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Affiliate Marketing Instruments: How to Monetise Casino Traffic in 2022?

Constantly growing competition forces advertisers to look for new promotion methods. Partner programs have become the most effective promotion tools in 2020–2021.

The amount of search queries for “affiliate marketing” has grown from 25 to 88 positions in recent years according to Google Trends. Affiliates are universally recognised as one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to attract a target audience and stimulate sales.

Affiliate marketing: how to monetise casino traffic in 2022

In this article from Rosloto, read about the concept of affiliate services in the context of online casinos. Learn the main parameters of the tool and current advertising strategies for 2022.

What is an Affiliate Program?

A slot machine website’s affiliate network is one of the ways of interaction between a service provider and a webmaster (affiliate). The goal of such cooperation is the attraction of new active users to the platform. This is a flexible traffic monetisation program that guarantees financial benefits to both parties.

How does the program work:

  1. The selection of a tool. A gambling portal’s operator can register in an existing system (marketing services can be connected as an additional service for turnkey online casinos from well-known niche providers) or create his or her partner network.
  2. The transfer of promotional content. The task of an advertiser is to provide a webmaster with advertising materials. These can be banners, active links, various widgets, etc. As a rule, a program already includes a set of templates that can be adapted to different goals.
  3. The publication of advertising materials and promotion. An affiliate posts promotional content on his or her resource and advertises a project following the stated requirements (number of displays, ways of interacting with a potential client, etc.).
  4. Actions of the interested audience. Depending on the purpose of advertising materials, a potential client of an online casino must perform a certain action: follow the link to an advertiser's website, register, make a deposit, etc.
  5. The payment of rewards. As a result of cooperation, an operator gets a new active audience, and a webmaster receives a financial reward for each user who has completed the actions specified in an affiliate program.

Due to massive restrictions on advertising during the COVID-pandemic, affiliate marketing has become one of the few tools that give consistently high results and allow operators to promote their services within the legal framework.

Types of Affiliate Programs in the Gambling Industry

Affiliate programs in the gambling industry: types

Any partner program works on the same principle. The difference lies only in the set of actions that a potential client must complete and the options for rewarding affiliates.

Payment formats for traffic in gambling affiliate programs

Pay per action

This is the most common option. It provides an advertiser with an interested audience that is ready to spend money on gambling.

Payments to program participants are accrued only for specific actions of a new user:

  • the registration on a slot machine site and the creation of a new account;
  • making a deposit;
  • the participation in a particular event, etc.

This format assumes a one-time reward for each of the specified actions and guarantees the fastest return on investment

A percentage from lost bets

An affiliate receives a fixed reward from each loss of an attracted gambler. A new user is assigned to a webmaster for a term of life. A gamer brings an affiliate profit throughout the entire time of his or her activity on a gaming resource

Lead fee

This format includes a one-time fixed reward for registering each new gaming account.

This model is often used by operators interested in expanding their partner network and entering new markets in the shortest possible time

Pay per link

An arbitrator can count on financial rewards only for clicking on a link. No other actions are included in the template.

In recent years, this model has practically lost its relevance due to the minimum percentage of customers who repeatedly returned to resources after the first clickthrough

Reward per view

According to this affiliate program type, an arbitrator receives a fee just for publishing promotional materials. A webmaster is not responsible for the further actions of an audience.

This model has somewhat lost its relevance in recent years. However, the popularisation of advertising on streaming platforms made it sought-after again. Moreover, it is used not so much to attract a new audience but to promote a gaming brand on the channels of top bloggers

Hybrid payment methods

This is a combined reward system with flexible personalisation settings.

The model consists of the two most popular schemes:

  • fee for a specific action (registration, account replenishment, etc.);
  • a percentage from lost bets to increase the lifetime value of an attracted player

2022 Affiliate Program Trends in the Gaming Business

2022 affiliate program trends in the gaming business

The key to successful affiliate marketing is a carefully developed strategy based on possible risks and market trends.

The use of trending tools significantly increases loyalty to an advertiser and allows an operator to identify the priorities of an audience as quickly as possible.

In 2022, the list of current trends will include:

Personalised Offers

The modern consumer is oversaturated with promotional messages. That is why impersonal advertising does not bring the expected response.

According to Epsilon’s research, 80% of the online audience makes purchases only if suppliers guarantee a personalised approach.

You can use such methods as personalisation tools:

  • VIP offers with specialised limits;
  • priority access to various internal events on a casino site;
  • various ratings and loyalty points;
  • promotional codes and discounts;
  • gift certificates, etc.

An Impeccable Reputation of an Affiliate

Today there is an increase in demand for influencers — users of social networks with a large loyal audience.

Bloggers with powerful active accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have serious advertising potential and can become a stable source of traffic with high lifetime value.

You can predict the conversion from a particular influencer by the following characteristics:

  • the format of relationships maintained with the audience;
  • the volume of positive/negative mentions of an affiliate on third-party resources;
  • the amount of active subscribers and audience growth indicators;
  • user engagement level, etc.

Traffic Mobilisation

One of the most popular ways of communication in 2021 is instant messengers with their user-friendly interfaces, quick communication with the support team, and the possibility to join various thematic communities.

The mobile audience already makes up more than 58.2% of all gaming websites’ traffic. This figure will continue to grow in the coming years.

Working with affiliate marketers focused on popular instant messengers will allow you to multiply the sales markets and establish operational communication with each new client.

Unique Content

The responsibility for promoting a product lies entirely with an affiliate. Even when partners bring good traffic to an online resource, an operator must turn each new user into an active and regular customer.

To optimise a gambling project, you should pay attention to such aspects:

  1. Download speed. According to the Google Analytical Centre, an online user manages to evaluate a resource and form the first impression about it in the first 2–5 seconds. The task of an operator is to minimise a website’s loading speed to 1–2 seconds.
  2. Text content. The materials presented on a site should be informative and readable. They have to meet the needs of the target audience. The combination of several tools gives the maximum result, for example, affiliate promotion and complex SEO-optimisation of a resource.
  3. High-quality visual material. One of the most interesting trends in 2022 is the visualisation of content and the combination of text materials with videos and photos. This is done for filling a site with accessible and attractive content to interest a wide audience.
  4. Feedback. The presence of a section with user reviews increases the audience’s loyalty to a brand and contributes to its better promotion. Most importantly, comments should be informative for new customers. Besides, the administration's response will not go amiss.

Native Ads

This is one of the most popular and effective methods of affiliate marketing in 2022.

The main feature of this promotion format is the maximum integration of advertising material into the context. Ideally, such ads should be perceived as a natural part of the content (video, stream or text on an affiliate platform) without causing rejection by an audience.

This approach gives the highest traffic rates, allows an operator to personalise an advertising offer and provokes a positive reaction from potential customers in advance.

The disadvantage of native advertising is the high cost of its development.

The Main Things about Affiliate Marketing Trends in 2022

Partner networks are a universal advertising tool that guarantees consistently high traffic and quick payback. This is one of the few programs that are ideal for promoting gaming projects of any format.

  • Affiliate promotion allows an operator to expand sales markets within the legal framework. Partner programs let entrepreneurs work with any type of traffic and expand sales markets through previously inaccessible resources: social networks, streaming platforms, instant messengers, etc.
  • One of the affiliate marketing trends of 2022 is working with a mobile audience. Good results are demonstrated by affiliates focused on working with messengers. This approach provides a lot of opportunities for personalisation and prompt feedback from the target audience.
  • Native advertising brings the maximum traffic. This method lies in the use of promotional materials that are perceived by a user as a natural part of an affiliate's content. It does not cause rejection and contribute to an increase in the reputation of a gaming brand.

You can learn more about the nuances of working with affiliate networks and choose the most effective promotional tools for your business project by contacting the Rosloto studio. We follow the most vivid trends and offer only the best products and services with a guarantee of a quick payback.

The list of available solutions includes:

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The Rosloto team has a vast positive experience in the development of turnkey gambling start-ups. Our team proposes the widest range of services for promoting gaming businesses in local and international markets.


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