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5 Reasons to Launch Crypto Casino Games: the Opinion of Rosloto Experts

The gambling industry is growing rapidly and is already estimated at billions of dollars. One of the most promising areas is the development and installation of Blockchain entertainment.

Crypto casino games: key features

The Rosloto studio offers you to learn more about the features of digital content and the advantages of its integration into online casinos.

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The Concept and History of Blockchain Entertainment

The solution is a distributed ledger system that consists of interconnected blocks. Inside the links of the chain, information about the actions (operations, transactions) is stored. They can be planned or already committed.

The technology is actively used in the gambling industry. Satoshi Dice, the first crypto entertainment, was presented in 2012 by Japanese developers. The product has attractive gameplay and simple rules. Users place bets and after that, the virtual croupier rolls several six-sided dice.

Over time, the catalogue of entertainment has been replenished by:

  • slot machines;
  • board and card games;
  • arcades;
  • lotteries and bingo;
  • multiplayer action solutions;
  • strategies in real-time (RTS).

The use of Blockchain has generated a new business model in the gambling niche: P2E (Play-to-Earn). In this case, the monetisation of internet traffic takes place due to the sale of in-game tools: access levels, special functions, and other elements.

At the beginning of 2020, several European casinos with crypto content were approved by such international certification centres as eCOGRA and Gaming Laboratories International. This is an important milestone for the industry, which confirms the legitimacy of casino products with digital currency.

Key Features of Crypto Entertainment

Let us consider how Blockchain-based gambling solutions differ from traditional ones:

Improved mechanics

Casino products work based on distributed ledger technology, that is, 100% of events take place in the Blockchain environment. For the development of the content, game theory (to create mathematical models) and tokenomics (to design rewards) are used.

Ready-made solutions are distinguished by non-standard mechanics and impeccable graphics, a multi-level structure, and built-in advertising tools: contests, tournaments, races of the leaders, and other activities

Support for digital payments

In Blockchain games, all operations are conducted in cryptocurrency. These are account replenishment, placement of bets on spins, acquisition of bonuses, and withdrawal of the earned funds.

In multiplayer crypto entertainment, you can also win digital tokens in tournaments and mini-fights, as well as through the exchange or by selling unique items.

Most often, calculations are carried out in Bitcoins, Ethereums, Litecoins, Thrones, and other cryptocurrencies, which are considered leaders in the field of capitalisation. Nevertheless, developers are gradually introducing new digital assets, such as Dagcoins or Cardans

Provable fairness of the results

The nature of the Blockchain is such that the data written in the cell cannot be forged or deleted. This feature is used in the production of digital content according to the Fair Play principle.

The results of rounds are determined in advance based on the RTP level or game theory and then hashed using cryptography. Encrypted information cannot be changed, which inspires great confidence in gamblers

Advantages of the Decision to Connect Blockchain Games

Blockchain casino games: advantages

Key benefits of the integration of such entertainment in online casinos:

Good Response from the Audience

The installation of Blockchain content is a great way to attract solvent traffic to the casino website and increase the loyalty of regular customers. The presence of crypto games in the catalogue of entertainment will increase the length of stay in the online establishment and the size of the average check.

Users like digital currency content for the following reasons:

  1. Anonymous game. Players must register an address (a virtual wallet) on 1 of the selected crypto platforms: for Bitcoins, Litecoins, or any other tokens. The address serves as a unique identifier and storage location for the won prizes. It has nothing to do with personal data or the real place of residence of the gambler.
  2. Improved functionality. Solutions of this type are characterised by innovative mechanics. Thus, for example, casino visitors get the right to own in-system products (collectable cards, avatars, and symbols). They can be sold for crypto money right during the gameplay or exchanged for fiat currency on the eBay auction.
  3. Fast transactions. Deposition and withdrawal of funds take just a few seconds.

Decentralised Work

An operator that offers only crypto content does not need to obtain a licence. Due to the nature of Blockchain technology, iGaming projects are not controlled by banks, governments, regulators, and other international and local organisations.

However, given the legality of digital currencies, prestigious gambling commissions are starting to issue permits for crypto casinos. Thus, the first licences have already been obtained in the jurisdiction of Curacao. Such respected laboratories as GLI and eCOGRA have also started granting certificates of conformity for Blockchain content.

Compliance with Fair Play Principles

The results of the rounds cannot be forged or changed, which ensures 100% honesty of online platforms and attracts the target audience to the gaming site.

Business owners do not need to install additional programs to double-check the outcomes of sessions. All information about winnings and losses is stored in encrypted form. Gamblers can be sure of the honesty of the results at the end of the session but it is not possible to view or change them in advance.

How Blockchain slots work:

  1. RNG generates a sequence of random numbers. This is the distribution of symbols on the reel, the sequence of bonuses, and special features.
  2. The generated data is transferred to the virtual cloud.
  3. The sequence of numbers is processed using cryptographic tools. In Bitcoin slots, for example, the SHA-256 hash algorithm is used.
  4. When the machine is launched, the program extracts encrypted information from the storage and converts it into symbols on the reels, features, and bonus rounds.

Improvement of Image Indicators

Crypto entertainment is a promising direction of investment in the still not oversaturated gambling market.

The installation of digital content will improve the reputation of an iGaming brand and demonstrate its commitment to modern technologies, as well as the desire to follow global trends.

Attraction of High-Rollers

Fans of the placement of big bets choose crypto casinos for the following reasons:

  1. No limits on maximum bids. In Bitcoin slots, for example, you can spend 1 BTC per spin, which is equal to 47 thousand dollars. Both increased rates (2–10 BTC) and fractional values ​​(0.06 BTC, 0.008 BTC, etc.) are available to users.
  2. Tax-free withdrawal of funds. The circulation of cryptocurrencies is still poorly regulated at the legislative level, which ensures quick cashing out of money without high tax deductions. This is especially good for high-rollers who are more likely than others to win large sums in online casinos.

Popular Games with Support for Digital Currencies

Games with digital currencies: providers

Operators can connect both traditional machines with the function of crypto payments and innovative action puzzles with multi-level bonus systems and different game modes.

Top Providers of Blockchain Slots and Card Entertainment

Crypto solutions are presented in the catalogues of such international brands as:

  • RealTime Gaming (products with unique Megaways mechanics and an ability to use Bitcoins, Ethereums, and Dagcoins as units of account);
  • BGaming (it has a wide range of slot machines that support cryptocurrency payments);
  • Betsoft (the best card content in the market, including the famous poker versions of Heads Up Poker and Texas Hold'em);
  • Endorphina (the most popular offer is the Satoshi Secret series of solutions with different ways of forming prize combinations);
  • Microgaming (a wide range of video slots and lotteries with support for cryptocurrencies).

Play-to-Earn Multiuser Content

Let us consider the most popular solutions that were created using distributed ledger technology:

  1. Axie Infinity. It is often compared to Pokemon Go. Gamblers need to breed or buy axie animals and then fight with other participants with their help. The cost of rare items can reach thousands of dollars or more, and the capitalisation of the project has already exceeded 9 billion dollars. Axie Infinity accepts Ethereums and contains several internal tokens.
  2. Decentraland. This is a social start-up that supports active interaction with users within a virtual environment. The game is built around the digital real estate market. Players buy and sell objects, build new houses, and renovate old residential and commercial buildings. The system uses Ethereums and NFT tokens.
  3. CropBytes. A universal farm simulator where gamblers take care of animals and plants. They can buy land and agricultural plots and lease them to other participants. Another option for earning cryptocurrency is the construction of residential buildings. The product is available in the browser version and as downloadable applications for iOS and Android.
  4. Cryptoblades. The action shooting game with an internal market for trading characters, weapons, and equipment. The solution was created on the basis of smart contracts and supports Bitcoins, Ethereums, Litecoins, Skills, and other digital units.
  5. Mines of Dalarnia. Adventure fantasy with different difficulty levels and maps of the area. Punters can mine minerals, improve characters' skills, and sell various tools. The project is presented in browser and desktop versions.

In Play-to-Earn Blockchain games, there are no traditional bets per spin or the ability to spin the roulette wheel.

Operators earn money on:

  • sale of in-game tools;
  • registration of premium subscriptions;
  • placement of promotional materials;
  • organisation of VIP tournaments, and other activities within the virtual community.

An excellent option would be to invest in the development of Blockchain solutions, considering the stable growth in the cost of digital tokens and increased interest among the audience.

The Main Things about the Connection of Cryptocurrency Games

Blockchain entertainment is a popular direction in the gambling industry.

  • Content created on the basis of distributed ledger technology is characterised by improved graphics and mechanics and provable honesty of the results. Products of this type support payment in digital currencies, including Bitcoins, Ethereums, Thrones, and other tokens.
  • The installation of Blockchain games will attract solvent traffic to the site, drive high-rollers' interest, ensure decentralised operation of the web gambling project, and improve the image performance of the online casino.
  • Punters prefer crypto content due to fast and secure transactions, anonymous gaming from anywhere in the world, and compliance with Fair Play principles. Thanks to improved functionality, it is possible to exchange in-system elements (maps, symbols, access levels) for digital or fiat money.

At Rosloto, you can order Blockchain solutions from the leading providers.

We offer the following business services:

  • development of a turnkey crypto casino with a unique design;
  • creation of Blockchain entertainment based on individual sketches;
  • installation of payment modules with support for transactions in digital assets, and much more.

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