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Japan (Nippon) Japan (Nippon)
Reasons to Launch an Online Casino in Japan (Nippon)
Immense Love for Gambling
For some reason, people in Japan adore gambling activities, especially if they don’t need to commute to them
One-Month Pay-Off
With the colossal workload that the Japanese are obliged with, their thirst for entertainment is also massive
High Level of Earning
The residents of Japan do make a lot and can afford to spend significant amounts on their leisure time
Technological Advantage
Hardly anyone in Japan can imagine their life without a smartphone that increases the number of your potential clients
Limited Local Gambling
The authority prohibits the establishment of gaming platforms on the territory of the country, so the competition here is open
Immersion Into the Culture
The local traditions are unique, and it can be really beneficial if you manage to design your gaming platform with the feeling of the county’s atmosphere
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Games of chance are considered an integral part of traditional Japanese culture. The gambling business in Nippon continues to grow rapidly today.

Society development trends have changed significantly. The Japanese population pays more and more time and attention to various electronic gadgets and advanced technologies. This fact had a grave impact on the gambling business in Tokyo.

The Rosloto experts prepared a detailed review of the Japanese gambling market to help novice businessmen choose the right way to conduct gambling business in Nippon, attract a broad potential audience and avoid a lot of common mistakes.

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Characteristics of Gambling Business in Tokyo

Gambling business in Japan: features

The modern Japanese gambling market is characterized by a focus on digital technology and online gaming. Of course, a huge number of slot machine halls operate in the country. A lot of people P like to spend their free time playing their favorite traditional games there.

However, modern technologies penetrate all spheres of life of the Japanese more and more actively. Both young people and senior representatives of the local population use different gadgets every day. It is not strange that online casinos began to gain popularity in this state.

Cryptocurrencies deserve special attention too. Japan is one of the few countries in which virtual currencies have become as commonplace as bank cards. This situation has given new impetus to the development of the gambling business in Tokyo. Bitcoin casinos began to attract a vast number of players.

Japanese citizens prefer to use such resources for several reasons. Firstly, such institutions guarantee complete confidentiality and high security of financial transactions. Secondly, the opportunity to make record-low bets allowed more gamblers to try their luck. Moreover, such a payment method became a great self-control instrument for those gamers who do not want to risk their money and make big bets.

The gambling area in Japan, in particular, its online segment, is developing rapidly. Therefore, the decision to ​​buy the Japanese casino can become the beginning of your successful and profitable business.

Online Gambling Laws in Japan

The theme of a Japanese gambling legislation is quite problematic. For a long time, the gaming industry was under the strict control of local authorities. However, some types of entertainment were available to the population (for example, lotteries, pachisuro, and pachinko). Nevertheless, many businessmen made requests to legalize the gambling business in the country and to allow citizens access to other games and slot machines.

One of the main arguments in favor of legalization was the great interest of tourists in Japan. As a rule, tourism and gambling are closely interconnected. The ban on gaming activities was fraught with the loss of substantial amounts of money. Government officials pondered the fate of the Japanese gaming industry for a long time. However, it was decided to legalize land-based gambling establishments. The first large casinos will appear in the country in 2020.

How to start a gambling business in Japan? About the online sector, it is worth noting that Japanese casino legislation does not imply the possibility of opening virtual gaming resources in the state. However, the authorities do not limit the activities of foreign websites.

This means that anyone who wants to open a casino in Tokyo can register his or her own business in one of the states with simplified taxation and start getting a good profit.

Restricted Casino Providers in Japan

Rosloto takes a responsible approach to doing business. That is why the studio’s experts carefully study the regulatory norms of different markets. We help operators from all over the world open and maintain legal projects. According to the current legislation of particular countries, the activities of some vendors are restricted in their territory.

In Japan, it is not possible to connect software from such providers:

  • Yggdrasil Asia;
  • CT Interactive (former CT Gaming);
  • DLV;
  • Evolution Gaming;
  • Ganapati;
  • Wazdan.

How to Choose a Decent Casino Software in Nippon

Casino software in Japan: characteristics

When starting a casino business in Japan, you need to pay a lot of attention to searching for high-quality software. A mistake made at this stage can be fraught not only with a loss of trust on the part of users but also with considerable financial resources. To avoid these consequences, novice businessmen should work only with the best suppliers of casino software in Nippon.

Are you seeking to buy gambling software? The fact is that Japanese players are quite demanding. They follow the latest gambling and modern technology trends. A low-quality product can scare off your potential audience.

Having decided to open a casino in Tokyo, pay your attention to the following characteristics of software:

Cryptocurrency support

As already mentioned, cryptocurrencies are very popular in Japan today. The support of such a payment method will be a testament to the relevance and timeliness of your resource

High level of security

Make sure personal information and money of your users are protected well. Technologies are evolving. At the same time, attackers improve their schemes too.

Remember, you are responsible not only for the content presented on your site but also for the data of your customers

Impeccable graphics

The design of gaming solutions is the key to your success. Avoid obsolete methods. Pay attention to content created using HTML5 technology

Thematic games

Explore the local market before deciding to open an online casino in Nippon. Prefer Asian themes, for example, games based on historical and legendary characters

Live content

This kind of software won the love of a vast number of Japanese players. The atmosphere of a real gaming hall allows people to immerse themselves in the game process to the full

Prompt technical support

This option is of great importance for businessmen who want to choose a suitable casino software in Nippon. Even the highest quality software can face some problems.

Prompt and competent technical support will help you troubleshoot and resume your website as quickly as possible

Lots of payment methods

In addition to the cryptocurrencies mentioned above, your platform should also support various payment methods (for example, bank cards, payment systems, or electronic wallets).

Such a large selection of payment methods will help the player replenish his or her account in the most convenient way

Built-in bonus options

Players prefer to play games with extended bonus options (for example, gamble, free spins, symbols with advanced features).

Such bonuses allow gamers to increase their chances of success. At the same time, the gameplay will become more exciting and interesting

Where to Buy a Turnkey Online Casino in Nippon

Turnkey online casino in Nippon (Japan)

In addition to looking for the online gambling business for sale, many novice and experienced entrepreneurs are interested in buying casino software in Nippon. The modern market is filled with many attractive offers. Some businessmen want to save their money and begin to collaborate with little-known brands. In fact, such collaboration can be quite risky. Unknown companies often offer low prices for their products.

Agreeing with their terms, operators may encounter many problems:

  1. Incorrect functioning of programs.
  2. Low-quality content.
  3. Outdated trends.
  4. A small selection of payment methods.
  5. Malicious codes.

If you want to buy a turnkey online casino in Japan, you should cooperate only with reliable, reputable brands, for example:

  • Amatic;
  • Greentube;
  • Novomatic;
  • Netent.

Rosloto is an official partner of these and many other famous developers. Our experts will help you choose the perfect variant for opening a turnkey online casino in Tokyo. This service includes not only the creation of a website and the selection of suitable content but also the registration and licensing of your project, juridical counseling, and complex informational support. If you search for an efficient online casino business for sale, contact our company for top-class services.

Having decided to open a turnkey online casino in Japan, you will save a lot of your time and money. Our company is responsible for the preparation of documents, the creation of platform design, and the development of a marketing strategy.

In addition to the services of launching gambling projects, we are also engaged in the creation of high-quality gambling software. Besides, we are ready to help our customers improve their existing websites. No matter how big your experience in the gambling industry is, we will find a unique approach to any project. If you want to learn more about the activities of Rosloto and the benefits of working with us, contact our manager to get answers to all your questions.

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