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  1. 1. What is a Casino Web Hosting
  2. 2. How to Connect Hosting for an Online Casino
  3. 3. The Benefits of Stable Hosting
  4. 3.1. Security
  5. 3.2. Stability and Speed of Work
  6. 3.3. 24/7 Support
  7. 4. The Legality of Placing Server Hardware
  8. 5. VPS for Gambling: The Main Types and Their Differences
  9. 5.1. The Classification of VPS
  10. 6. Popular VPS Analogues
  11. 7. Server for an Online Casino: Profitable Offer from Rosloto
  12. 8. Conclusion

Hosting for a Casino: How to Choose a Reliable Server in 2020

Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert
Tags: Online casino

One of the prerequisites for launching a gambling platform is a good hosting for casinos. The success of the website directly depends on it. Therefore, you should consider the choice of hosting for a casino seriously. It is better to entrust this task to Rosloto professionals.

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Our experts have prepared answers to key questions related to selecting and connecting reliable server equipment for you. Read about how to find a stable hosting for a casino in this article.

What is a Casino Web Hosting

Casino web hosting

Casino Internet server (hosting) is a set of hardware and software designed to host key files and scripts of the gambling platform. The operator receives storage, space for mail, and huge databases. 

The server for an online casino looks like bulky computer equipment with many screens, power supplies, memory modules, processors, and network cards. Such hardware cannot function without special software, as well as stable access to the Internet.

There are several types of hosting for casinos: video, mail, and file storage. The optimal variant is to use the option, which includes all these types because any gambling resource involves the simultaneous processing of information from various sources.

How to Connect Hosting for an Online Casino

To connect hosting for a casino, you need to seek help from specialized providers.

They can be divided into two categories:

  • Hosters. These companies are aimed at providing servers for the iGaming industry.
  • Large information service providers are also involved in the provision of hosting. These are such well-known brands as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and others.

Stable casino hosting is often provided with other services. Additional options are as follows: domain name registration, creation of a virtual platform, software administration, DDoS protection, SSL certificates, and many other useful services.

An integrated approach is beneficial for the operator due to the possibility of optimizing the costs when starting a gambling project.

The Benefits of Stable Hosting

Benefits of stable internet server

To connect hosting for a casino, the owner of a virtual resource should pay attention to the following characteristics:


This factor largely determines the further functioning of the gambling website. Given that the gambling industry is considered a high-margin business, the issue of reliability and safety must be taken seriously.

It is worth noting that applying standard protective mechanisms is not enough for gaming portals. Many providers use additional systems and functions to maximize the security of the resource.

The most popular instruments are as follows:



RAID technology

It protects information stored on the hard drive from hacks and failures. To perform this task, daily copies of data placed on the disk are created.

In the event of unauthorized access by third parties, RAID notifies administrators about this. As a result, the specialists can replace damaged fragments immediately

Web Application Firewall

These special software filters create a barrier between the Network and local server equipment. They provide access only to external ports allowed by the administrator of the resource

IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems)

Such systems are aimed at preventing DDoS attacks and attempts to invade the server for online casinos. They identify and filter Internet traffic anomalies using the built-in DoS sensors

VPN tunnels

They protect the resource from the monitoring of traffic by third parties. 128-bit encryption channels are used for data transmission

Besides, many providers use their own "tricks" and the best practices when testing security systems. Information about them is not disclosed to protect hosting for online casinos from the actions of competitors.

Stability and Speed of Work

This is an important aspect when it comes to selecting a suitable server, especially if the gambling platform owner plans to attract a broad audience of visitors.

Eventually, each resource gains decent user traffic, and then the first serious problems may arise. Hosting for an online casino with low productivity parameters cannot cope with the increased load. As a result, the website may work incorrectly.

To avoid this situation, providers must ensure the uninterrupted operation of the gaming platform under critical loads. This is the most crucial feature of a reliable online casino: their servers are characterised by a high bandwidth under heavy load. They can process the maximum amount of information in the shortest possible time.

24/7 Support

Trusted providers ensure 24/7 technical support. This approach gives the operator a sense of security and control. He or she can get prompt expert help from the best IT professionals in the event of a malfunction.

The Legality of Placing Server Hardware

To connect hosting for a casino, it is essential to understand the peculiarities of local legislation. As is known, each country has a specific attitude to the gaming industry.

Consider the main characteristics of some states:

  1. It is forbidden to host an online casino in the USA, Middle East, and Asian countries.
  2. The server for the online casino can be received by the company that has obtained the license in a particular jurisdiction (Malta, Curacao, and the Isle of Man).
  3. Online casino activities are permitted based on a license of any jurisdiction (Mexico, Panama, and Gibraltar).

The operator should focus on the last two categories and conclude agreements with local providers. Popular offshore jurisdictions look advantageous and promising for businessmen. The regulators from such states can issue a license and provide access to their server hardware.

A good example is offshore hosting for casinos in Curacao. Data transmission is performed using ultrafast LEVEL networks. The cost of the service also includes backup, SSL certificates, and other useful components.

VPS for Gambling: The Main Types and Their Differences

Types of the VPS for gambling

When the sphere of web hosting for casinos just started to develop, most operators bought bulky equipment and stored the necessary software on it. The servers needed for the management of virtual resources were located directly in the offices of companies.

Over time, this approach has remained relevant only for large companies implementing complex and multi-stage projects. Medium and small gambling platforms switched to the so-called dedicated servers.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a virtual environment with dedicated disk space or SSD. It is based on a physical server located in a data centre anywhere in the world.

Characteristics of VPS aimed at the Gambling Industry:

  • its own operating system;
  • random-access memory;
  • hard disk capacity;
  • CPU time.

VPS management is similar to the administration of ground-based server hardware in many ways. The operator gets root access, unique ports, individual IP addresses, routing tables, and other tools for effective interaction.

The Classification of VPS

Depending on the visualization features, the following types of VPS for gambling can be distinguished:




This type implies the general use of the server core. Thanks to this feature, all operations (installation, downloading, translations, and data exchange) are performed in a few seconds. It has an affordable cost.

The solution is suitable for websites with stable traffic. When it comes to large load-bursts, you should pay attention to more advanced products


It involves a clear distribution of resources. Each VPS uses its own core, memory, and hard drive.

This characteristic allows operators to create more reliable online casinos. Servers are completely isolated and have high manoeuvrability. It is possible to move the machine to another crosspoint

The choice of VPS largely depends on the current tasks of the operator. If you plan to create a compact online casino, you can work using software solutions. Business expansion will require attracting more powerful hosting servers, such as hardware-based VPS.

Popular VPS Analogues

Virtual Private Server is not the only way to host gambling portals. The following types of hosting have become popular in recent years:

  1. Cloud hosting implies the virtualization on a server cluster and SAN. Network files are stored in the cloud, which consists of several pieces of server hardware. They form a powerful cluster, which allows the operator to work with large amounts of data and bulk traffic. This method is characterized by high reliability and scalability.
  2. Reseller hosting will allow you to use the server space for your own needs, as well as resell it to other companies. This approach may interest the operators planning to launch a franchise or White Label casino. The owner of the project should purchase special software for rational capacity management.

Server for an Online Casino: Profitable Offer from Rosloto

If you are a little confused about the diversity of available options, it is time to turn to Rosloto professionals. We have been working in the gambling industry for many years. Our experts are well acquainted with the peculiarities of modern products.

Rosloto offers to order hosting services from leading world providers with an impeccable reputation and great experience in the iGaming field. As a rule, this option is provided together with other important services. For example, you can obtain a license in a popular jurisdiction or register a domain name.

One-click purchase!


The correct operation of an online casino is not possible without secure server equipment. Modern technologies are developing by leaps and bounds today. Therefore, you do not need to buy bulky equipment at all. It is enough to sign an agreement with a hosting provider and place a gambling platform anywhere in the world.

We recommend you to cooperate with professionals to ensure safe and legal functioning of your casino. Rosloto will consult you on all issues related to selecting the optimal hosting.

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