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  1. 1. How to Create Your Binary Option: How Much do Brokers Earn?
  2. 1.1. A Simple Formula That Helps Us to Calculate the Earnings of a Broker
  3. 2. Binary Options as a Business: the Most Popular Websites on the Market
  4. 3. How to Create Your Binary Option: the Major Options of the Beginning of the Work
  5. 3.1. White Label
  6. 3.2. Acquisition of a Broker License
  7. 3.3. Gambling License
  8. 4. How to Create Your Binary Option: Stages of Opening a Broker
  9. 4.1. Legal Implementation
  10. 4.2. The Opening of a Bank Account
  11. 4.3. The Creation of a Website
  12. 4.4. The Creation of a Platform for Binary Options
  13. 4.5. The Integration of the Web Terminal
  14. 4.6. The Opening of a Land-Based Office
  15. 5. How to Create Your Binary Option With Rosloto

How to Create Your Binary Option: Effective Ways of the Development of Your Business

Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert
Tags: Tutorial / Guide

Trade with the use of binary options has been known since 1973. An innovative financial instrument was presented by the Chicago Chamber of Commerce. But the new sphere did not receive the instant development: the active growth of this market segment has begun only in 2008.

How to create your binary options

In 2011, the financial instrument came to Russia. Already in one year, the request in the Yandex system "how to become a broker of binary options?" has increased tenfold. And over the past two years, the number of new information resources and intermediary websites has grown by several hundred times.

Brokers bid for clients actively due to the rapid development in the following areas:

  • creation of new and a constant improvement of the existing financial instruments that are provided to a trader;
  • improvement of the quality of the customer service and support;
  • constant development of the sphere of the information and analytical software;
  • work on the quality of the business reputation;
  • the improvement of the level of security.

Unfortunately, many beginning entrepreneurs confuse binary options with gambling. You can’t win on binary options! But it is quite possible to make good money.

In this article, we will answer the following questions in detail:

  • How can you create your binary option?
  • How to become a broker of binary options? The main ways of working in the financial market?
  • How do brokers make money?
  • How to make a website of binary options, and the main aspects of a marketing campaign?

How to Create Your Binary Option: How Much do Brokers Earn?

Many newcomers do not understand what profit the market can bring if brokers do not charge a commission for the purchase of binary options, while giving the investor up to 70% of the profit for a successful transaction.

With a good preparation, a trader has every chance of earning about one million dollars. But the most of the existing systems simply will not allow you to withdraw those amounts of money that exceed two hundred thousand dollars. The broker has the total control over operations connected with the withdrawal of funds. If a trader withdraws more than one thousand dollars regularly, such a user will fall for the close attention of the financial department instantly. Trader begins to get "tempting" offers with so-called "win-win" strategies. Investors with certain experience in this field refuse such "gifts" but further actions of the broker are unpredictable. For example, it is not uncommon for a person who sells to delay trading sessions on purpose. As a result, the entrance takes place with a completely different price, which does not meet the expectations of the trader.

The trading scheme with the use of binary options in simple words — the broker transfers funds to the investor, and this amount of money is a kind of a reward for the bargain that was made unavailable and new money receipts into trade deposits. In fact, the seller of services "shares" its success and makes payments from his personal assets.

How to become a binary options broker

A Simple Formula That Helps Us to Calculate the Earnings of a Broker

Let us imagine that 50% of investors have lost their money, although, as practice shows, this figure is always much higher. The broker gives 80% of the amount left from the losing deal to the "lucky" one who placed bets on the right position. 20% of the amount remains with him. And now imagine that it is always much more than one transaction a day!

Example: twenty thousand investors made trades for one hundred dollars each. So, in total it will be 2 million dollars. 20% of this amount of money is four hundred thousand dollars (remember that we are talking about the sum only for one day and connected with the lowest values). Therefore, the approximate monthly income of a broker is about ten million dollars.

Additional articles of expenditure of a broker:

  • payments to regulators;
  • payment for services of the liquidity providers;
  • payout of the salary to the staff;
  • marketing campaigns, etc.

Binary Options as a Business: the Most Popular Websites on the Market

The most famous Internet resources of binary options:

  • 24option is one of the most famous brokerage corporations in the world. It offers customers to use its own platform. The trader receives a full set of indicators and related tools for the technical analysis. The company offers different ways to withdraw money that was earned — bank transfers or such systems as WebMoney and Qiwi. It is possible to deal with trading from a personal computer or via mobile devices.
  • Verum Option is a well-known broker with a convenient and intuitive platform. In the personal account, the trader can set and change individual parameters of the timeframe and use advanced analytical tools for being able to work in the market. The withdrawal procedure takes, usually, no more than one or two working days.
  • Binomo is one of the most reliable brokers that allow you to create an account from ten dollars. Various indicators are integrated into this platform.

Binary options are used by famous brokerage corporations

How to Create Your Binary Option: the Major Options of the Beginning of the Work

Binary options as a business involve the following ways of earning money:

White Label

This is the simplest of all available methods. This system does not bring any special profits. The trader that uses this option will have to give a fixed percentage of his income to the firm that provides its license.

The operation scheme: the investor sends to the company an application for the cooperation on the basis of the White Label system. The application is examined, after which a representative of the company contacts the potential client to discuss working conditions. After paying a certain contribution, the user receives a full set of the software that will allow him to start the brokerage activity: a website with an integrated payment system, the analytical software, the technical support, CMS, CRM, etc. For example, for such a list the well-known company SpotOption asks at least twenty thousand dollars.

Advantages of the trading system: minimal time expenditures and a comprehensive solution to any technical issues with an ability to decide how many personnel will be in your workforce independently.

Acquisition of a Broker License

We will tell you in detail how to become a broker of binary options later in this article.

Gambling License

This strategy is aimed at such spheres of the market as gambling services and sports betting. To open a broker of binary options according to this scheme, it is necessary to find the jurisdiction where gambling is officially permitted, and where there is an ability to place financial bets. After the acquisition of the license, the entrepreneur will have to resolve all technical issues and monitor the control the promotion of his business.

The illustrative example: a license on the Isle of Man (the jurisdiction of the world's giants – PokerStar and Full Tilt Poker). A one-time fee is five thousand pounds. The annual fee for the renewal of the license is thirty-five thousand pounds. Additional expenditures are the content of game servers, the employment of integrity officers that are recommended by the local regulator of the Isle of Man, payments to the local director, and much more.

Advantages of the system: you get an opportunity to create your own binary option and open your own casino network.

Gambling license for binary options

How to Create Your Binary Option: Stages of Opening a Broker

If you decide to create a business from scratch, it is recommended to adhere to the following action sequence:

Legal Implementation

A beginning participant of the financial market needs to register a foreign company.

The main actions of opening the company:

  • the selection of the best jurisdiction;
  • the collection of a complete package of documents;
  • negotiations with a representative of the selected jurisdiction.

The registration fee can be from two thousand to three hundred thousand dollars. The amount of the contribution depends on cooperation conditions. For example, a beginning broker can purchase a license, rent it or open a trading company under the tutelage of an already existing corporation.

The Opening of a Bank Account

The bank account will also have to be created abroad. Companies with a good reputation check the accuracy of registration very carefully, so a beginner in the financial business is recommended to study all the requirements of the bank or ask for the help of experienced professionals. Rosloto is ready to provide the complete information on all issues and offers the comprehensive support for your business.

For the creation of an account in the branches of European or American banks you will have to pay from three to thirty thousand dollars. The procedure takes about fourteen to thirty days.

The Creation of a Website

The website of the broker of binary options is the main asset, the face of the company. The level of trust and loyalty of potential customers mostly depends on the type of the resource and its content.

If you want to get an answer to the question "How to make a website of binary options?", we recommend you to contact professionals immediately and not try to save money. A qualitative and good website can cost two thousand five hundred dollars. Attempts to work independently without the team of experienced programmers and designers can lead to huge time expenditures, extremely high expenses for the advertising campaign, and losses of potential customers. Accordingly, you will cause the financial damage to the entire enterprise.

How to create a binary options website

The Creation of a Platform for Binary Options

The following suppliers have shown themselves to good advantage:

Trade Box

The platform from the Trade Box is considered to be one of the most progressive and convenient websites. It has such interesting functions as bets on climatic conditions, asset prices of silver and gold, and other extraordinary opportunities. Developers have also visualised the entire process of trading: the screen displays a spectacularly animated process that creates the impression of gambling. Platform owners receive full support for all aspects of cooperation — from assistance in the preparation of a package of documents to the connection of the software and the resolution of accounting issues.


The product was designed to simplify the process of management of financial trading. The company guarantees a high speed of the software, a simple and convenient interface with nice graphics, and unobtrusive sound. An interesting feature of the system is the ability to place the product in a limited area. The MaxiDealer platform can be installed in the lobby of the hotel, in an office building, airport or cafe. For detailed information on the purchase or rent of the system and on special features of the operation of binary options systems, contact specialists of the Rosloto company.


The brand is in good progress in the field of the creation of server platforms and liquidity supplies. Users can buy web interfaces for Forex systems and binary options.


A famous developer that appeared on the market in 2009. The customer base of the corporation contains several Russian Forex enterprises. Its main activity is the creation of a platform for binary options, implementation of analytical tools, and the development of specialised web resources.


This is the largest competitor of SportOptions. The level of functionality of the platform is somewhat lower than of the products of its competitor but the developer significantly benefits from more options for the delivery and integration of the software.


The strategy of this developer is to support and develop all its products very actively. The company is aimed at the creation of not only new services for binary platforms but also the introduction of specialised tools into web elements of the resource. All UTIP interfaces are integrated with Forex (it is possible to get both complex deliveries and order the individual software).

The Integration of the Web Terminal

A successful strategy of binary options is built on a complete refusal of PC applications. The web terminal is opened in a subdomain without the necessity to download and install the software on a computer or mobile devices.

A good and user-friendly interface provides a complete absence of unnecessary windows and additional followings. All tools for trading must be readily available.

The main elements that should be found in the interface of the terminal are:

  • a panel for the selection of financial and analytical tools;
  • a function of the quick purchase of options;
  • a diagram of the effectiveness of the software;
  • a system of the supervision of the purchased assets.

As a rule, payment systems are installed in the terminal additionally.

Development of a binary options platform

The Opening of a Land-Based Office

After you have registered a company and bought the software, you need to find an office. As a rule, three employees (sales department) work in the newly opened brokerage office. Accordingly, for the first time, there will be enough space for up to three hundred square metres.

The expenditure item will include the interior design, outdoor advertising, purchase of the furniture and the office equipment, salaries for employees, and more.

Employees of back- and front-offices are the company's personnel. The former find new clients and distribute proposals (one of the strategies is "cold calls"). The latter are the employees of the call center. Their job is to provide customers with the detailed information and support in an online mode.

How to Create Your Binary Option With Rosloto

Specialists of the Rosloto company are ready to provide comprehensive technical support on all issues related to the development and implementation of gambling projects.

Our services:

  • creation of an online casino on a turnkey basis;
  • sale or rent of the gambling software;
  • development of exclusive projects;
  • integration of the software into the existing platform;
  • the connection of payment systems;
  • comprehensive technical support;
  • conducting marketing campaigns, and much more.

Order a service

On all issues related to the cooperation you can contact us in any convenient way:


Check the information used to contact us carefully. It is necessary for your safety.

Fraudsters can use contacts that look like ours to scam customers. Therefore, we ask you to enter only the addresses that are indicated on our official website.

Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

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