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Trends in the Field of Online Casinos in 2018: a List of the Latest Releases

The gambling industry is growing rapidly, updating and improving both the technological base and methods of the attraction of the audience each year.

Online casino trends 2018

According to Sarah Harrison, a representative of the UK gambling commission, one of the key innovations in 2018 is the growth and popularisation of the use of mobile devices.

The Rosloto company has made its own rating of the main innovations in the gambling industry in 2018.

Gambling 2018 — the Luck is Always Around the Corner: Mobile Applications

One of the most promising opportunities to attract the targeted audience to online casinos is the launch of your own mobile application.

The main reasons for the popularity of mobile gambling in 2018 are:

  • Access at any time. The application can be used on the way to work, while you are travelling, etc. It is a worthy alternative to desktop games.
  • Variety of game solutions. Today, developers lay special emphasis on projects that were created exclusively for mobile platforms.
  • Unusual promos and bonuses for the promotion of mobile versions of games.

Since 2017, the number of users who started to play via mobile applications has increased by 37%. According to experts, this number will increase even more, by another 43% over the next few years.

By the way, there is something more about bonuses. At the moment, the following most popular game offers are:

  • The temporary increase of coefficients. For a short period of time (from thirty to sixty minutes), all winning combinations are doubled for one particular gambler.
  • Scores for the registration. The received scores in the future can be exchanged in the gambling establishment for credits, free spins, and special prizes.
  • Payouts for the attraction of new users. By bringing friends to the casino, a player can become the owner of a good amount of money for the further activity on the website.

Telegram Casino

Mobile messengers are the most unusual and promising trends in the online casino industry in 2018. There are many offers but we would like to make specific mention of the following:

  • WhatsApp;
  • Viber;
  • Skype;
  • Facebook;
  • Telegram.

The launch of the first chatbots on the largest platforms — Faсebook and Telegram — was announced in 2016. But if Facebook was only preparing for a completely new turn in its development, Telegram has managed to release the second version of the program already.

Telegram casino is an interactive bot, which acts as an intermediary between gamblers and the main platform with game solutions. With the help of the messenger, players send requests and receive instant responses in the form of the results of the lottery or a message about the size of the prize. By using functions of Telegram casino, gamblers can carry out the following actions: make deposits, choose the game and the size of bets, and carry out transactions.

The features of the Telegram casinos

Telegram casino is a convenient way of communication with an ability to use a full-fledged game mechanics. Bot attracts users with the fact that it can be easily controlled, the ability to play both classic roulette and poker and absolutely new slots with unique plot twists.

The main advantages of Telegram casino:

  • the anonymity of users: the operation of bots, as well as posts in the messenger, can’t be tracked or controlled in any way;
  • an access to online casinos websites from those countries where gambling is strictly prohibited;
  • an access from any part of the world where there is Internet;
  • no need to install the additional software;
  • an intelligent security system with the multi-level protection;
  • the high speed;
  • the messenger has no commercials that are broadcasted to earn money.

Gambling 2018: the HTML5 Technology

HTML5 is the latest version of the programming language, which is used for displaying the content of web resources. Introduced only in 2014, this technology has overhauled the popularity of the Flash format almost instantly.

HTML5 casino games

Advantages of HTML5 games:

  • No need to install any additional software. Speaking about Flash, we can say that it is already past the point. For being able to use applications on the basis of this technology, you will need to install a special plug-in. HTML5 does not have this disadvantage.
  • Full compatibility. The HTML5 technology works on all devices — desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones. An additional advantage is that HTML5 gambling is perfectly displayed on Apple devices.
  • Cross-platform. To run and play games, you need only one code, which will work regardless of the platform of the device. The result is a significant reduction of expenses on the development of new online slots.
  • Minimal energy consumption. HTML5 games make the power of the battery of the device last longer. Accordingly, gamblers play longer and spend more time on the website of the online casino.
  • Perfect graphics and scalability. Thanks to the integration with the JavaScript language, you can use SVG while gambling. It is a vector graphics technology that provides a high-quality animation and a colourful picture. HTML5 guarantees an excellent image on the screen of any size.
  • A constant development. The HTML5 language refers to the open type of software — any developer receives an opportunity to modify the code according to his preferences.

The Rosloto company is not only the latest news in the gambling industry but also services for the creation of exclusive projects. It also offers a unique opportunity to purchase or rent the ready-made software from the world's leading developers or order the implementation of HTML5 games on the basis of your sketches.

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Trends in the Field of Online Casinos in 2018: Virtual Reality

The VR technology has begun to be used in computer video games very actively, thus causing a real sensation. Developers of the slots decided to keep up with worldwide trends, and now they use this tool in the gambling industry.

Virtual reality in casinos

Today, those online casinos which offer games with the VR effect provide the same quality as such famous program as Tera, World of Warcraft or Rift.

Special features and advantages of VR casinos:

  • a feeling of absolute physical presence, an ability to interact with other players and explore the virtual world without any restrictions;
  • a wide selection of slot machines with unusual plot twists;
  • an opportunity to visit the gambling establishment without leaving a cosy home chair — your room literally turns into a gambling area with a full set of tools for an interesting and exciting pastime;
  • a constant improvement of graphics effects.

Live-games are an unusual example of the use of the VR technology. Gambling with a live dealer is a new trend that came into fashion only last year. In the near future, as developers predict, there will be much more new studios for the broadcast of games in real time.

Bitcoin Casino, the Blockchain Technology in the Gambling Industry

The bitcoin technology confidently conquers new markets and literally captures all areas of traditional finance. The gambling industry has also stepped in.

Bitcoin has gained the global popularity due to the following features:

  • One hundred per cent confidentiality. The vast majority of traditional casinos require users to confirm their identity and indicate a real bank account. The blockchain technology allows you to stay in the shadows and not provide gambling establishments with any personal information. The system is built in such a way that participants' money is stored on different devices, and the transfer of virtual funds can be compared with the work of torrents. The result is that transactions can’t be tracked easily.
  • All operations are based on the Peer-to-Peer principle, which guarantees that transactions are carried out almost instantly.
  • Minimum fees for financial transactions or no fees at all.
  • Micro bets. An interesting feature of the described technology is the ability to play on such small amounts of money like 0.00001000 bitcoin (it is about 0.002 dollar).
  • Gambling without limits. Bitcoin is the best way out for those people who live in countries where casino games are strictly prohibited. This technology completely hides the owner's address, which also allows him to stop doing such unreliable manipulations as using third-party IP addresses.

Cryptocurrency in online casinos

Trends in the Field of Online Casinos in 2018: Social Signals

The event, which literally turned the world of SEO optimization upside down, took place in 2010. While ranking online resources, Google has begun to take into account the number of likes in the Facebook network. A year later, the trend has reached Yandex — the company began to pay attention to the number of reposts in the Vkontakte network.

During the last few years, Google has been waging an open war against SEO by launching updates for Panda and Penguin Hummingbird.

The fundamentally changed rules of Internet marketing require a special approach to the creation of the content. Today, the main goal of marketers is not the implementation of key requests but the development of a product that gives a large number of social signals.

Social signals are those factors that determine the attitude of users to the content, which was posted on the webpage.

The main indicators of the reaction of users are:

  • likes and dislikes;
  • reposts ("Share with Friends", "Tell", "Retweet", etc.);
  • entries to the group (the registration of the subscription, etc.);
  • comments in social networks via their accounts;
  • publications of links in posts and comments on their pages in social networks.

To enhance social signals, SMM and SMO technologies are used. It means the placement of widgets or social action buttons on the website, the creation and development of groups and public sites in social networks, the attraction of new followers, and so on.

A sense of control over the situation: self-exclusion

An interesting trend in 2018 is the provision of gamblers with an opportunity to control the situation while they are playing. The UK has become an innovator in this field by introducing the Gamstop tool to the gambling community. The technology allows visitors to limit the access to the resources of operators with a British license independently. Users can block the access to gambling areas for a certain period of time: from several hours to thirty days or a couple of months.

Follow the Trend With Rosloto

Rosloto is a real opportunity to order the best software for online casinos.

The company offers:

  • the ready-made software from the world's leading developers;
  • the integration of slot machines and payment systems into the website;
  • the development of online casinos on a turnkey basis;
  • the creation of unique HTML5 games;
  • the comprehensive technical support;
  • the development and maintenance of effective marketing campaigns.

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