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Betting Software Betradar: Launch Reliable Products

Betting Software Betradar: Launch Reliable Products

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The company is one of the leaders of innovative breakthroughs in the industry of wagering. The betting software Betradar is present in most regulated territories, highly regarded by European operators, and popular in Latin America.

To buy the betting software Betradar, contact Rosloto specialists. We will talk about the advantages of the provider's releases, help you choose and launch the right software from an extensive product line.

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Important Facts about the Company

The brand was founded in 2001 as part of the Sportradar Corporation, a recognised leader in the creation and boosting of wagering content.

Key information about the company will help to get an objective idea of ​​its reliability and professionalism:

  1. From the very start, the provider has taken a steady course towards creating the most useful products. The firm has excelled in the high-precision collection, processing and analysis of sports information. Detailed statistics allow you to accurately identify match-fixing.
  2. The developer's portfolio includes everything a bookmaker needs to run a fruitful enterprise, from betting services of all types to content.
  3. The provider works legally. The company's actions are licensed and regulated in the jurisdictions of the UK, Belgium, and Romania.
  4. Betradar betting software is certified in the UK, Romania, Denmark and other countries.
  5. The company is headquartered in Switzerland and has numerous offices around the world.
  6. The number of employees exceeds 5,000 people. These are IT professionals, traders, business analysts and representatives of other industries.
  7. The manufacturer has received honorary titles and honourable awards multiple times within the SBC Awards, EGR B2B Awards and others.

Today, the company confidently holds the position of a key player in the sector, and Betradar's functional bookmaker software brings profit to hundreds of operators in more than 120 countries around the world.

What Solutions Does the Developer's Portfolio Contain?

Betradar betting software: portfolio

The key to business success lies in the prompt receipt of information and instant response to it. Betting software Betradar is designed to help operators in solving this problem.

Sportsbook OptimaMGS

The centrepiece of the provider's product line is OptimaMGS, a powerful multi-channel betting platform.

This is a ready-made technological solution for starting a business that allows you to effectively manage hundreds of sporting events — automatically track the results of matches and accept bets in real time.

The platform supports large volumes of information, works flawlessly during peak loads, provides high-speed data delivery and excellent scalability. The software proposes information in any form convenient for perception: diagrams, graphs, tables, treemaps.

By connecting the OptimaMGS platform, the operator receives significant benefits:

  • 570,000+ events across 20+ sports covered live every year with built-in streaming;
  • professional trading and risk management;
  • advanced sports data service (statistics, current results, live match trackers, competitor monitoring, quotes);
  • advanced functionality for managing player accounts to track activity dynamics and other trends;
  • a set of tools for automatic customer segmentation;
  • module for generating regular reporting and analytics;
  • the ability to create and launch promotions and bonus programs;
  • a powerful financial gateway that supports 30+ payment aggregators, ensures secure transactions and comprehensive accounting control;
  • effective marketing tools to appeal to the audience and keep it for a long time.

The software for betting shops Betradar can be easily adapted to the requirements of a specific business model. It is convenient to use it both in small stores and in large enterprises.

Gaming Software Betradar

Another direction of the company's activity is the development of slot machines and other gaming releases for stores and internet projects. Gaming software for Betradar bookmaker is represented by carefully designed sports simulators — such content provides a guaranteed increase in traffic for betting operators.

To buy the betting software Betradar is also worth it because of its adaptability and ease of setting. The software is easily integrated through the provider's remote server, offers thousands of betting options, and provides for a simple change in interface design and languages.

The Betradar betting software from the gaming category is based on the prominent sports, included in the catalogue of more than 300 bookmakers around the world and presented on over 500 thematic sites.

The catalogue contains exciting simulators available for money betting:

Virtual Football

Clients of bookmakers willingly play virtual football from Betradar. The simulator attracts the audience with skilful visuals and a wide range of bets.

The game comes with several match formats based on real competitions for prestigious cups

Virtual Basketball

A realistic simulator of the most popular sport after football is optimised for use on any device, which involves mobile.

The system is as close as possible to regular wagering in real sports, only it has a higher cyclicity. The interval between bets is 3.5 minutes

Virtual Horses

Horse racing bets are generated at a rate of 2 minutes. The game provides for various distances and tracks, all popular types of bets are offered.

The betting software Betradar includes realistic mechanics, comes with real-time race ratings and the possibility of variable settings

Virtual Dogs

Dog racing is a spectacular simulator that allows operators to make good profits on bets. The game is endowed with wide functionality:

  • generates 30 events hourly;
  • offers several routes and distances;
  • includes all popular types of bets (tricast, full forecast and combined);
  • provides configuration tools, allows changing languages

Virtual Tennis In-Play

16 players, 4 asynchronous matches up to 3 sets each and the ability to bet at 15-second intervals: the simulator has all the necessary features to become a source of constant income for the operator.

A Betradar betting software system is suitable for all types of sports predictions, including real-time gambling

Virtual Baseball In-Play

The game is highly detailed, includes 30 major league baseball (MLB) teams and is designed based on real tournaments. The situation on the virtual field resonates as much as possible with "live" baseball matches.

This is largely due to Betradar's partnership with MLB and official permission to use team names, player uniforms and other recognisable branding elements

Virtual Cricket In-Play

For a billion-people army of cricket fans, the presence of this game in the bookmaker's catalogue is a good reason to become a regular customer.

The simulator is modelled on the most popular T20 league, which includes 8 teams from India. 56 matches are played each season, betting is available non-stop

Managed Trading Assistance for Business

Betradar software for betting: trading assistance

The provider offers entrepreneurs to expand opportunities with the help of Managed Trading Services (MTS). This is a comprehensive solution that is suitable for both experienced operators and those who are just planning to launch a project.

The former can improve profitability by applying progressive technologies and ideas of the company. The latter can build a profitable business using the software for bookmakers Betradar and the developer's organisational capabilities.

The MTS trading solution involves the transfer of project management to Betradar specialists, who will provide:

  • delivering the best sports content;
  • the possibility of round-the-clock pre-match and live bets;
  • effective risk management;
  • safe operation of the site;
  • increase in project profitability through the use of winning business strategies.

The Main Things about the Software for Bookmakers Betradar

Betradar software for bookmakers: key notions

Betradar is a prominent enterprise that specialises in premium sports products. The group offers effective solutions that bring profit to hundreds of entrepreneurs all over the world.

  • The establishment operates on the basis of a licence, and software for betting shops Betradar is certified by independent overseers in Denmark, Great Britain, and Romania.
  • The OptimaMGS multi-channel platform is distinguished by its functionality, performance, and is endowed with the necessary modules and services for a successful business.
  • The company produces sports simulators with high-quality graphics and a high degree of detail. Games in the virtual sports genre are popular among players and bring good profits to bookmakers.

Rosloto managers will provide an extensive description of the developer's products, assist you with launching the software for bookmakers Betradar and provide a wide range of other gambling solutions.

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