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  1. 1. Investment in a Casino: How do Gaming Clubs Earn Money?
  2. 2. Investments in Gambling Projects: Income of the World's Largest Corporations
  3. 2.1. Profitability of official land-based gaming clubs in Russia: the latest news in 2017
  4. 3. Investments in Casinos: the Main Areas of Investment
  5. 4. Investments in Casinos: Basic Myths
  6. 5. Investments in a Gambling Business: What are the Advantages of Earning Money on the Internet
  7. 6. A New Area of ​​Investments in Casinos: Support for Projects With the Blocking Technology
  8. 7. Investments in Bookmakers: Basic Nuances
  9. 7.1. Investment in the bookmaker’s office: how do bookmakers make money?
  10. 7.2. Sports betting: governmental innovations
  11. 7.3. Advantages of investing in casinos and bookmaker’s offices
  12. 8. Profitable Investments in a Gambling Establishment with Rosloto

Investment in a Casino: a Risky Undertaking or a Reliable and Profitable Business

Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert
Tags: Land-based solutions Online casino

The gambling business has existed for many centuries, and it has been through all kinds of changes. From the semi-legal fly-by-night business, it turned into a fairly promising and profitable way of earning money.

Investment in a casino is a profitable business

In the vast majority of countries, there is a direct supervision system that is aimed at controlling gambling – from a strict legal response to a complete ban on gambling establishments within the territory of the country.

Investment in a Casino: How do Gaming Clubs Earn Money?

Among Russians, there is a conventional wisdom that casinos are favourite places of criminal elements and extremely shady people. Unfortunately, these stereotypes reflect poorly on online resources automatically.

Another well-established stereotype is that casino earnings consist of losses of visitors. It is an entirely wrong statement.

Earnings of online casinos consist of the following components:

  1. Partner accrued items. The gambling platform is a perfect location for increasing traffic. Gamblers receive pleasant bonuses and new promos for very simple tasks (for example, the ad view), and partners of an online casino increase the flow of visitors significantly.
  2. Investment in a casino. Most online websites bring profit in the form of investment platforms. Investors receive a significant bang for the buck, and the organisers of the location start with a positive reputation of a reliable website.
  3. Payments from users. Gamblers purchase bonuses, ratings, access to exclusive functions, make payments to be able to participate in different tournaments and promos.

Investments in Gambling Projects: Income of the World's Largest Corporations

Las Vegas Sands is the largest player in the world of gambling. The company has become an absolute champion back in 2013, and now it continues to hold a leading position. The net profit for the first half of 2018 exceeded the amount of 3.58 billion dollars. The corporation owns hotel chains and land-based gambling establishments in Las Vegas, Pennsylvania, Singapore, and Macau (China).

And now let us talk about Asian countries. Here, the income of the gambling market shows even more impressive growth than in the United States. For example, at the beginning of 2018, the amount of income of the US operator Wynn has exceeded 187 million dollars.

The largest location in Asia is Macau. The level of income from gambling establishments is more than 70% of the total local budget.

Russia. The report of PriceWaterhouseCoopers showed that the turnover of the gambling industry for 2007 was 4.6 billion dollars. However, after legal standards became stricter, the situation has become somewhat different.

Profitability of official land-based gaming clubs in Russia: the latest news in 2017

  • Azov-City – the budget was replenished to the value of 231 million rubles.
  • The income of Krasnaya Polyana was 164.8 million rubles.
  • Sibirskaya Moneta got about 90 million rubles.
  • Primorye has not demonstrated such impressive results yet. On its territory, there is only one casino, combining with the functions of the hotel. Visitors need to book rooms three or four months prior to their arrival. According to experts, it is one of the largest projects for investments in the Far East. In the near future (by 2025), its owners are planning to launch sixteen hotels, a yacht club, ten premium-class villas, and a large trade and exhibition complex.

The statistics that we have mentioned above are a perfect answer to these questions «How much and how do bookmakers make money?».

Investments in Casinos: the Main Areas of Investment

It is possible to invest money in the gambling sphere by choosing between three main areas: the development and production of slot machines, the creation of the gambling software, and the sale or rent of games.

Investments in gambling projects

It is very difficult for a domestic to select the optimal direction. This task is even more complicated because some activities are at the initial stage of development. Therefore, it is almost impossible to predict the prospect of growth of a particular market segment and to see the obvious difference between the profitability of projects.

Available ways to invest money in casinos:

  • the development of your own start-ups (for example, the sale an exclusive business plan for casinos);
  • investments in projects of professional and famous developers;
  • the purchase of shares of a gaming club or a bookmaker’s office;
  • the launch of a sales point where you will sell the gambling software.

Investments in Casinos: Basic Myths

  1. Investments in bookmakers and online casinos are only for rich people. In reality, speaking about a large number of projects, you do not need a lot of money to invest it – you can start with a minimal amount of ten dollars. What is different about it is that with such an investment, you do not have to expect serious dividends.
  2. It is a big risk to invest in a casino. For sure, it is obviously wrong because there will always be risks in any investment of money, regardless of the subject of the sponsored project. All financial transactions involve the possibility of losing funds.
  3. For investments, you need to have a specialised education or the highest IQ level. It is no such matter. Investments in a bookmaker’s office and other areas of the development of the gambling industry do not require any superpowers. The main thing is to catch on, get a qualified consultation, and make a competent business plan of sports betting in the land-based betting shop or on the online website.

To get answers to all your questions related to the investment of funds or the launch of your own online casino or bookmaker’s office, you can contact the Rosloto company.

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Investments in a Gambling Business: What are the Advantages of Earning Money on the Internet

To start making money online, you need to keep up with a list of several demands: a stable Internet connection, acquaintance with the basic rules of investments, a clear-eyed understanding of the project, and an ethical readiness to both financial losses and future worry-free life.

Advantages of investing funds with the help of the Internet:

  • simplicity and high speed of financial transactions;
  • ability to start with minimal investments;
  • a wide range of objects where you can invest money in;
  • ability to monitor the development of the project from any part of the world;
  • significant time savings.

Advantages of investing funds in gambling

A New Area of ​​Investments in Casinos: Support for Projects With the Blocking Technology

The business plan of a bitcoin casino has the following advantages:

  • the total absence of any limits related to the use of currency;
  • actions of investors are not controlled by government authorities;
  • the attraction of users from all corners of the world;
  • the absence of the possibility to block accounts;
  • the complete anonymity;
  • instant financial transactions without the use of banking systems;
  • the size of a commission fee is set by the emitter.

Order a Bitcoin casino

Economists are watching the steady growth of bitcoin and predicting that investing funds in casinos on the basis of the blockchain technology is one of the most promising and modern ways of earning money.

Investing in a casino with Rosloto guarantees reliability and quick return on investment. For detailed information and services on the development of online sites, buying and renting related software can be accessed through any convenient communication channel.

Investments in Bookmakers: Basic Nuances

Investments in bookmaker’s offices are not a wide-known sphere of getting income, which still is a very profitable one. This area allows you to implement your own business plan for betting on sports events with the possibility of increasing profit by 100%.

In order to minimise the risk and spend not so much time on analysing this sector of the market, it is recommended to ask professional analysts for a piece of advice and create a detailed business plan of the casino, its launch, content, and the following development.

According to forecasts of experts, the legal market of bookmakers can increase its potential by three times in the very near future – no later than in five years. And the amount of investment in this segment will reach the number of 1.2 trillion rubles.

This information is provided by the analytical service Rating of bookmakers. The data on the current state of the market and statistics on the growth of the number of people who are interested in sports events were taken as a basis. Of course, such events as the Confederations Cup and the World Cup play an important role.

Investments in bookmakers business

Investment in the bookmaker’s office: how do bookmakers make money?

Despite the low level of confidence in the activity of bookmakers, these participants of the industry were given some slack. It has long been known that bookmaker’s offices are the only sphere of gambling, which is officially permitted in Russia. To increase the level of confidence in these legal platforms, to attract additional investments in gambling projects, and to prevent the development of the illegal segment of the gambling market, the country has assumed a number of measures.

Sports betting: governmental innovations

  • Since April 2017, bookmakers have been able to conduct full-scale advertising campaigns. The difference became visible instantly: if previously the demonstration of thematic videos was available only on specialised websites and only after 10 pm, now the advertising has become an integral part of the broadcast of any sports events, regardless of the time of day. The only restriction is that the amount of advertising should not exceed 20% of the broadcast time.
  • The number of media has increased. Bookmaker’s offices got the right to promote and publish thematic news in printed media, on the resources of sports governing bodies, public television channels, and online platforms.
  • CyberSports championships. According to experts, the number of bets on virtual competitions exceeded the amount of 8 billion dollars.

Yuri Krasovsky, the founder of the largest betting network League of Stakes, thinks that the market will show an annual growth of up to 20%.

Advantages of investing in casinos and bookmaker’s offices

The main difference between land-based gambling establishments and online resources and the benefits of investing in casinos:

  • Online services are a guarantee of the round-the-clock access, as well as the instant and constant satisfaction of visitors' needs.
  • Legality of the company. Contrary to the popular belief that online gambling is illegal, many online platforms have international jurisdiction and are represented by companies with world-famous names.
  • Mobility. Slot machines and the ability to place bets are available to visitors without the need to be a concrete location.
  • All investments are intangible assets. It is possible to transfer deposits to another resource easily or to withdraw funds via foreign financial systems in the case of the appearance of any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Investment in a casino on the Internet is also an opportunity to realise your full creative potential. It is not a surprise for everyone that gamblers are attracted not by the process itself but by the unusual location and quality of the brainchild. One of the most profitable options is to invest in the development of unique gambling projects.

As the part of a business plan of a casino, investments are one of the most promising options, which open a lot of prospects for the development of the modern gambling industry.

Casino business plan as the part of investments

Profitable Investments in a Gambling Establishment with Rosloto

The Rosloto company is a reliable assistant in the field of investing funds in casinos and bookmaker’s offices. Our services include the purchase or rent, as well as the creation of online websites on a turnkey basis, the development and integration of the casino software, creation of HTML5 slots, marketing promotion, and technical support during the time of cooperation.

Specialists from Rosloto are ready to offer optimal solutions for the development of the betting business and provide the relevant information on innovations and features of the development of domestic and foreign gambling markets.

You can contact us by using:

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