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  1. 1. The Creation of an Online Casino (if There is no Alternative)
  2. 2. White Label Casino: What is it?
  3. 3. How to Create a White Label Casino
  4. 4. Top 7 Advantageous Factors of the White Label Casino
  5. 5. What Advantages do Clients of Slotegrator Get?
  6. 6. The White Label Casino Scheme: the Casexe Concept
  7. 7. What is the Difference Between Buying a Ready-Made White Label Casino and Ordering a Turnkey Casino?

White Label Casino: Top 7 Factors That Make it Beneficial

Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert
Tags: Online casino

We offer you to order a White Label casino from Rosloto. Its specialists have a wide knowledge of how to use this offer and with whom it is necessary to consult on this issue. It is also possible to purchase a ready-made White Label casino from the Rosloto company.

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However, if the term that we have used above is still not familiar to you, it is natural that there may be concerns: not every business owner wants to learn from his mistakes. Before making a final decision, it is essential to find out the detailed information on the steps, of which the procedure of the creation of a casino in a classical format consists. After all, there is such an excellent service on market for already a long time – the development of online gambling establishments on a turnkey basis.

White Label online casino development

The Creation of an Online Casino (if There is no Alternative)

This process is rather complex, although it is possible to do it if you know what exactly to do. Experts give a short list of actions that should be taken by business owners, and it is better to pass these stages in the order that is given in this article.

  1. Analyse the gambling market in relation to the presence of competitors and study their activities. You should find out what kind of players visit other online casinos, what slot machines they choose, what is the design of gaming sites and so on.
  2. Choose a software vendor. Experts warn that it is essential to buy the casino software only from professionals and not to try to save money on it because the low-quality software can lead to the dismal failure of the gambling establishment.
  3. Obtain a license for an online casino. It is important for you to carefully study all conditions and requirements of offshore jurisdictions and consult with experts to make sure that you will not pay a huge amount of money for what you do not need.
  4. Create your gaming site. Take into account that it should be highly functional and have a single style.
  5. Install the software and the most popular games on the website. Here, we can still talk about the choice of the vendor since, providing software, for the casino, he offers the game content as well.
  6. Provide the website with payment systems and other programs. It is very important to choose the most popular services that many players know.
  7. Launch a new online casino and start its promotion.

As you can see, the process is quite realisable but each of these steps can contain complications that will be difficult to solve without a specialist. In any case, a lot of your time and financial potential will be spent on the creation of a casino.

We assure you that the development of an online casino can take a little time and requires far less money if you make a wise decision and order a White Label casino.

What does it mean, what is it for, and what results you can reach if you use it?

White Label online casino

White Label Casino: What is it?

A new progressive project is a multifunctional platform, on the basis of which online casinos can be created very fast. In fact, this is a pattern, a kind of a field, on which you can install the software and everything that is necessary for being able to run a new virtual casino at any time. A large company provides its younger partner with all these products, allowing it to keep its brand and promote it on the market. White Label can literally be translated as a "clean label", that is why the concept was called like this. It is very similar to the creation of online casinos on a turnkey basis.

Both the mother company and its subsidiary receive many benefits from such a partnership: the first one is a percentage of the rent of its products, and the second one is an opportunity to promote yourself on the market. It is worth noting that the White Label scheme exists only a few decades but it is successfully practised by business owners from different spheres of action (trade, banking, and even the manufacturing industry).

In the gambling business, the creation of the White Label casino has occupied its niche quite recently and was very welcome since new concepts and new market players started to appear, however, they did not have funds to bring these ideas to life. Then larger companies began to offer start-uppers their services, thereby developing the industry and a healthy competition.

How to Create a White Label Casino

We will explain you the process on the example of the offers of well-known manufacturers who have already succeeded in this business. So, the Slotegrator company offers those operators who for some reasons are not yet ready to act independently to purchase a ready-made White Label casino.

Top 7 Advantageous Factors of the White Label Casino

  1. The parent company provides its subsidiary with its own license that was officially obtained in the jurisdiction so that customers can run their business legally.
  2. Casino gaming platform. The younger partner will be provided with the software, which is required for high-quality and uninterrupted operation, and the rest of the Internet equipment.
  3. CMS-management. With the software for the White Label casino, you can control all processes in your online gambling establishment, receive statistical data, and analyse its operation.
  4. Individual design of the website. Professionals in the field of design will develop the appearance of the site according to your wishes so that it will have no analogues.
  5. Provision of a secure hosting. A reliable hosting will be a "home" of your online casino. It will guarantee the absence of errors and hacking.
  6. The best game content. You will get popular, original, in-demand, and high-quality games from famous developers (Endorphina, Amatic, Novomatic and others).
  7. Integration of payment systems. You get a well-developed financial system that is ready for launch and for the transaction management in your online casino.

What Advantages do Clients of Slotegrator Get?

White Label casino by Slotegrator

  • A subsidiary will be able to launch a gambling establishment on the Internet within a few weeks from the date of signing the contract, thus saving time for the promotion of its brand. And if you are opening online casino independently, you will have to wait for months to obtain a gambling license.
  • You do not need to collect a portfolio of documents that need to be sent to the jurisdiction and wait for the decision – you will work under the gambling license, which has already been received by Slotegrator.
  • You will not have to search for reliable providers and deal with the signing of contracts: they are already constituted (without intermediaries), signed, and are waiting for you to start working.
  • A great opportunity to order a White Label Casino and start a serious business without solid investment. Of course, you need to invest some money but their amount is incomparable with the funds that have to be spent on the purchase of a license, the software, slot games, and other products.
  • At the same time, you have the right to choose additional developers of the game content, payment systems, and even the additional software for the casino.
  • You have the right to conduct advertising campaigns independently and promote your brand in all possible ways. And Slotegrator will serve your users and even pay them their winnings. So to buy the ready-made White Label casino is the best option in any case!

The White Label Casino Scheme: the Casexe Concept

The creation of a White Label casino can be made also by other providers. The most successful in this business is Casexe, which offers, in addition to this service, the development of an online casino on a turnkey basis.

Developers perfectly know their trade and are considered to be true professionals in the gambling industry. They often conduct conferences on this topic and participate in large-scale events devoted to gambling. The package of services of White Label casino from this manufacturer includes the provision of a gambling license to carry out gambling activities, exciting games from leading brands, a package of connected payment services, and the launch of a new casino within weeks or even days.

Specialists from Casexe assure that the multifunctional gambling platform is equipped with all necessary programs and is already ready for work. Each product offered by the company has a certificate, and any customer is guaranteed a personal support.

Casexe White Label casino solutions

The parent company also provides players with technical support so the partner does not need to understand all the details of gaming processes. But this is logical: he does not have the necessary experience, whereas his senior partner has it to the fullest extent. No wonder he offers this service!

In due course, a partner who works on the White Label casino system will be able to purchase a gambling license and start to work independently.

Representatives of Casexe also note that developers of the White Label casino are glad to execute orders from young companies, which, however, should also be aware of arguable points that sometimes arise in such a partnership.

Actually, there are no problems but there is a statement of some facts. Thus, there is a legal dependence on the parent company: the junior partner is obliged to perform those actions that are specified in the cooperation agreement.

Also, a client is not always free to choose the game content. A complete package of games is already installed on his online casinos, and if he suddenly wants to integrate new slot machines, he will have to discuss this issue with a senior partner.

It is worth noting the dependence on the payment structure of the parent company, and the necessity to meet certain requirements. In a word, if the partner uses the service of the creation of a White Label casino, he will set some limits on his activity. But it is will be still more profitable to order the White Label casino.

What is the Difference Between Buying a Ready-Made White Label Casino and Ordering a Turnkey Casino?

There is some difference because, in the first case, a client gets the right to use the license of a senior partner, and in the second case, the provider orders it specially for his client. Moreover, the customer runs his business under the patronage of the parent company, which provides its technical support, and often makes payments to users. In other words, the priority of the White Label is obvious!

There is also an advantage in profit earning: a subsidiary operator can earn up to 60% of the income of the senior partner. The exact number depends on the specific agreement between the partners, the cost of the casino software, and other aspects.

Experts recommend businessmen to purchase a ready-made White Label casino from providers that they know and respect. In such a responsible moment, it is necessary to think big so choose leaders!

One-click purchase!

The Rosloto brand is exactly the company that you need. Its experts are knowledgeable in such issues better than representatives of new and inexperienced companies. Also here it is possible to order the creation of online casinos on a turnkey basis.

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