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Why Should You Work with Rosloto?
Personal Manager
Do you start cooperation with minimal experience or have questions while working with the playground? Your personal assistant is always in touch and ready to solve any problems
Remote Access
We provide high-quality and functional remote access systems: conduct a gambling business comfortably and simply from anywhere in the world
Minimum Interference
All processes are set up with impeccable precision, and our employees are engaged in leadership and control over the execution of tasks. You just have to calculate the profits and watch the gradual growth of the project
24/7 Technical Support
There is no such thing as a «lunch break» for us or «day off»: we are in touch at any time of the day and are ready to promptly solve all technical problems
Top Brands
We cooperate only with trusted suppliers and are ready to offer the widest range of solutions from the industry leaders: Microgaming, Novomatic, NetEnt, Playtech, 2WinPower, Gaminator, Igrosoft
Reliable Payment Systems
Take advantage of the best financial services that have earned an impeccable reputation and worldwide recognition: Finstrum, Di-Pay, CP Money, SmartMoney, GreenMoney, Webcash
Ground Floor Solutions
We are ready to help in organizing both online sites and land-based locations. The range includes technical components, gaming software, furniture, design elements and thematic marketing products
Sportsbook Software
Our team will undertake the organization of an exclusive betting site or offer the most popular and demanded options for franchising
Free Demo
Doubt about the correctness of the choice — Get started completely free of charge and personally test all the benefits of our offer. Test period for access — 10 days
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Examples of Completed Projects
Caino Casino
MissCasino MissCasino
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Friday777 Friday777
Bit Vegas Bit Vegas
Casino 8888 Casino 8888
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Rosloto Customer Testimonials
Lacey-May Stone
I had no experience in online gambling business at all, so I had to search for a way to develop a successful site. Good for me, the professionals from Rosloto appeared just in time and offered a convenient turnkey business option. As a result – two months later, I received a fully-functional gambling platform. Thank you!
Coral West
I was desperate when I couldn’t find a reliable software provider that would offer me high-quality games for my project. When I came across Rosloto, I thought it would be just another pedestrian company. It turned out they actually had an extensive list of services to offer me. I was impressed and didn’t regret working with them.
Norman Cohen
What do you wait from a guide company when you contact them for the question of your business? Of course, decent feedback and mutual understanding. After just a 10-minute conversation with the support team form Rosloto, I figured out that the company’s management is on a high level, and eventually, they did manage to interest me with their turnkey business option.
Marissa Rollins
As for the beginning entrepreneur, I wanted somebody to explain to me how I can earn money. Now it sounds funny, but I had no clue how to run a business. The online gambling industry and Rosloto, in particular, allowed me to order a ready-made project that now brings decent income. Thanks to the company, I’m no longer that newbie woman with no idea where the money comes from.
Emilija Alvarez
The search for decent Blockchain software took me quite a long time until I encountered these guys from Rosloto. I hadn’t met such proficient experts in cryptocurrency before! Even with my extensive knowledge of the topic, they impressed me with the opportunities this direction opens in online gambling. I immediately signed up!
Skyla Hartley
No need to explain how desperate I was while searching for some reliable options to start my own business. At first, I perceived online gambling as an illegal joke. Who could have thought that a few years later, thanks to the in-depth guide from the Rosloto team, I would be running a profitable online casino that I received with the company’s turnkey option. God bless the ones who invented this way of making money!
Karan Ratcliffe
Bureaucracy isn’t my cup of tea. I have no clue how to communicate with the authorities to get the desired. But I desperately needed to license my online casino, and that’s where I received invaluable help from Rosloto. Not only did they help me find an ideal jurisdiction in my situation, but also managed to get everything done in less than 3 weeks! Unbelievable.
Emre Pugh
A limited budget isn’t what you want to have while organizing your own business project. Luckily, online gambling offered me some excellent starting options such as Franchise and White Label casino. I am particularly thankful to the people from Rosloto who explained to me everything and helped implement my first project.
Shakira Reed
I couldn’t suppose that after such severe restrictions in real life, online gambling will achieve so much success. I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t get the most benefit out of it since I am a gambler by nature. With the professional help from Rosloto (a company that I met just by chance) and their convenient turnkey business solution, I now own three different platforms, all similarly profitable.
Madelaine Oconnell
I have always been dreaming of getting a franchise of a famous brand. At the same time, I couldn’t imagine that it would be connected with online gambling. But I soon understood how stereotypical people are about this industry. Hey, Rosloto guys, you are the best, and thank you for organizing a franchise option for me!
Summer-Louise Farmer
I had already had an online casino before I met Rosloto. But their extensive list of available games has completely changed the direction and, as a result, the income of my platform. Our cooperation boosted my casino so much that I could never imagine! I am endlessly grateful for the software you provide.
Maverick Mellor
It was the first time I have ever contacted a professional company, so I was quite nervous. As it turned out, that was in vain. The company’s support team was really responsive and pleasant even when my questions seemed a bit stupid and trivial. Overall, they made a tempting turnkey business offer that I couldn’t resist. Now, my profit is stable and impressive, and that’s all thanks to Rosloto and its experts.

Do you want to create your own gambling business but you have no experience of working in this industry? A perfect solution is to buy a turnkey casino. At Rosloto, you will find the best cooperation conditions and guarantees of success. Leave an application to our managers right now, receive a turnkey casino website and become personally certain of the profitability of the offer.

How to Buy a Turnkey Casino

To purchase a turnkey online casino is a practical and economical alternative to any other ways to enter the market. Such a package of individually-designed solutions includes all the necessary components, payment methods, an explicit rundown on the online gaming niche, and close interaction during the first period of running.

Advantages of turnkey casino sites are obvious:

  • Saving of time. The independent development of an online gaming project can take indefinite time (from six months to several years), whilst it will take about two-three months to buy and launch a ready-made product from Rosloto.
  • Cost-effectiveness. The decision to purchase a turnkey casino solution is several times cheaper than to launch a startup from scratch (the price of creating your own project without intermediaries starts from several hundred thousand dollars).
  • Short payback period. With the complex approach and a decision to order promotional marketing, the turnkey online casino business with slots and table games will pay off and start bringing net income after two-six months.
  • Personal manager. All issues about functionality, any payment service, or technical malfunctions are resolved promptly. The support service works round-the-clock without lunch breaks and days off.
  • The reach of the audience. Online business has no geographical boundaries and allows you to serve users from any corner of the world. Even payment methods are adjusted to the needs of the audience.

Developing a casino portal where users can bet real money in an attempt to win more requires the consideration of many subtleties. A turnkey casino solution eliminates this problem by assigning all responsibilities to online gaming experts at an aggregator company. Buy a ready-made gambling platform with table games and slots at Rosloto.

A Turnkey Online Casino for Sale

It is not only about setting up a gaming environment with games for real money. A turnkey casino solution is more about close interaction between an aggregator and an operator. Everything from payment methods to promotion is elaborated and explained to a client regardless of his level of experience.

The service includes the following set of offers:

  • A unique design. An online gaming platform is built from scratch to ensure high appeal among the target audience.
  • A built-in set of the game content. The turnkey casino software is provided in a form of a package of innovative and relevant entertainment.
  • Favourable affiliate services. To support the popularity of gameplay with real money, an operator gets suggestions on efficient advertising.
  • A flexible system of individual settings. Customisation of user experience also comprises unique payment methods for different areas.
  • Protection against fraud. The turnkey casino software is not only about games but also about reliable security components.
  • Organisation of technical support services. A ready-made package of solutions includes round-the-clock customer upkeep on any questions.
  • Legal advice. From the payment service to licensing — a provider’s juridical department will help with all occurring issues.
  • Free updates of the system. Turnkey casino software also comes with the condition of regular improvements to the platform.

Altogether, these features are consolidated into a fruitful gambling project with table games and slots with the possibility to yield passive income. Unlike such rent-based options as a White Label casino, this one is fully independent. Order a turnkey casino solution at Rosloto. Our company offers the most relevant iGaming services and products.

Turnkey Online Casino Website with a License

If you decide to buy a turnkey online casino with a license, you will get comprehensive support in obtaining permits in the territory of the most recognisable and sought-after offshore zones.

The presence of a foreign license gives operators the following advantages:

  • quick access to the international market;
  • conclusion of profitable contracts with foreign partners;
  • operation on a legal basis;
  • increase in the level of loyalty of the audience;
  • chance to add any payment services needed;
  • ability to conclude the most profitable agreements with software vendors.

When an operator orders a White Label casino, he becomes dependent on a parent company. Meanwhile, a turnkey compilation of solutions includes a completely new working permit, obtained by proficient legal experts. Nevertheless, you can order a White Label casino or a ready-made project at Rosloto.

The Cost of Buying a Turnkey Online Casino

We offer you to draw up an application on our website right now and purchase a turnkey online gambling establishment, the price of which will really please you. It includes technical support of the project, creation of the design, legal support, connection of affiliate services, development of multi-level security systems, integration of financial systems, and support of the startup during the first months after its launch. Our turnkey casino website for sale will help you make a decent step towards good profits.

You must admit that the offer that a ready-made package of solutions includes is more than tempting. If you still have doubts, you can become personally certain of the quality and functionality of our casino website for sale. To do this, just contact the company's managers and order a free demo version of the system.

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Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

Clara Hazel
Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert
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