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Responsible Gambling: Safe Play, Combating Ludomania, Security Software

Rosloto experts will be glad to tell you about the standards of responsible gambling, prevention of addiction to casino entertainment, and the advantages of the security solutions connection.

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What Is Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling: the concept

The concept means a list of initiatives aimed at ensuring that market participants comply with high standards established in the sphere.

The term “responsible gambling” was introduced in the 2010s. Its appearance is associated with the Gamble Aware non-profit foundation from the United Kingdom, which provides support to casino visitors. Within a few years, similar organisations were opened in other Western countries, and both operators and the government joined forces to fight against ludomania.

The Main Tasks of Gambling Market Participants

Among the core functions of public authorities, businessmen, and users, we can name:

Government agencies

  • implementation of the regulatory framework related to safe play;
  • continuous monitoring of subjects of the sphere for their compliance with the principles of responsible gambling;
  • issuance of licences to operators and software vendors;
  • educational activity and information about the risks related to casino games


  • authentication with a mandatory verification of the age of the users;
  • protection of personal data;
  • installation of self-exclusion tools (for customers);
  • development of ethical marketing campaigns;
  • security of Internet payments

Software and hardware manufacturers

  • certification of software and equipment in state centres and accredited international laboratories;
  • the use of only proven components in the creation of software and the release of equipment (RNG, mathematical models, and the elements of gambling cabinets)


  • provision of accurate information at the time of registration on the gaming site and identity verification;
  • fair play without any violations related to multi-accounting, theft of bonuses, and illegal transfer of data to a third party

Ukrainian Experience in the Process of Organising a Safe Play

Since 2020, a specialised body, CRAIL, has been operating in the country. The Commission issues licences and monitors the compliance of market participants with the basic principles of the casino industry.

At the beginning of 2021, CRAIL, together with the All-Ukrainian Gambling Council, presented the following document — “About the Approval of the Principles of Responsible Gaming”. The bill became a law and came into force in the autumn of the same year.

Its main items are:

  • rejection of provision of bonuses for a lost game (cashback, loyalty points, and incentive gifts);
  • verification of users to prevent persons under 21 years old or clients who show signs of ludomania from visiting casinos;
  • self-restriction for gamblers (from 6 months to 2 years);
  • information about risks related to gambling.

Active Fight Against Ludomania

It is a serious disease that leads to the social cut-off of an individual. Not surprisingly, the lion's share of activities within the framework of Responsible Gambling principles is aimed at solving this problem.

International Statistics

The World Health Organisation classifies gambling addiction as a mental personality disorder. Its essence lies in the constant desire to play casino games, which harms the physical, emotional, and financial state of a person and his family members.

  • According to opinion polls, in the US, the number of gambling addicts is more than 2 million people or 1% of the population. At the same time, 4 out of 5 users are not even aware of the fact that they are sick.
  • Traditionally, there are many addicts in the Scandinavian countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.
  • In Ukraine, there is no precise information on the number of people suffering from ludomania. Experts believe that it is about 2% of the population.

Actions of Operators That Are Aimed at Preventing Gambling Addiction

Casino owners have access to the following mechanisms to fight against ludomania:

  1. Temporary blocking of accounts. Operators offer customers to add themselves to the self-exclusion register. The system automatically blocks such accounts for 1–24 months. During this time, the gambling establishment cannot inform these clients about new slot machines, promotions, and special offers.
  2. Permanent account blocking. This option is available to all players. Operators may also block an account if a user shows atypical behaviour or signs of ludomania.
  3. Reality testing. Gamblers receive a message with such information as the time spent on the website and the duration of sessions. Moreover, the system can offer clients to pause or stop the game. The United Kingdom is the first country to oblige the organisers of gambling entertainment to implement this option in the software.
  4. Restriction on the number/size of bets and the amount of time. Limits can be set by both customers and operators of online platforms or land-based locations. Such restrictions can be set for 1 session, a day, a week, or a month.
  5. Placement of links to specialised resources. These are charitable foundations and medical institutions that deal with problems related to gambling addiction. The help of professional psychologists and doctors is very effective, which is why thousands of players turn to non-profit organisations every month.
  6. Timely notification. Operators publish detailed statistics for the reporting period, including data on the lost money and time spent on the gaming site.

Assistance from Charitable Organisations

There are more than 1 thousand social funds in the world that provide gambling addicts and their families with competent help.


A popular anonymous support service, which is daily used by hundreds of users from all over the world.

On the official website, you can take a free rapid test for signs of ludomania. Employees of the foundation communicate with gamblers via a dedicated call centre and chat

Gambling Therapy

The International Help Desk offers psychiatric and psychological consultations in English, German, Russian, and other languages.

Players can install the original Gambling Therapy app to automatically block their accounts on various casino platforms

Gamblers Anonymous

The leading charitable foundation in the UK is hosting anonymous meetings for gambling addicts.

The official page has a multilingual forum where people with similar problems can talk to each other

Gambling Help Online

Its website works in round-the-clock format, providing qualified assistance to gamblers.

The platform contains a cost calculator that can show how much money was spent on casino games, as well as addiction tests, useful statistics and analytics, and stories of real people who faced the problem of ludomania

Timely Identification of Customers

Casino user verification: key features

The key principle of responsible gambling is the verification of users.

Key features of the process:

  • primary and secondary customer identification;
  • checking the gambler's age and its presence/absence in self-restriction registers;
  • banning of the game for persons under 18 years old (in some countries — under the age of 21);
  • closed access to the casino for socially vulnerable segments of the population (for example, temporarily incapacitated or low-income citizens).

Software for user verification will help operators to cope with the above-mentioned tasks. This is a special solution with advanced functionality and a wide range of personal settings. The system not only checks the identity of gamblers but also detects behavioural anomalies and fraud risks.

The software identifies casino visitors in 2 stages:

  1. Clients enter personal data and provide scans of the necessary documents.
  2. Additional verification of users is carried out via biometric face recognition, fingerprint scanning, cross-checking of Bank-ID banking information, and other progressive methods.

Verification Services from Trusted Software Vendors

By turning to Rosloto, entrepreneurs can order high-quality products from the following developers:


Universal digital authentication platform. The system provides a simple and effective way to check the identity of visitors to online and land-based casinos.

The solution provides for multi-factor verification of users based on age, the authenticity of documents, electronic digital signatures, and various types of QR codes. The product is characterised by a cross-platform environment, fast connection, and good scalability


The identity verification is based on advanced KYC algorithms.

The service has access to more than 400 international data sources for round-the-clock cross-checking. The program automatically detects potential gambling addicts and also separates fraudsters from real players


The service was created using Prisma Access and Prisma Cloud technologies. The manufacturer offers multi-factor identification based on fingerprints, scans of documents, and a single-word password.

The solution works smoothly on equipment in land-based gambling halls, desktop PCs, and mobile devices


This program uses knowledge-based verification (KBA) and PIN-code mechanisms, as well as behavioural biometrics technologies. The product instantly determines the identity and age of users and can also identify potential hackers.

The software contains a module with advanced analytics, options for comfortable administration, and deployment in different regions

Bet IT Best

The proprietary system interacts with 3 types of data: personal information (name, e-mail, details of the bank card), geolocation data (IP address, country of access), and detailed analytics (the frequency and nature of visits to the gaming site).

The software is based on artificial intelligence technology. It scans the user's face every time he enters the platform and can detect behavioural anomalies and atypical online traffic

Universal Security Software from the Best Providers

Security software: best providers

The mechanisms of responsible gambling include:

  • protection of online payments against unauthorised access by third parties;
  • security of confidential data (of operators, users, and B2B partners);
  • protection of the perimeter of an iGaming project.

The licensed security software will help entrepreneurs to cope with these tasks. The solution functions comprehensively, that is, it ensures the reliable operation of the gaming site during the passage of all business stages: from money transfer processing to communicating with players.

From the Rosloto studio, operators can order the connection of proprietary software from trusted and certified vendors.


The American company has developed a universal product for protecting gambling platforms — Reputation Manager 360.

Features of the solution include:

  • a balanced approach to security (the software analyses the risks of fraud, checks online transactions, detects deviations, and provides detailed reporting);
  • innovative tools (in its work, the product uses SIG Internet gateways, SaaS systems, Firewall screens, and DES cryptographic encryption technologies);
  • a unique Fraud Force solution that detects geolocation anomalies;
  • prestigious certification according to GDPR and PSD2.

ASAP Secured

The Canadian manufacturer offers licensed software for the security of iGaming projects, as well as a modern solution for cryptocurrency mining.

Advantages of buying the brand’s services:

  • a universal approach to the protection of a casino business (fight against data leaks, DDoS attacks, cybercriminals, and reengineering);
  • the Veritas multidisciplinary security incident management system;
  • a wide range of additional options (a system with detailed reporting, a module for evaluating the performance of an online casino, a verification service, and the eTime Xpress planning program);
  • round-the-clock technical support.


A developer from Canada has been producing multi-component security systems for the dynamic development of casino projects for more than 15 years.

Key advantages of the premium software:

  • high performance (the product processes more than 10 thousand transactions per minute, including verification of payments, validation of users, and reflection of hacker attacks);
  • compliance with international quality standards (PCI DSS directive, ISO 27001 requirements, AML-CTF anti-money laundering policies);
  • customisable security levels for the verification of payments;
  • secure hosting of servers connected to physical equipment in gambling halls and cloud storage.


The vendor supplies modern software for the reliable operation of land-based casinos and iGaming platforms.

Key advantages of the solution:

  • high security of Internet payments (due to the use of cryptographic tools, multi-level risk management, and activation of tokenisation services);
  • the Interceptas management service for comfortable market entry and the launch of additional products, such as live games;
  • universal verification system (identity check, biometrics, identification of devices from which users enter the gambling platform);
  • international recognition and rapid integration in any region.

Arxan Technologies

This international company protects more than 5 million applications all over the world.

Features of the proprietary software:

  • modern technological base (White box cryptography, obfuscation of a code, RASP protection, and artificial intelligence);
  • compliance with ISO 27001, FIPS 140-2, and PCI DSS security standards;
  • services for checking mobile applications for vulnerabilities;
  • flexible and smooth integration into the structure of the source code.

The Main Things about Responsible Gambling Mechanisms

The described concept is an indispensable component of the legitimate casino industry.

  • The principles of responsible gambling include multi-level verification of gamers, prohibition of access to gaming sites for people under 18 years old and low-income persons, protection of personal data and Internet payments, ethical advertising, and much more.
  • The key task of the concept is to fight against gambling addiction. Operators set limits on the size of deposits and the duration of sessions, publish true game statistics, and block user accounts temporarily or permanently.
  • The installation of verification services automates the identification of players and reduces the risk of fraud and bonus abuse.
  • The features of professional security software include security assurances related to the online platform and financial transactions, protection of user data, the reflection of external hacker attacks, and the fight against internal abuses.

The Rosloto studio offers operators to order the licensed software from AcuityTec, Arxan Technologies, Featurespace, Bet IT Best, 4Stop, TransUnion, and other trusted vendors.

From us, you can buy the following profitable gambling products:

Rosloto managers can offer you such services as the organisation of ethical marketing campaigns, assistance in the acquisition of a licence, and drafting a business plan.

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