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SEO Promotion for Online Casinos: Top 6 Launch Tips

Search engine optimisation for entertainment resources is different from SEO in any other business niche. The set of effectively operating keywords in the gambling environment is limited, while the competition is much higher compared to other markets.

It is difficult for the owners of iGaming businesses to impress the Google searcher with the help of a standard semantic core.

SEO promotion for casinos: general info

Rosloto knows what problems digital casinos face in the process of promotion. Our specialists explain how to create an efficient marketing strategy.

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Our SEO guide will help you:

  • quickly reach the top of search results and provide the business with constant free traffic;
  • gain the trust of potential clients, since sites from Google’s first page are considered approved and recommended by the system;
  • ensure a regular influx of new users without significant marketing investments;
  • maximise profits by driving traffic for key niche queries.

SEO Strategy from the Rosloto Team

One of the features of search engine parameters is delayed response time.

Even if all the requirements of marketers are fulfilled, the site structure is completely reorganised and the project is adapted for voice and mobile search, the result of the work can be noticed only in 4–6 months. Still, the business will continue receiving traffic after the end of a promotion campaign.

Let us present you the key notions from the Google search engine open statistics and related analytical publications:

  • SEO marketing brings a business 1000% more traffic than social networks (BrightEdge agency investigation);
  • the second page of search results is visited by only 0.78% of users (the analytical summary from Backlinko);
  • 69.7% of inquiries consist of short phrases (up to 4 words);
  • 39% of buyers are guided by search results (statistics from Think With Google).

To reach the full potential and get to the top of requests, we recommend that you follow these tips:

Development of Keywords and Creation of a Semantic Core

SEO for casinos: keywords and semantic core

The basis of SEO promotion is a semantic core and keywords that fully meet the current needs of the audience and organic search criteria.

The most popular and available tools for working with key queries are:

  • Google Analytics;
  • AhRefs;
  • SEMRush and others.

When working with these or other services, administrators should pay attention to requests in the category of medium and low frequencies. Top keywords such as "casino" or "bets" may not be displayed at first or be unavailable to operators with a new domain name.

High-frequency queries (for instance, "online casino") are more difficult to work with than lower-ranking ones, such as "poker nearby." At the same time, both requests to AhRefs show almost the same amount of incoming traffic.

A properly composed semantic core allows operators to optimise:

  • work with the portal structure (add/remove web pages, generate new URLs, and set up menu items and internal search);
  • tags and meta tags (attach special markers to the text structure that translate the summary of the page/section to seek robots and real visitors);
  • work with content (add new texts, videos, graphic and other elements, or change previously published ones).

Internal Optimisation of the Gaming Site

Some SEO experts believe that it is more efficient to regularly update old data than to create new content from scratch. For the iGaming niche, this approach is justified, since the gambling market is in constant motion.

Information that was relevant a couple of days ago, can be supplemented with completely new data, especially when it comes to betting odds on rating events.

Regular content updates have a positive effect on the web page rank. SERP systems promptly respond to any changes in the structure of the resource and automatically increase its ranking in the search results.

As an update, operators can use text materials, graphic elements, and hyperlinks that give a good response if inserted into old articles and lead to new ones.

An essential aspect of internal changes is a tech check of the site’s performance and the relevance of built-in components.

Mandatory procedures for the correct optimisation of the amusement portal

Navigation check

The resource must contain only functional components. All user interface elements are checked for compliance, including:

  • widgets for linking to social media pages;
  • elements of the main and secondary menus;
  • registration and feedback forms;
  • interactive visuals, etc.

Correction of duplicates and broken links

The presence of duplicate pages negatively affects the ranking of the resource. Such elements must be removed.

We strongly recommend filling your web portal with high-quality informative content without additional volume due to “water”.

The reference mass must be correct and constantly edited. Any broken link will lower your rankings and may cause client churn

Download speed control

Following statistics from Google, a user forms an opinion about the site in the first 3–5 seconds. If the page cannot load at the specified time, up to 67% of potential clients leave the resource forever.

You can improve loading speed with the help of special structuring programs and ready-made user interface templates. It is also beneficial to reject massive video materials and graphic elements

Indexing evaluation

The tech components of the site are not optimised for search results, such as:

  • basket;
  • Search;
  • sorting filters, etc.

It is necessary to check the performance of the site once a month.

Working with Reviews

One of the distinguishing features of the gambling niche is the value of user feedback.

The choice of your brand is influenced by:

  • regular reviews of new products;
  • full-scale coverage of the gaming resource with a description of the registration process, betting program, promotions, etc.;
  • informational reports written in clear and simple language;
  • availability of ratings and recommendations from large niche publications and organisations;
  • videos and reviews on third-party resources.

The Rosloto team recommends creating a separate page or category for customer feedback with quick access from the main menu.

Having a public comment form will help:

  • promptly register critical comments and eliminate deficiencies;
  • study suggestions for improving the resource from regular clients;
  • control the level of audience loyalty;
  • respond quickly to market trends and preferences of gamblers;
  • develop personalised advertising programs and promotions.

FAQ Section and Adaptation for Voice Search

Casino site optimisation: FAQ and voice search

According to a study by Search Engine Land, more than 48% of global online content consumers use voice assistants. On average, only 29 words are enough to create an organic answer to a spoken question.

Site adaptation for voice search is a promising area of SEO. Backlinko agency reports that 75% of resources with a voice assistant appear in the top 3 search positions for a given query.

The most convenient and effective way to adjust an online casino to voice recognition is to optimise the FAQ section using niche key queries.

The common questions, the answers to which enhance the chance of appearing on the first search positions are as follows:

  • is it possible to play online casinos for real money;
  • what is the minimum age for registration on the iGaming portals;
  • how to replenish a deposit for sports betting;
  • how to check the honesty of an online casino;
  • how to withdraw money from the site of slot machines, etc.

You can choose the best wording and conduct a detailed analysis of client reactions to a specific query using the Google Analytics Google Search Console tools.

Affiliate Promotion Opportunities

Referral marketing is one of the most effective methods of popularisation in the gambling environment.

The work process of affiliate programs includes such stages:

  1. Creation/search of an advertising platform. The administrator of a gaming site can develop an affiliate network from scratch or take advantage of ready-made niche offers. In the latter case, it is enough to get acquainted with the ratings of partners, choose a suitable payment program, and send promotional materials to the webmaster.
  2. Content delivery. Any content can be used as advertising — text, graphics or video. The last raise in popularity every day. It can be either voice inserts into the stream or live broadcasts of new game walkthroughs on the advertiser's site.
  3. Financial calculations. Several schemes are utilised to pay remuneration to affiliates, the most popular of which is CPA (cost per player). The webmaster receives a one-time fixed reward for each new user who has registered and made a deposit.
  4. Results control. One of the main benefits of affiliate marketing is the cost per result. The program participants get rewards only after completing specific actions by the new casino customers (registration, replenishment of a balance, making a paid bet in the game, etc.). This method allows to rationally allocate funds and swiftly react to any changes in the quality and amount of traffic.

Site Adaptation for a Mobile Audience

As claimed by the American agency Statista, in the second half of 2021, the share of smartphone users accounted for more than 61% of global traffic.

For maximum market coverage, we recommend testing browser versions of desktop gaming platforms on devices with Android and iOS operating systems.

Another important point is the coordinated work of the web page and mobile application. The app should be duplicated to provide the complete capability of the main resource and guarantee users the most simple and comfortable gameplay.

Key Ranking Factors of Search Engines

There are diverse criteria for evaluating web portals and bringing them to the top of results. Additionally, they change as Google’s and other major searchers’ (such as YouTube, for example) AI systems, improve.

The most famous ranking factors for internet casinos include:

  • domain age (the older, the higher the promotion rates);
  • history (it is good when the subject of the resource and its owners do not change);
  • appropriate title (operators can include a key query to the domain name that describes the subject of your site);
  • sanctions control (if some of the domains you bought were under sanctions, it is highly likely that the work of other services will also be suspended);
  • the presence of short and precise headings for the better navigation of text information and page structure;
  • correct location and readability of clues (it is worth implementing key queries along the entire length of the text to avoid overspam);
  • the presence of synonyms for keywords that allow search robots to comprehend the subject more clearly and focus on your resource;
  • lists and subheadings that greatly simplify the page structure and data perception by both robots and end users;
  • search engines prioritise unique content and images over machine text with an abundance of niche keywords.

The Main Things about Efficient SEO Tools for iGaming

SEO tools for iGaming: key notions

Search engine promotion is a complex set of measures for external and internal site improvement focused on long-term results.

  • Successes of the SEO program become visible only 4–6 months after the launch, but the effect lasts for years. Any other type of promotion stops bringing traffic almost immediately after the action is completed.
  • One of the major SEO tendencies in 2023 is resource adaptation for voice requests. 75% of sites with audio assistants are in the top 3 of search results. The most convenient way to implement such functionality in a web casino is to embed key queries in the FAQ section.
  • In the second quarter of 2021, 61% of global traffic was mobile. If you pay attention to the requests of this niche in the promotion, you will not only multiply the sales markets but also get high ratings in the largest search engines such as Google and YouTube.

You can learn more about the nuances of popularising gaming projects and order a turnkey advertising campaign at the Rosloto studio. We have dozens of successful projects for different markets.

Our team offers the following products:

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Our firm has a large selection of customisable templates and provides services for the development of exclusive turnkey projects. We also supply a unique automatic tool for creating a gaming site from scratch for free — a casino configurator.

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Updated 22.03.2022
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