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Land-Based Casinos in 2022: Choose a Suitable Country

Despite the long lockdown period in 2020 and early 2021, land-based gambling is quickly recovering. Moreover, investors not only successfully resist the fall in the economic indicators of the industry but also send funds to fight Covid-19. For example:

  • operators from Monaco allocated $25 million to improve the difficult epidemiological situation in the region;
  • Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd donated $20 million to help rebuild Hubei Province (the epicentre of the outbreak);
  • American casino owner Steve Wynn has donated $50 million to health care in New York State.

Land-based casinos: general info

The Rosloto team will tell you how to open a land-based casino in the new realities and how to bring the project to a consistently high income.

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Our ranking includes 6 of the most promising and loyal countries for launching an offline start-up in 2021.


The land-based gaming business in the country is regulated by a special authority — the Inspectorate for the Supervision of Lotteries and Gambling. This entity is responsible not only for issuing licences and monitoring the compliance of operators but also approves the staff of managers for each establishment.

A mandatory requirement for applicants for a local gambling licence is the registration of a joint stock company in the country. Moreover, 51% of the company's shares must be owned by residents of Latvia.

The regulator issues several types of permits. The cost of the service depends on the type of games proposed in the institution:

  1. General licence. This is the right to organise sweepstakes, card tournaments, roulette, dice games, etc. The price of the service is 427 thousand euros.
  2. Permission to open a gambling hall. The investor will have to pay 4,270 euros to install ground hardware equipment and run bingo draws.
  3. Licence for sweepstakes. The club can organise any kind of sweepstakes and accept bets on sporting events. The cost of the permit is 42,690 euros.


The Tax and Customs Board, controlled by the Ministry of Finance, acts as a local regulator.

One of the unique features of the region is that both legal entities and individuals can conduct gambling activities. True, there is a special restriction for the latter: the operator can only play those types of games in which the outcome depends on the skills of the participant (for example, poker).

Entrepreneurs working in the field of gambling cannot engage in other types of commercial activities.

Great Britain

The local Gambling Commission is responsible for issuing licences, monitoring the compliance of operators and applying penalties to violators. Moreover, the body has two additional divisions: to control the work of bookmakers and lottery suppliers.

The regulator not only issues permits for all types of games but also provides oversight of staff.

The commission issues two types of licences for hired casino employees:

  1. Manager's certificate. The document is received by specialists responsible for gaming operations, financial planning and settlements, casino security, etc. State certification is required only for large enterprises with at least three people in the management team.
  2. Personal functional licence. This is a confirmation of the qualifications of the croupiers, pit bosses, casino inspectors and security staff.

An interesting feature: despite the strict standards of industry control, the local regulator practically does not impose requirements on the premises of the gaming club. In Britain, you can buy a land-based casino with an area of ​​​​only 500 square meters.


All types of gambling activities are allowed in the country. Moreover, on the territory of stationary casinos, you can not only install hardware equipment and card and roulette tables but also hold poker tournaments and accept sports bets.

Legal entities and individuals can work in the local market, and registration for Bulgarian citizenship is not necessary.

If the launch of a land-based casino business is organised by a non-resident of the country, the operator must:

  • invest $10 million in the local economy;
  • create 500 jobs.

Foreign entrepreneurs can also open casinos based on their hotel complexes of four or more stars.


This is the largest Asian gambling platform, whose revenues periodically exceed the profits of Las Vegas casinos.

Due to the lockdown, the capacity of local gaming establishments has been reduced to 20-30%. But even in such a situation, the turnover of the industry showed an increase of 6%.

The gambling industry is the main source of replenishment of the local treasury, bringing more than 70% of the total income into it.

An interesting feature of doing business is that only private enterprises that have concluded a concession agreement with the government can organise gambling in the region.

There are two ways to open a casino in the administrative region of China:

  • win a tender for a licence, which is held every five years (a new tender will be announced in 2022);
  • get the support of one of the previously certified and operating venues.

Concession casinos in Macau are subject to a flat tax rate of 35% on gross income from all organised games.


The gambling industry is an integral part of the Georgian tourism infrastructure. In this regard, operators who open stationary casinos in resort areas are exempt from taxes.

The local regulator guarantees investors:

  • a stable political and economic environment;
  • loyal tax burden;
  • a constant influx of foreign gamblers;
  • well-developed tourist and administrative infrastructure;
  • fast legalisation without bureaucratic delays (you can get a work permit electronically within 24 hours without the obligatory personal presence).

What Should the Software for a Stationary Casino Be Like

Land-based casino software and equipment

To get the maximum response from the audience and increase the profitability of the institution, only card and roulette tables are not enough. The lion's share of revenue (up to 75%) for operators comes from hardware gaming equipment.

With the development of technology, the range of creative solutions for the gambling industry has also expanded significantly. Both the software for the land-based casino and the gaming equipment themselves have changed.

New-generation casino equipment

Tall machines with frameless screens

The height of the apparatus can reach 2.3–2.5 meters. Diagonal built-in screens are 55 inches and more.

The main characteristics of the equipment:

  • curved frameless screen;
  • broadcast pictures in HD quality;
  • the presence of touch touchpads;
  • built-in lighting.

Designs can be additionally completed with ergonomic seat

Equipment with multiple screens

The machine has 2 or more widescreen displays with a diagonal of 32 inches or more. Often, products have a dual control panel — a touch screen and electromechanical buttons

Standalone monitors

They are represented by models of very different configurations, and the machines can be used in different ways:

  • for advertising broadcasts;
  • for individual play;
  • for organising group competitions, etc.

Automata with portrait screens

A characteristic feature of these is portrait-oriented monitors from 42 inches.

The width of the unit is only 62.4 cm, thanks to which the equipment can be used to complete the halls of a small area

Classic machines with mechanical controls

This is a series of compact automatics with monitors up to 50 inches.

In most cases, systems are staffed with electromechanical keys, including double buttons for quick re-bet

The Main Things about Opening a Land-Based Casino in 2022

The gambling industry in many countries is considered one of the most stable tools for replenishing the treasury. Often, stationary gaming clubs are an integral part of the tourist infrastructure, due to which operators have some tax breaks.

Among the most promising countries for opening a land-based casino in 2022:

  • Georgia. The state has a stable political and economic situation. Operators working in resort areas are exempt from taxes and have a stable influx of foreign clients from countries where gaming is prohibited.
  • Great Britain. The local regulator not only issues licences for all types of gambling but also certifies the casino staff. On the territory of the country, you can open small gaming areas with an area of ​​​​500 square meters.
  • Macau. The largest Asian gambling market is open to local and foreign investors. Moreover, only private enterprises that have received support from existing institutions or won a state tender can create their business.
  • Bulgaria. The market is open to foreign investors. Any private person can start a project without the obligatory acquisition of local citizenship. To launch a stationary casino, it is enough to transfer a fixed amount to the treasury and create 500 jobs.

The Rosloto team will help launch a business in any foreign jurisdiction.

We guarantee prompt resolution of organisational issues and comprehensive legal support.

Our catalogue contains a full range of products and services for launching a stationary casino:

  • hardware units;
  • self-service terminals;
  • multi-game rooms;
  • cash equipment;
  • security systems and more.

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Fraudsters can use contacts that look like ours to scam customers. Therefore, we ask you to enter only the addresses that are indicated on our official website.

Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

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