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Overview of the Trendiest Affiliate Platforms for Advertising iGaming Resources

Promoting an online project with partners’ assistance is an established practice that has formed over the last few years. The main object of such advertising is to ensure the visitors of informational portals in high quality of popularised products. In the online gambling industry, the promoted sites are web casinos and sportsbook platforms. Affiliates’ task is to attract to them as many new players as possible.

Affiliate platforms for advertising iGaming businesses

The selection of a reliable partner impacts the popularity of a gambling establishment to its fullest. Furthermore, a single affiliate will not satisfy the traffic needs of an average online casino. So, connecting to specialised networks becomes a necessity.

Rosloto suggests paying attention to our selection of affiliates’ portals for efficient advertising of your iGaming establishments. Also, you can order our proficient assistance in digital marketing that includes other promoting methods (SEO, SMM, online media buying, etc.).

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B2B Casino Affiliates

The majority of partner networks on the market can be distinguished by two types — platforms that introduce affiliates to operators and resources that promote casinos directly to receive commissions. Rosloto offers a detailed report on the peculiarities of the top nine representatives in the sphere and managers’ benefit from working with them.

These three networks contain first-rated partner websites for effective casino advertising:

Affiliate brand

Main clients

Organic audience


Casino and sportsbook platforms, affiliate websites

More than 20,000


iGaming managers, affiliate portals

Around 7,000

Affiliate Guard Dog

Owners of gambling and bookmakers’ sites, affiliates

More than 20,000

Gambling Portal Webmaster Association

The site provides free-of-charge participation alongside paid subscription. Different types of cooperation have unique perks offered by the platform. 20 years of market experience allowed the company to gather a colossal team of 15,000 experts.

After joining the platform, an operator receives a possibility to choose reliable representatives of the affiliate sector and study detailed description about them. Convenient filters and premium subscription peculiarities help a manager choose the necessary programs.

Advantages of working with GPWA:

  1. Access to informational blogs that contain the latest posts in the casino and sportsbook worlds.
  2. Availability to study regular issues of GPWA Times Magazine and GPWA Times Weekly Newsletter.
  3. A convenient environment for promoting your iGaming platform among affiliates with the possibility to receive offers directly from partners.


The partner network is designed for operators’ convenience to find the matching affiliate solutions by the most crucial properties. Narrow-niche partners (particular types of gambling entertainment or sports categories in betting) are perfectly suitable for iGaming managers. The AffPapa resource also proposes to optimise networking experience through increasing brand awareness among affiliates.

Advantages of working with the portal:

  1. A premium membership in the extensive directory meant to create a favourable operating environment between managers and affiliates.
  2. An individual approach of the network to matching partners’ promotional offers and demands of iGaming website owners.
  3. A convenient working environment with the focus on a quick search of the necessary deals with the help of progressive instruments.

Affiliate Guard Dog

The company has years of experience in casino affiliate marketing. With such extensive knowledge of the sphere, the brand manages to shape up a mutually beneficial partnership environment.

A colossal list of affiliates available throughout the entire world ensures every casino or sportsbook operator receives reliable cooperation. The active forum board includes urgent iGaming topics. The most contributing users quickly respond to any question, eager to provide substantial assistance.

Advantages of working with Affiliate Guard Dog:

  1. Extensive support of supplying real certification to partner gambling programs for reliable collaboration.
  2. Participation of the popular Casinomeister review platform to double-check the relevance of the chosen affiliate promotion.
  3. A possibility to sign up on a free basis or make monthly contributions for access to extended services.

B2C Affiliate Platforms

B2C affiliate platforms: 6 popular brands

These portals provide marketing services for casinos and sportsbook websites that target gambling audiences directly. Affiliate platforms work as connectors of players and online gaming establishments. The right selection of such advertising portals ensures stable sources of traffic for an operator.

Keep in mind these six brands for effective partner-based promotion:

Affiliate brand

Main clients

Organic audience


iGaming managers, visitors of online casinos and sportsbooks

More than 15,000

Slots Calendar

Online casino owners and bookmakers, players

More than 50,000


iGaming platforms visitors

Almost 300,000

Better Collective

Owners of gambling and sportsbook sites, users, affiliates

More than 10,000

Affiliate Future

Visitors of bookmakers’ stores and internet casinos

More than 270,000


iGaming players and bettors

Almost 10,000


An affiliate network with extremely convenient filtering properties for comparing gambling platforms. The site has a straightforward interface. Players can compare iGaming establishments by the features they value most. By the beginning of 2021, Bojoko features more than 29,000 live reviews from the UK and US gamblers. Since the service is 100% free, users gladly share their experience about the entertainment they tried.

Advantages of working with Bojoko:

  • the rating system of internet casinos and betting stores is minimalistic with only valuable notions taken into consideration;
  • the brand-development opportunities are similar for all organisations since no paid features exist on the site;
  • according to the platform’s statistics, gamblers value security and withdrawal reliability above all when picking an iGaming platform.

Slots Calendar

An incredibly convenient affiliate resource with unique possibilities for casino and sportsbook visitors and operators. While the first are faced with a regularly updated calendar of new releases, the second can establish a stable source of the traffic to their latest entertainment additions.

Moreover, Slots Calendar tries to obtain trial versions of anticipated games for brief testing. The brand’s reviews are always unbiased, revealing the main pros and cons of the content.

Advantages of working with Slots Calendar:

  • easy management system for iGaming operators where they can create notifications about upcoming additions to their environments;
  • subscription levels of different tiers for better higher ranking on the list and auxiliary features (various partnership types, mentions, banners, etc.);
  • the promotion of the entire platform on separate conditions with a detailed review of functions from the platform’s experts for increasing brand awareness.


The essence of the website is depicted in its name. A platform with more than 10-year experience depends on users’ reviews. Online casino and sportsbook operators agree with the affiliate and receive feedback on their content from a lead-generating website.

A convenient interface incentivises players to leave quick or details comments about their gambling experience. The presence of paid cooperation options filters away dishonest platform owners.

The advantages of working with AskGamblers:

  • online casino or sportsbook advertising on favourable conditions with a subsequent boost in organic traffic;
  • almost 90,000 active participants of the platform, eager to review new gaming possibilities and share their user experience;
  • appealing loyalty programs for consistent reviews as well as an informative blog for even more information to work with.

Better Collective

The core function of this affiliate platform with 15+ years of experience is to create an image of the iGaming website before a user even accesses it. Transparency is the main motto of the company. Thanks to the presence of several media channels, Better Collective becomes an efficient representative of an international gambling market. Paid access to the services ensures reliable cooperation that will eventually lead to a stable source of new leads.

Advantages of working with Better Collective:

  • the brand’s orientation on online betting entertainment is smoothly complemented with efficient affiliate assistance in online casino promotion;
  • the environment of the brand can be classified as player-driven due to rating-forming patterns that depend on the visitors’ satisfaction levels;
  • innovative technologies in utilising effective media channels target very precise audiences and guarantee a high percentage of conversions.

Affiliate Future

Effective marketing in the modern digital world is impossible without progressive tools. Affiliate Future proposes iGaming platforms millions of conversions monthly with the help of their advertising instruments.

High-performance rates depend on the subscription types and increase the more operators’ invest. A low-risk environment appeals to the owners of online casinos and bookmakers’ the most. So, Affiliate Future offers cooperation for small and experienced market representatives.

Advantages of working with the brand:

  • convenient application procedure allows receiving immediate traffic as soon as the cooperation details are settled down;
  • various ad formats diversify the promoting nature of the platform, connecting as many media channels as possible;
  • the sale-monitoring system from Affiliate Future is one of the clearest and effective in terms of analysis currently available.


The company’s focus is bookmakers’ platforms that demand natural traffic addition. The comparison of odds of various betting resources is the main categorisation possibility that so many users appreciate. Almost 200 owners of sportsbook platforms are already the participants of the network with impressive traffic boosts from their sides.

Advantages of working with BetOnValue:

  • a substantial targeted database of bettors introduces a huge leap in attendance for newly-joined platforms;
  • an extensive assortment of digital marketing opportunities allow promoting iGaming resources from different perspectives;
  • live stats, scores, odds movements, graphs, and many other visualised possibilities appeal to bettors from all over the world.

The Main Things about Impactful Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks for casino and betting websites

Partner marketing in the iGaming industry is an integral aspect of traffic-increasing strategy. All successful online casinos or betting stores resort to affiliate programs since it is the most effective way to find new players.

These nine networks have proven to be extremely effective in promoting gambling resources:

  • Gambling Portal Webmaster Association has 20 years of market experience and a colossal team of 15,000 experts that offer the finest market-available programs.
  • AffPapa is designed for operators’ convenience to find the matching affiliate solutions by the most crucial properties.
  • Affiliate Guard Dog includes a colossal list of affiliates available throughout the entire world for reliable cooperation of every casino or sportsbook operator.
  • Bojoko is an affiliate network with extremely convenient filtering properties for comparing gambling platforms.
  • Slots Calendar offers iGaming players a regularly updated calendar of new releases, while operators can establish a stable source of the traffic to their latest additions.
  • AskGamblers’ essence is depicted in its name since the platform with more than 10-year experience depends on users’ reviews.
  • The core function of the Better Collective platform with 15+ years of experience is to create an image of the iGaming website before a user even accesses it.
  • Affiliate Future proposes iGaming platforms millions of conversions monthly with the help of their advertising tools.
  • BetOnValue’s focus is bookmakers’ platforms that demand natural traffic addition.

By resorting to the professional aggregator Rosloto, an operator of an online casino or a sportsbook platform can receive high-quality advertising assistance.

Also, our company proposes a complex turnkey business solution that includes software support, licensing, website elaboration, and other services for refining a lucrative gambling project.

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