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Modern Telegram Casino: Characteristics and Nuances of Using the Solution

Accessible and fast navigation is one of the main trends in the gambling industry. Telegram casino completely satisfies all other global trends and the preferences of users. The product provides comfortable and safe gameplay through a well-known messenger with a multi-million audience.

Telegram casino: characteristics and nuances

The Rosloto company offers you to consider the features and advantages of introducing a Telegram bot into the structure of an already existing and lucrative gambling business.

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Telegram: a Popular Cloud Messenger

This system for mobile devices was presented in 2013 by Telegram FZ-LLC under the leadership of Nikolai and Pavel Durov.

Initially, the project was designed only for smartphone owners and users from Russia. Over time, programmers have expanded the functionality and geography of Telegram, making a multi-platform world-class application out of a traditional messenger.

  • The solution operates on the basis of artificial intelligence. The AI ​​program handles millions of requests per minute without the need to do anything manually. Full automation of processes guarantees high performance of the product, its security and a multitasking nature.
  • Since 2020, analysts have been recording the daily increase in customers. According to the forecasts of the owners of Telegram, the number of users will reach the mark of one billion.
  • The product is included in the list of the 10 most downloaded applications in the world and is only second to such IT giants as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the messenger is its anonymity. The solution was developed using E2E end-to-end encryption technology. The transmitted data is encoded in such a way that it becomes available only to authorised parties.

The E2E method is used in the defence industry and guarantees that all information is protected against hacking.

What is a Telegram Casino: About the Solution

Oleksandr Lupich, the product director of Slotegrator, notes:

Telegram casino is an innovative gambling and betting solution that requires the use of a bot of the messenger. It offers a unique alternative to the classic frontend without losing already existing functionality, thus attracting a potentially new niche of visitors.

There are 2 types of Telegram casinos on the market:

  • a bot application in which all commands are entered manually;
  • a product with a fully automated and customised interface.

The solution of the second type guarantees different categories of gamblers comfortable and fast gameplay. Customers simply click on the buttons to make a deposit, start the game session, receive bonuses, and withdraw funds that they have earned.

A casino in the messenger works on the same principle as a gaming site or a mobile iGaming project. All basic functionality is available to users, and operators, in turn, can manage their accounts, integrate external programs, and generate reports.

Key Advantages of a Gambling Product

Telegram casino: advantages of the solution

Oleksandr Lupich identifies 3 main advantages of a casino based on the above-mentioned messenger:

Interaction with the target audience

The introduction of the bot makes it easier to attract Generation Z. The product is characterised by multitasking interface and a commitment to mobile technologies, that is, everything that a modern Telegram casino personifies.

Experts identify Generation Z as the core of the target audience. These are young people (over 18 years old) who earn good money and visit gaming sites just to have fun

Marketing “whitewashing”

Telegram is a recognisable brand with a good reputation in the international market. The product becomes a new opportunity for those users who do not like gambling much

A step towards anonymity

The solution provides anonymous gaming until the moment of registration and verification.

Users can test the program (deposit methods, available slot machines) to make the final decision on the next game.

At the stage of getting to know the iGaming project, the system does not read the personal data of gamblers (IP, country, gender, interests), ensuring their complete anonymity

The undeniable advantages of the messenger’s casino also include:

  • high level of security (due to the use of E2E technology for the end-to-end data encryption);
  • availability (the application can be easily downloaded and installed on a personal device);
  • comfortable gameplay (you can control the solution with one hand thanks to intuitive navigation and the adaptive UX interface with a list of requested commands);
  • better image indicators (having a messaging bot as an alternative to a traditional online casino is considered modern and prestigious);
  • no restrictions on the attraction of online traffic (operators can interact with audiences from countries where the government’s attitude towards gambling is unstable);
  • optimisation of advertising costs (promotion in social networks will cost less compared to traditional SEO marketing).

How the Telegram Gambling Bot Works

A virtual assistant is usually launched as a supplement to the main gambling project. The bot, like the desktop platform, is configured via a single back office of the website.

Sometimes, a Telegram bot acts as a completely independent product, that is, it has minimal interaction with the administrative panel of a gambling location.

Messenger and the Webpage of a Casino

The Telegram casino is being implemented as a new UX solution (frontend), thus becoming an alternative way of gambling compared to online or mobile platforms.

Whichever option users choose to access a gambling resource (via a messenger, browser or mobile app), they always receive a high-quality service with a large selection of settings.

For operators, the Telegram casino is becoming a kind of alternative and an additional (and in many cases, the main) way to attract solvent traffic. At the same time, the backend for all 3 products (casino based on the messenger, browser, iOS and Android OS) remains the same.

Entrepreneurs get access to:

  • administrative system;
  • options for managing user accounts;
  • reporting service;
  • financial and affiliated modules, as well as other systems for the full-fledged operation of the iGaming project.

Basic user commands are collected in the bot's main menu. These are registration and verification, deposition of funds, balance checking, and much more. Categories of available entertainment (slots, table and live games, arcades, and lotteries) are also presented in the navigation bar.

The chatbot welcomes gamblers, helps newcomers to launch the game, offers popular content, and organises the payment of bonuses.

Differences Between iGaming Projects for a Browser and a Messenger

Despite the resemblance of desktop and Telegram versions of the casino, these 2 products differ in the following ways:

  1. Collection and analysis of data. The messenger is positioned as an anonymous data transfer method. On the one hand, this attracts those gamblers who want to play incognito, and on the other hand, it complicates the collection of user analytics. Operators can integrate Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica services but the installation process will take much longer, and the final result (volume and quality of generated data) will be inferior to the browser version.
  2. The convenience of navigation. The Telegram bot is 100% suitable for Generation Z but the older audience may have difficulty using the messenger. For more traditional gamblers, it is more convenient to play on a website using a mouse and keyboard, rather than a touch panel. Therefore, when launching a casino in the messenger, it is worth conducting a small survey to assess the preferences of users.
  3. Features of the functionality. The introduction of new options in the backend and frontend, as a rule, takes place in the desktop version. After that, new items are thoroughly tested and only then, they can be implemented. Therefore, for the Telegram casino, a partial delay (in comparison with a gaming site) in the functionality updating is possible.

UX Unification of Accounts

When offering different frontend options, it is important for operators to ensure user accounts are fully synchronised. This will help them to retain customers and make sure that they will want to return to their platforms over and over again.

The world’s leading software vendors offer the unification of accounts in a few clicks.

For example, Oleksandr Lupich notes:

Slotegrator has developed a convenient scheme for switching from the internet to a Telegram casino. Gamblers can play without the need to create multiple accounts or enter long-forgotten passwords and confirmation words.

For registered customers, it is enough to point the camera at the QR code and switch to the Telegram casino format with the saved history of actions and the existing personal settings.

How to Create a Full-Fledged Telegram Casino

Telegram casino: professional development

The bot, like desktop and mobile versions of the iGaming project, is configured through the back office of an online casino. Therefore, if operators already have a well-thought-out platform, there will be no problems with the implementation of the new UX frontend.

When creating a casino in the messenger, it is important to provide the following configurators:

  • the gambling hall where users will come after they register through the bot;
  • defaulted currency in the casino’s registration form;
  • the age limit that is set for the registration;
  • defaulted value for the subscription to the newsletter;
  • active links to such sections as “Terms and Conditions”, “Data Usage Policy”, “Cookie Policy”;
  • displayed and mandatory fields in the registration form and their order;
  • link to the game bot in the user account (QR-possible).

The Main Things about Casino Games in the Instant Messenger

From us, you can order a virtual turnkey platform with a messaging version or order the development of a bot from scratch.
  • Telegram casino is a unique front-end gambling and betting solution that uses messenger mechanics. The product’s functionality is identical to the desktop and mobile versions of the casino, and the bot is controlled via a single backend centre.
  • The undeniable advantages of the solution include the attraction of the target audience (Generation Z), support for anonymous gambling, a high level of security, simple navigation, optimisation of advertising costs, and legal promotion in social networks.
  • The product is configured through the gambling platform. Users get a wide range of tools for comfortable gameplay, and operators get a full-featured administration panel with a financial module and a reporting system.

You can order this reliable and modern solution from Rosloto.

We also provide the following services:

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Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

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Author: Clara Hazel
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