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Financial Systems in Gambling: Features of Processing Transfers

Statistics show that 26% of the world's population regularly places bets on casino platforms. This is one of the most lucrative and dynamic industries, the development of which is affected by a competent payment policy.

Experts of the Rosloto company will tell you about the features of transaction regulation and popular financial instruments in leading gambling markets.

About Casino Payment Systems

Online casino payment system

These are technical solutions for businesses that are responsible for the fast and secure processing of online transfers.

The tasks of such services include:

  • client authorisation;
  • encryption of transaction details;
  • protection against fraud;
  • instant data exchange between the gaming site server and the acquiring bank’s equipment, etc.

According to the forecasts of the Rich Ads online publication, in 2023, the online casino niche will strengthen its position even further and bring in more than 60% of gross gaming revenue (GGR). The role of digital payments will also grow. Without them, full-fledged operation of virtual entertainment resources or betting platforms is impossible.

The most popular settlement methods in 2023 are:

  1. Debit and credit cards. These are multicurrency solutions by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, and UnionPay. Their main advantage is global coverage and the trust of customers from different parts of the world.
  2. Bank transfers. Account replenishment and payout of prizes take place directly from/to the client’s card, often via a proprietary banking application. These are Privat24, IKO, etc.
  3. Electronic wallets. They are used for fast and secure transfer of funds. Players make deposits through Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, WebMoney, Paysafecard, and other solutions.
  4. Cryptocurrency. This option attracts gamblers with high speed and anonymity of operations, minimal commissions, and access from any country.

Entrepreneurs can integrate each service separately or install a comprehensive solution — a payment aggregator. It combines many settlement methods, has a user-friendly interface, and offers reduced transfer fees.

Nuances of Regulation of Monetary Transactions

According to Statista forecasts, the global gambling market will reach $112 billion by 2025. However, it will still be difficult to control the growth of the niche due to the legislation fragmentation in different jurisdictions.

While some countries (for example, in Latin America or Africa) are on the path to officially allowing entertainment for money, others are introducing restrictions to deal with ludomania. This includes access to casinos for different segments of the population, advertising, and payment policy.

  • Since 2020, the United Kingdom, France, and other European states have prohibited companies from accepting deposits via loan funds. Regulators automatically scan transactions using an online monitoring system. If gamblers use Visa or Mastercard systems, the program immediately checks whether it is their money or credit funds.
  • In 2021, the Swedish Gaming Commission set limits on transfers regardless of billing methods. Local brands also have limits related to the payment of bonuses.
  • About 2 years ago, the Armenian authorities banned casino providers from accepting bids using electronic financial systems, mobile services, and cryptocurrency. The only solution available is direct bank transfers. Thus, the government wants to control the operations of gambling enterprises.

Regulation of cash flows forces business owners to use alternative options. Their main task is to ensure fast, safe, and legal replenishment of user accounts.

How to Choose a Reliable Payment Service

Reliable casino payment service

Let us consider the main steps that can be taken:

Merchant Account Opening

Gambling is a field that has a high-risk level. Banks and other financial institutions are cautious about rendering their services to companies that are involved in casino activity.

To create a merchant account, operators must have:

  • a relevant licence;
  • certificates of conformity;
  • an agreement with the hosting provider, and other documents.

Payment systems companies prefer to work only with legal gambling brands.

According to the international classification, transfers related to online casinos are marked with the 7995 code. They are subject to additional verification to comply with AML and KYC requirements.

Omnichannel Transaction Support

In 2023, such gateways became especially in demand. They offer equally reliable processing capabilities for both incoming and outgoing payments, ensuring high conversion and speed.

The omnichannel trend is gaining popularity throughout the industry. Its essence lies in a comfortable switching from one device to another without image quality loss.

Chargeback Minimisation

Online casinos often face this problem. If the number of return payments exceeds 1% of the total transaction volume for the reporting period, then the credit card processor (for example, Visa or Mastercard) may block the merchant account.

The main methods of minimising chargebacks are:

  • automation of the deposition or withdrawal of funds (so that every step is clear and convenient for gamblers);
  • correct storage of information about financial operations;
  • customer service improvement.

Many iGaming platforms have increased their turnover (as well as the number of chargebacks). This tightens the requirements imposed on operators by financial institutions, banks, and payment providers since large transaction volumes are difficult to track.

Introduction of Innovations

Let us consider current trends in settlement methods in the online casino sector:

  1. Artificial intelligence. AI provides a personalised approach to each client. The solution monitors the behaviour of users over time to quickly meet their ever-changing needs. These include preferred payment options, currencies, bonus offers, limits, etc.
  2. Tokenisation. The technology protects digital transfers from fraudsters and reduces the risks of theft or disclosure of confidential information. The program encrypts the data and turns it into special tokens, which then migrate between gambling servers as well as the acquiring and issuing banks.
  3. One-click transactions. The above-mentioned method is a real breakthrough in the industry because it creates additional value for players. For example, based on this technology, the 1Tap-Click solution was made. Payment providers and casino owners are eagerly installing the one-touch transfer option. In this case, companies are not required to comply with PCI DSS since they do not store any personal information.
  4. Open Banking platforms. They are developed under the principle of financial gateways but provide an opportunity to carry out transactions from different banks — both local and international. Customers just launch the application, evaluate the initial data (time transfer, limits, commissions, and cashback), make a choice, and confirm the operation.

Payment Policy in Europe

Payment systems in Europe

The market in this region is heterogeneous. In some countries, gamblers have completely switched to instant online transfers, while in others, people still prefer to deposit funds via terminals or mobile platforms.

Transactions using Visa and Mastercard are extremely popular in Europe. They are followed by such universal digital wallets as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. The third place is taken by financial solutions offered by local banks.

United Kingdom

The gambling industry here is considered the leading one in Europe. A huge number of companies are registered here, including bookmakers, casino operators, payment system providers, and consulting firms.

The local UKGC regulator actively monitors the fulfilment of the licensees' obligations and also pursues a tightening policy. One of the key innovations introduced by the Commission is a ban on accepting deposits from credit cards, which entered into force in April 2020.

At the beginning of 2023, the government published the White Paper. It included plans to reform the gambling industry.

The main points of the document:

  1. Limits on the placement of bets in online slots. The estimated amount is £2–15 per spin.
  2. Creation of a register of clients with a high-risk level. All market participants will have access to its electronic format.
  3. Checking the financial situation of individual clients. These are users whose net loss exceeded £90 in one week and £2,000 in 90 days.

Experts predict that in the future, the UKGC will oblige operators to switch only to settlements via bank cards. In this case, the regulator will have access to the necessary information about casino visitors and will be able to automatically filter out clients who can potentially suffer from ludomania.

While the introduction of the White Paper is only being discussed, PayPal remains the most popular billing system in the UK. It is regularly used by 40% of the country’s population of 67 million people.

The service attracts the attention of users due to its high transaction speed and profitable loyalty program.


Placement of bets on sports events and iGaming platforms is allowed from 2021 but with some restrictions:

  1. Limits on deposits. Players can replenish their accounts by €1,000 each month in all licensed establishments.
  2. Wagering limits. The maximum cost of a spin is €1, and the waiting time for each one should not be less than 5 seconds.
  3. Mandatory AML scanning. It is applied to transfers of more than €2,000.

The payment system used by German operators must be flexible and easily adapted to changes in legislation. It is also important to have a convenient user interface with a built-in statistical module to track transactions and control limits.

The most popular financial products in the country are:

  1. Transfers based on a verified account. Paydirect, Klarna/Sofort, Trustly, and Giropay apps allow entrepreneurs to instantly send funds in just a few clicks. These solutions work based on tokenisation, so gamblers do not need to enter and confirm their data every time.
  2. Payment via a direct debit. SEPA transactions are considered extremely in demand. The module is integrated into proprietary platforms of 2 state draw operators: Lotto Bayern and Lotto Hessen. Its advantage for players is the ability to withhold within 8 weeks.
  3. Internet acquiring. Casino clients use VISA, Mastercard, American Express, or Diners Club bank cards.
  4. Electronic wallets. In this category, PayPal definitely holds the lead. It is followed by Apple Pay and Paysafecard applications.


Spelinspektionen, the local regulator, plans to ban the acceptance of deposits made from credit cards and toughen punishment for the bets’ placement on foreign websites. The country has strict legislative norms.

The main preferences of Swedish players are:

  • 82% of customers choose only one settlement method, and 17% use 2 or 3 options;
  • 50% of the audience deposit funds via bank cards, every 3rd client (35%) has an e-wallet, and the same number of people (33%) select direct transfers;
  • 43% of gamblers have a Neteller virtual account and 20% — a proprietary solution from Skrill Limited;
  • 82% of users have deposited money using the Trustly local financial system at least once, and 33% choose instant transfers from Zimpler AB.

Among popular payment products, we can name ecoPayz, Klarna, TrustPay, MuchBetter, QIWI Wallet Europe Ltd, Paysafe, and Masterpass.

Gambling and Money Transfers in Latin America

Casino payments in Latin America

The casino and sports betting industry here appeared only recently, and many countries are still in the legalisation phase.

Features of Financial Policy in the Region

The main characteristics of the Latin American system:

  1. The popularity of digital transfers. This is explained by the growing smartphone penetration. Locals willingly use mobile wallets, online settlements, and alternative solutions (APM).
  2. Cash payment. Digital methods are used mostly by young people and city residents. The older generation and rural population, on the contrary, prefer real money.
  3. Simplicity of deposit placement. Players appreciate the high speed and security of transactions, as well as the fact that there is no need to fill out many columns and fields. One-click settlements are among the trends in the LatAm payment market.
  4. The growing importance of local regulators. Cooperation between the government, financial institutions, and fintech companies increases the level of competition in the market and contributes to the establishment of a safe gambling environment.

Popular Settlement Methods

Preferences of the audience vary depending on the country:

  1. Brazil. Here, Pix, a fast retail payments system from the central bank FRPS, holds the lead. Locals also prefer Boleto Bancario, PagSecuro, MercadoPago, Hipercard, and other products.
  2. Colombia. The population uses PSE transfers, cash payments through the Banco Davivienda network of terminals, and applications of local banks (Banco de Bogotá, Banco de Occidente, etc.).
  3. Chile. Most gamblers replenish their accounts using cash. Such procedures are possible thanks to ACuenta, Caja Vecina, Express de Lider, and other providers.
  4. Mexico. Operators should pay attention to Todito Cash and Oxxo electronic financial systems. They have been in the market for many years and have gained the customers’ trust.

Features of the Asian Casino Market

The region is heterogeneous. In some states (for example, Pakistan or Iran), gambling is completely prohibited for religious reasons, and in others (like Georgia or the Philippines), the niche is flourishing and brings good profits to investors.

About the iGaming sector in Asia:

  1. Development of local products. 2C2P (a solution that supports transactions without credit cards), Thai Pay (a popular Thai service), and other payment applications operate successfully. Residents of China, where entertainment for money is officially prohibited, make transfers using Alipay and Tencent, the local financial giants.
  2. Introduction of innovations. Users love products based on blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies. Almost 30% of all transactions are 1-Tap Click, and cash is rarely used.
  3. Loyal regulation. The requirements of local gambling commissions are not yet as strict as in Western European countries. However, leading government bodies (for example, PAGCOR) have already announced a review of financial policies in the near future.
  4. Transactions through social networks. The majority of operations are carried out via Line and Facebook. We are talking about in-game purchases, participation in tournaments with jackpots, and seasonal promotions.

The Main Things about Payment Methods in the iGaming Niche

It is impossible to make an online casino successful and profitable without a reliable billing system.

  • The solution is responsible for fast and secure transaction processing. In 2023, the omnichannel option, the availability of modern anti-fraud tools, and support for innovation will play the most important role.
  • The financial service must be flexible and instantly adapt to any changes in the legislation. These are limits on the size of bets and deposits, the use of popular solutions (for example, credit cards), and much more.
  • European players prefer online acquiring and e-payment systems. Casino visitors also respond well to various promotional offers (reduced commissions or increased cashback).
  • In Latin America, digital transfers are extremely in demand. The market is affected by the policies of local regulators and the growing smartphone penetration.

The Rosloto company supplies reliable and modern payment software. We also offer our clients the development of high-quality turnkey online casino software.

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