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  1. 1. What Is the Casino Management System?
  2. 2. The Functionality of Gambling Sites Administration Systems
  3. 3. Casino Management Software: Basic Modules
  4. 3.1. User Registration
  5. 3.2. Game Results Analytics
  6. 3.3. Table Statistics
  7. 3.4. Cash Account of Public Place
  8. 3.5. Site Manager
  9. 3.6. Workforce Management
  10. 3.7. Player Information
  11. 3.8. Bonus Offer Analytics
  12. 3.9. Access Control
  13. 3.10. Site Reporting
  14. 4. What Is CRM Software
  15. 5. Casino Management System for Online Resources
  16. 5.1. Platform Functionality for Online Resources
  17. 6. Casino Management System: The Best Solutions from Rosloto

How Do Online Casinos Work or How Is the Gambling Platform Arranged?

Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert
Tags: Online casino

Gambling is a complex and multifaceted type of business activity, which requires a special casino management system to optimize and improve its quality. The administration program is the foundation of the entertainment resource and many combine the functionality of the site (from the integration of new software to control the operation of payment services and statistical data).

How online casinos work

Rosloto experts have gathered a piece of comprehensive information about software solutions for the administration of gambling sites. Today we will speak about:

  • what is casino management software;
  • what is the CRM casino software;
  • what are the main modules of the internal platform of the gambling resource;
  • how does the functionality of platforms for online betting shops work?

By requesting Rosloto, you will receive a piece of expert advice on any issues of management and administration of the gambling business. We offer a wide range of ready-made solutions and the ability to develop exclusive services on a turnkey basis.

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What Is the Casino Management System?

The main basis of the entertainment resources management is the functions of internal administration and accounting procedures in the casino. Complex software is the foundation of the gambling location.

The casino management system is a structured set of programs and analytical components for obtaining, systematization and processing of any external information. As a rule, it is an automated scheme that requires minimal human involvement.

Due to the availability of management tools, the owner of the gambling platform can monitor and analyse every aspect of the site: from the actions of employees to the credit history and the continuance of the game session of each user. This is the best way to present the full work of the entertainment resource and choose the most effective strategies for business development.

The Functionality of Gambling Sites Administration Systems

Depending on the provider and the operator’s wishes, the casino management system can have a diverse range of opportunities. As a rule, modern solutions have such a set of options:

  • control of automatic machines (automatic maintenance of financial accounting of slots, control of electronic mechanisms of the device, reporting on the technical condition of the machine, setting up payment tables, etc.);
  • control of the game zone (monitoring of game trends, analysis of user preferences, information about the continuance of game sessions, and winnings notification);
  • gameplay analytics (client base, regular players statistics, tracking the users from the blacklist, monitoring customer activity);
  • accounting and financial analytics (the casino financial history storage, administration of cash registers, reports on the winnings amounts, control of the accepting interactive bets option, etc);
  • associated sales (work with suppliers, customer satisfaction, reporting on the intermediary companies work: restaurants, bars, taxi services);
  • financial transactions (checking the status of credit cards, statistics of non-cash transactions, monitoring the chips movement, instant elimination of errors in the payment process).

The list of options can be supplemented and expanded. As a rule, providers try to adapt the system not only to the client wishes but also under the criteria of the modern market. The quality of services directly affects the number of resource users and the general opinion about the efficiency and attractiveness of the gambling location.

Casino Management Software: Basic Modules

Casino management software

The modern product of gambling business administration is divided into the following components:

User Registration

The program is used for registration and accounting of visits to the public place, statistical processing and issuing requests for personal cards. The software allows you to customize a variety of database search criteria and get information about any customer actions.

Game Results Analytics

The software is used to track users in real time. The product allows you to view customer history for any time period and displays information about average rates, time spent at the slot machine, the results of the game, etc.

The software provides a search of players on the database and calculation of session results (including bonus accruals for each specific user).

Table Statistics

The module is widely used in practical halls. The program produces the results of the sessions at the tables and performs analytics with an instant display of credits.

Cash Account of Public Place

Casino accounting software is an integral module that controls all types of financial manipulations. This development allows you to get reporting data for any time period and automatically generates reporting information for the selected categories of operations.

The module can be easily configured according to the rules and procedures adopted in each particular establishment. For example, the system may have a function of currency conversion at the optimal rate.

Site Manager

The casino management system is aimed at implementing a comprehensive control and analysis of the gambling site. The module set of functions includes the automatic generation of reporting requirements, statistics gathering, analytics of visitors and employees of the establishment.

Workforce Management

The system is designed to create an internal database of location employees (profiles, work experience, photos and other information).

Player Information

The module aims to collect a dossier for each resource user: preferences, time and duration of visits, session results, credit history and much more.

Bonus Offer Analytics

The casino management system also includes the control of the user’s bonus account: the accrual of extra points, the calculation of awards for active behaviour on the site, the withdrawal of winning funds to pay for related services.

Access Control

The software allows to create access levels and determine the rights to use the internal functionality of the resource to certain programs. For example, the access restriction to financial reports, control of employees during certain operations.

Site Reporting

This module can be considered as an accompanying casino accounting software. It requires pre-designed systems that help to provide an internal accounting record in prospect. Casino accounting procedures are carried out automatically and do not require the intervention of third parties.

What Is CRM Software

Customer orientation policy is the key to successfully doing any form of business, and the gambling industry is not an exception. CRM casino management system significantly simplifies business processes and allows you to build the most effective relationship with the client.

CRM is a multifunctional set of software solutions aimed at improving the productivity and the quality of service.

The basic feature list of a CRM software solution:

  • automated database creation;
  • providing simultaneous access to an open informational database for each of the company’s departments and branches;
  • coverage of detailed information on each item of the products and services of the establishment;
  • providing context search via the program of sorting, filters and queries according to established criteria;
  • prevention an unauthorized data editing;
  • automatic filling of the most popular positions and requests;
  • control of the work performed by staff;
  • identifying the percentage of customers who have left, assigning a percentage of sales;
  • bar-code processing, interaction with scanners;
  • management control of the direction;
  • visualization of expenses and enterprise’s earnings;
  • providing remote access to internal systems.

As a rule, the casino management system is conveniently integrated with any third-party software solutions and can be upgraded depending on the owner’s requests. The functionality of the software allows you to organize the most productive system of relationships with visitors of the resource, to automate the processes of site control, to significantly expand the audience and enter new markets.

Casino Management System for Online Resources

The rapid development of interactive technologies has significantly expanded the functionality of Internet platforms. Operators can use three main types of software solutions in their work:

  • Downloadable software. Offline software requires downloading and installation on the client’s personal device. Distinctive features of the system are ease of use and the ability to use without access to the Network.
  • Virtual platforms. These are products developed on the basis of Flash-technologies. Access to the game solutions and a user interface is provided from any device with Internet access.
  • Mobile platforms. This is a unique version that makes gambling entertainment available from any gadget. Mobile casino is a new fashion trend that is confidently conquering the international market. According to the statistics, in 2018 more than 60% of the turnover of the gambling industry fell on mobile platforms.

Platform Functionality for Online Resources

The online casino platform is a multi-structural management system of the public place. The software contains tools for planning, analytics, monitoring and tracking of all resource activities.

Casino management system has the following properties:

  • SEO module (set of solutions for marketing promotion of the site);
  • security (availability of secure servers, use of private codes, etc.);
  • platform adaptability (open source allows integrating any third-party software);
  • dominant operation (single service for maintaining the branches and departments of gambling establishment);
  • system-anti-fraud (the program blocks multi-accounts and prevents various fraudulent actions of the site visitors);
  • bonus system (management of bonus accounts of clients, carrying out promotional programs).

One of the constant advantages of modern online casino platforms is their flexibility. Actually, the software adapts to any external changes, user requests and new trends.

Casino Management System: The Best Solutions from Rosloto

The Rosloto catalogue presents the latest solutions from leading providers with a worldwide reputation.

We are ready to offer the following casino systems:

  • Gaminator. This is a multifunctional solution made in three variations. The multilingual system is equipped with the latest payment services and pleases with an extensive selection of games.
  • Win&Win Casino. This brainchild of the Israeli supplier impresses with its functionality. The platform is considered to be the most profitable solution for sites providing services on the territory of the Russian Federation and Ukraine. A large set of games combined with a user-friendly interface and excellent visual design makes the system one of the most popular and actual in the world of gambling.
  • Superomatic. The platform demonstrates excellent rates of return, has a very fast connection, an option to backup data and the unique security system.

The main advantage of cooperation with Rosloto is loyal prices and individual approach to each client. We provide not only the sale of ready-made solutions but also the opportunity to order the rental software.

We offer games from Amatic, Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Novomatic, IGT, mobile casino software and software for institutions with the live-broadcasts option.

Stock exchange terminals, equipment for bingo halls, profitable affiliate programs and multi-currency payment services are available. For those wishing to become the owner of an exclusive gambling project, the turnkey casino service is also available. We will take care of all issues related to website design, integration of software solutions, an organization of technical and legal support.

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