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iGaming Business in 2024: Secrets of Launching Profitable Internet Casinos

The amusement field is showing impressive growth. Therefore, opening a project in this area is the best option for a wise investment.

Online casinos in 2023: general info

Rosloto reveals the secrets of creating a successful and popular digital casino in 2024.

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Careful Planning of the Gambling Project

The success of an iGaming start-up lies in a well-thought-out idea. It should be fully analysed and noted on paper or in electronic form.

If the plan of creating an online casino is poorly developed and risks and possible difficulties are not taken into account, a gambling project can hardly boast of high profitability and a good return on investment.

What points are worth paying attention to first of all:

  • The choice of a market for launching a casino. Europe, Asia, and North America are promising in terms of investment. At the same time, each country has its requirements for entrepreneurs. The leaders in GGR (gross gaming revenue) are the US, China, and Japan. Experts advise considering these states for investment.
  • Buying high-quality software These are games, payment services, affiliated programs, and other elements of a gambling site. The programs must be safe, universal, and legal. It is good when the flawless characteristics of the software are confirmed by independent organisations. For example, QUINEL, iTechLabs, and BMM Testlab certification are suitable for slots. The PCI DSS quality mark is for payment systems.
  • The creation of a strategy to attract and retain the audience. In 2024, operators will use SMM, SEO, social media targeting, and other promotion options. For beginners to stay longer on a gambling site and move into the category of regular customers, it is important to use a system of personal rewards. These are bonuses, cashback, and access to premium games.

A business plan is the foundation of an effective project launch. The document includes the expected performance of a gambling site (gross gaming revenue, profitability and return on investment, conversion, etc.). Then, these figures are compared with the actual results.

A well-written business plan allows an operator to conduct a thorough analysis of the intermediate results of the gambling company and quickly make adjustments if necessary.

The availability of a business plan is required to obtain a permit, a bank loan, or government funding (concessions, tax credits, and deferred payments).

Obtaining a Licence in a Prestigious Jurisdiction

Casino licence: jurisdictions

Most often, entrepreneurs pay attention to such offshore territories:

All types of gambling are developed in these jurisdictions. Transparent legislation, low licence fees, and minimal taxes are in place.

Operators can work in the .com domain zone, attracting paying traffic from all over the world. Local regulators put forward loyal requirements for licence applicants. However, a business plan and a financial guarantee are required.

In addition to offshore territories, online casinos are allowed in many EU countries, North and South America, as well as Asia. Gambling gives a powerful impetus to the development of the economy (in the form of taxes, jobs, and investment projects). For this reason, many states have already legalised the gaming market or are at the stage of developing the regulations.

Where is it profitable to open an online casino in 2024:


The country is the European leader in terms of capital attracted to the amusement industry and the number of registered iGaming companies. 13% of Malta's GDP comes from gambling. Only tourism and commercial construction bring more.

The Malta Gaming Commission (MGA) has developed transparent licensing terms and a robust wagering control system. The country issues four types of permits — for online casinos, bookmaker portals, poker rooms, and fantasy sports betting sites.

Applicants must confirm the availability of authorised capital (€100,000 for an online casino), pass the verification of key persons, and provide a business plan.

The validity period of the permit is 10 years


The local gambling market is a promising place to launch a start-up. Almost all European software developers have Danish licences.

All types of online and offline activities are allowed in the country. The exception is lotteries. They are monopolised. The state-owned company Danske Lotteri Spil is in charge of draws.

The permit is valid for 5 years. Entrepreneurs can buy an annual licence in case of a limited budget


Investors choose this market due to transparent regulation and high growth rates. The total GGR is around €800 million per year. According to this indicator, the country occupies a stable place in the top 10 European jurisdictions.

Well-known content manufacturers have opened their branches in Romania:

  • NYX Gaming Group;
  • Endorphina;
  • Tom Horn Gaming;
  • Relax Gaming;
  • Play'n Go, and others.

The local ONJN regulator issues 3 types of permits: for organising gambling activities, producing and selling software, and conducting lotteries. The last option is given to the state monopoly.

The licence fees depend on the type of permit. The taxes are based on gross gaming revenue for the reporting period

The Philippines

This is the Asian leader in online gambling. The secret of jurisdiction is the legal work in two domain addresses at once: .ph or .com. This gives a significant advantage in attracting internet traffic.

Live casinos are the most popular in the country. Several of the top providers of real dealer content are based in the Philippines. These are n2-LIVE, Allbet Gaming, BBIN, Lebo Gaming, and other well-known companies


The American market opened quite recently (in 2018). In such a short time, it managed to make a significant contribution to the development of the world gambling field.

A key feature of the United States lies in the fact that decisions on the legalisation of gaming activities are taken at the state level. Currently, online casinos are legal in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Nevada, Michigan, West Virginia, and several other states.

Most often, operators choose New Jersey to launch an iGaming start-up. The state has a high population density and is interested in gambling. The tax on the total profit of an online casino is 15%. This is one of the lowest rates in the US

Buying Modern Software

Casino software: main elements

The entertainment market is characterised by a wide choice of suppliers. Some of them release amusement content for casinos. Others produce payment software, security modules, etc.

A good choice would be to buy a ready-made gaming system. It contains a basic set of components necessary for the fast and safe launch of a project. The modification of the solution may vary depending on the preferences of the client and the specifics of the jurisdiction.

The main elements of the gambling system are as follows:

  1. Entertainment catalogue. It contains slots, arcades, card options, roulette, bingo, keno, lotteries, multiplayer fishing games, and other positions that are attractive to the audience. The larger the selection, the higher the chances for the casino to gain internet traffic. In 2024, users prefer interesting mechanics, 3D graphics, in-game features and, of course, the availability of quality certificates.
  2. Payment system. This is software for accepting bets and paying out winnings. Among the auxiliary settings that are found in most services, there are currency conversion, cashback, and additional checks for compliance with AML and FATF policies. Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, and LiqPay are popular online casino transfer solutions.
  3. Admin panel. It contains all the functions that are needed for the correct management of an iGaming resource. The operator can change the site configuration, add new titles and payment methods, launch seasonal missions, view betting statistics, and generate detailed analytics.

At Rosloto, entrepreneurs can order the gambling system in different configurations: as a turnkey online casino, a White Label platform, a site script, etc. Buying a ready-made solution will save your time and money, help quickly enter the market, and make gaming platforms popular.

The Creation of a Catchy Web Portal

The design directly affects the demand for an online casino. An interesting and unobtrusive look will attract a solvent audience.

Here are the key points to pay attention to:

  1. Classic colour scheme. It includes 2–3 basic and 1 additional shades. Too bright tints should be avoided. They create harsh contrasts and scare away gamblers.
  2. The creation of corporate identity. It consists of a logo, slogan, and other elements that perfectly reflect the design of an online casino. Through the symbols incorporated into the emblem, the idea of the iGaming platform can be conveyed.
  3. The licence logo on the main page. By clicking on the icon, punters go to the official site of the jurisdiction and see a confirmation of obtaining permission. This is a huge advantage for the operator that affects its reputation.
  4. Convenient navigation. Buttons for registering and making a deposit, as well as a list of popular slots, are best placed on the main page. Here it is also possible to place banners with seasonal bonuses and personal rewards. In 2024, many operators are using interactive chatbots.

The Launch of an Effective Marketing Campaign

Online casino marketing: campaign

An advertising strategy consists of 2 components — actions to attract and retain gamers.

How to Increase the Audience of Online Casinos

In 2024, lots of entrepreneurs give preference to performance marketing.

The solution is characterised by a rational approach to advertising. The operator pays only for real measurable outcomes. It is possible to control intermediate results and make adjustments using end-to-end analysis tools. This also reduces promotion costs.

Different techniques are used in performance marketing:

  • SEO;
  • SMM;
  • targeting in social networks;
  • e-mail newsletter, and many others.

Affiliate marketing can be part of such advertising or act as an independent way to promote an online casino. Here, the operator delegates some tasks to outsource.

Affiliates (companies or private masters) do a tremendous job of attracting traffic and receive rewards for this. It is a fixed fee for the number of targeted actions (clicking on a banner, registering, making a deposit, launching a game, etc.) or a percentage of the operator's income.

How to Retain Gamblers on a Site

The easiest method is to create an effective bonus strategy with various rewards for registering, inviting a friend, triggering 10–100 slot spins, etc.

The loyalty program also consists of cashback, seasonal promotions, free rotations, personal promotional codes, and other activities. An excellent solution would be to launch a thematic bonus campaign dedicated to some holidays.

The Creation of a Universal Entertainment Catalogue

The more gaming positions are presented on a site, the higher the chances of attracting and keeping the audience.

Consider some popular types of entertainment titles:

  1. Slots. These are classic 5-reel solutions, 3D models, fruit mixes, and machines with a cluster structure of prize combinations. They can be grouped by volatility, jackpot, special features, and other parameters.
  2. Live games. Table solutions and roulette are gradually losing ground to real dealer content. Gamblers are attracted by its high dynamics, the transparency of prize accrual, and the interaction with the dealer and other participants through an interactive chat.
  3. Bingo and keno. These are draws for guessing number combinations with various additional features: multiple bets, one-time gifts, prize mini-quests, etc.
  4. Crash games. Such solutions support multiplayer mode. They are characterised by simple rules and instant determination of the winner. Bets are available in fiat and digital currencies.

The Main Things about the Opening of Successful iGaming Start-Ups in 2024

A digital casino is a legal and profitable business.

  • The foundation of any successful project is careful planning. An entrepreneur needs to choose a country, buy software, and think over a strategy for attracting and keeping users. The costs of creating an online casino and the expected indicators of profitability should be fixed in the business plan.
  • In 2024, more entrepreneurs prefer to register start-ups in offshore zones. These are Curacao, the Isle of Man, Alderney, and other jurisdictions. They provide simple licensing rules, low taxes, and a developed gaming community.
  • It is possible to open online casinos in the EU, Asia, and North America. The Philippines, the USA, Malta, Denmark, Romania, and other jurisdictions have created favourable conditions for launching gambling businesses.
  • For full-fledged work, an entrepreneur will need certified games, payment services, a security module, an admin panel, and other components. It is possible to buy software from different vendors or order a ready-made solution from the Rosloto studio.
  • The success of a marketing campaign depends on two components. These are the attraction of internet traffic and the retention of the audience. The most effective strategy for increasing the number of users is performance marketing.

Rosloto provides professional support at all stages of launching an iGaming start-up. We will help you with forming a business plan, obtaining a licence, creating a web design, and promoting your portal.

At the Rosloto studio, you can order:

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