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The Dominican Republic gambling sphere is developing rapidly, attracting great investments to the country. Gaming projects may bring a decent profit and increase your business competitiveness in the international arena.

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You can open an online casino in this legal field with the help of the Rosloto company. We provide a full range of services related to the organization and promotion of gambling activities in prestigious world jurisdictions.

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Features of the Dominican iGaming Field

The Dominican Republic is located on the island of Hispaniola in the heart of the Caribbean Sea. The state is characterised by good climatic conditions, which attracts thousands of tourists. The authorities decided to include casinos and other gambling clubs in the list of entertainment available on the island.

Initially, the Dominican Republic gambling industry worked exclusively with foreign tourists and investors. Over time, the government introduced concessions, allowing local businessmen o open casinos and provide online gambling services. More than 60 companies are licensed as land-based operators today. At the same time, the bulk of budget revenues falls on the iGaming online sector.

The Dominican Republic Gambling and Its Advantages

Gambling business prospects in Dominican Republic

The decision to open a casino in the Dominican Republic has the following benefits:

  1. Loyal tax policy. Companies registered in this country are exempt from VAT, corporate, property tax, and other deductions to the budget. Instead, firms use value-added tax, which is calculated as a percentage of net profit.
  2. Ease of obtaining permission. The Dominican Republic license is issued without the personal presence of the applicant. It is also not necessary to pass multilevel checks or send complex reports. Permission can be obtained in the shortest possible time, especially if you are working with Rosloto professionals.
  3. International prestige. The Dominican Republic casino reviews are always positive. This direction is incredibly promising. Work in this legal field will increase the popularity of your brand, both among your business partners and customers.
  4. Government support. The authorities are interested in further growth of the gambling industry's GDP since they consider it an integral part of the country's tourism potential. Therefore, a well-thought-out Dominican legislative framework is protected from fundamental changes in the coming years.
  5. Developed infrastructure. The entire territory of the country is covered by broadband and 4G networks. Lots of top equipment and game content developers are registered in this jurisdiction.

Regulation of the Gambling Industry

The functions of issuing and controlling license agreements are assigned to three independent bodies.



Ministry of Finance (Gambling Department)

Issuance of permissions for launching land-based casinos, gambling clubs, and iGaming websites

Ministry of Sports

Licensing control of the betting business (ground-based betting establishments, totalizators, online betting platforms) together with the Ministry of Finance

The Loteria Nacional Organization

Lottery ticket production and sales management

The rights and obligations of the subjects of the agreement (the state and the entrepreneur) are regulated by law No. 351 (from 1964). Surprisingly, the document has been working for more than half a century, and there were no significant complaints from the business representatives during this time. Some slight changes were adopted in Decree No. 308 (2006).

How to Get Permission

Online casino license in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic online casino license is issued in the same way as for ground-based gambling establishments. The commission of the Ministry of Finance, which consists of 4-5 people, is responsible for such permissions. It includes the representatives of the taxation, tourism, security, and gambling departments.

Requirements for Applicants

In order to open a casino in the Dominican Republic, applicants must be characterised by the following parameters:

  • The entity should have such status as Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada (LLC) or Sociedad Anonima (corporation).
  • Solvency of the applicant and the presence of positive recommendations for its shareholders and founders.
  • The company must be a tenant or owner of a first-class hotel. Dominican hotel license is an essential condition for everyone who wants to start a gambling project.
  • The gambling establishment should be localized in the tourist zone.

The operators who have received permissions can delegate their authority to third parties. In this case, all responsibilities fall on a third-party company, and the holder gets a certain percentage of the profit for each reporting period. Such a cooperation scheme is similar to a franchise agreement.

Documentation Package

Documents sent to the Ministry of Finance along with the application, must contain the following information:

  1. Data on the registration of the enterprise, all shareholders, beneficiaries, and senior management.
  2. A detailed activity plan in the Dominican Republic Punta Cana Casino zone. It is necessary to indicate the volume of investments and attraction of external loans, as well as ways of using infrastructure in the project.
  3. Information on the absence of debt to the Central Bank and other fiscal authorities of the country (a certificate on a special form).
  4. The businessman must specify the working hours of the game portal. 
  5. A detailed description of all video slots and the principle of their functioning must be provided as well as the information about bonus systems and possible bet size limits (max and min).

The received information is subject to detailed analysis by the commission. In case of a positive verdict, the Dominican Republic online casino license is issued for 5 years with the possibility of subsequent renewal.

Where to Buy an iGaming License

The Dominican Republic gambling field is associated with reliability and high profitability. It is quite simple to obtain permission to launch a ground-based casino in the Dominican Republic. However, you may face some difficulties wishing to open an online gambling site. Rosloto can help you facilitate this process and start working in this jurisdiction as fast as possible.

You can buy the Dominican Republic online casino license, as well as a full-fledged gambling product with gaming content, high-quality software, and competent marketing promotion from us. Moreover, Rosloto provides all services related to the gambling business. We develop effective affiliate programs and create HTML5 slots.

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Clara Hazel
Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert
Updated 30.06.2023
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