managed by banks).

The involved platforms guarantee a high speed of operation of the UPI even during the times of increased loading of gaming sites

Integration of casinos with the UPI payment system is an excellent choice for companies that are focused on the mobile gambling market. The product is delivered as a convenient application that can be easily installed on an already existing casino platform.

Connection of the UPI Casino Payment Service: the Main Advantages for Operators

UPI casino payment service: main advantages

There are several reasons for the popularity of the UPI wallet among the representatives of the iGaming industry:

  1. Multitasking. The integration of the UPI payment system for casinos combines several banking functions, seamless routing of funds, and instant transfers. It is very simple and convenient, and also less expensive compared to the situation when the operator needs to connect several products with identical options.
  2. Several ways to send payments. The connection of the UPI casino payment system implies the use of QR barcodes, individual mobile numbers, IFSC accounts, opened virtual payment addresses (VPA), etc. Fast transactions with a minimum amount of confidential information are the common thing for all these methods.
  3. Continuous improvements. In 2018, the developer of this project presented its updated version called UPI 2.0. Among the new features of the solution, there was the ability to view and store invoices for all transactions. The product has been improved thanks to the introduction of an interactive AutoPay button for setting up recurring payments and the quick linkage of the system to overdraft payments. The manufacturer promises to continue working on the improvement of the UPI by adding useful settings to the system.
  4. High level of security. During the creation of this solution, closed source technology was used. Each transaction is verified via the two-factor authentication. Operators of gaming sites can be certain of the fact that they are protected against external and internal threats.
  5. Broad market coverage. It is worth installing the UPI casino payment system to serve even those gamblers who do not have credit or debit cards. It is possible to make an initial deposit by using the money you have on a mobile device, which is convenient for the end consumers of gambling services.

Why Gamblers Choose the UPI System

Connection of the UPI product goes over well with players. They are ready to make deposits, place bets, and win valuable prizes on casino websites.

Users appreciate the following aspects:

  1. Simple identification. The identity authentication is based on two-factor verification. All user information is effectively protected. Documents are verified in one click, and gamblers do not need to wait for the approval of the UPI technical support for many hours.
  2. Round-the-clock operation. The system works 24/7, allowing you to play from anywhere in the world regardless of the local hour zone.
  3. Minimum required information. There is no need to enter a large amount of data since the system can effectively operate with a small amount of information.
  4. High speed. The money is charged to the user's gambling account in a few seconds, providing quick access to an interesting “one-armed bandit” or a profitable draw of bonuses.
  5. No commission fee. The connection of the UPI casino payment system implies the operation with no need to pay commissions. At the same time, businessmen can provide their own deductions (depending on the specifics of the gaming site).

The Main Things About the UPI Interactive Platform

UPI is a high-technology Indian product designed to facilitate and speed up noncash payments in several sectors of the economy: retail, insurance, gambling, and others.

  • The solution is presented in the form of a convenient mobile platform, within the framework of which you can conduct fast and secure transfers between different banks and e-wallets.
  • Operators choose the UPI service due to its rapid integration into the already existing casinos, broad coverage of the main markets, and support for various payment methods. The manufacturer is constantly improving the solution by adding new useful functions.
  • Users appreciate the UPI system for the minimum requested information, absence of commission fees, and round-the-clock operation.

To buy the UPI payment service, please contact Rosloto. We offer payment modules from well-known providers, turnkey casino platforms, solutions for the effective cooperation with affiliates, and other useful iGaming products.

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