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Casino Affiliate Program: Connect a Reliable Solution

In the near future, affiliate marketing will reach $8 billion, nearly double the amount of any other method of promoting goods and services. Partner services are used throughout the Internet, from e-commerce and insurance to the lucrative iGaming industry.

Affiliate programs for casinos: general info

At Rosloto, you can order a turnkey casino with an affiliated network. We collaborate with the best B2B providers and help operators get a high and stable income.

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Partner Services in the iGaming-Sphere

Collaborative marketing is an effective method of online casino promotion with the help of professional partners (publishers). It can be both private webmasters and companies with a big name.

Quite often in this field of activity, there is a third party — an affiliate network. This is a virtual intermediary that collects hundreds of profitable offers (contracts) for the operator, guarantees the honesty of transactions, and offers convenient customisation tools.

Casino affiliate programs imply a simple cooperation scheme:

  • According to the signed agreement, publishers place relevant links on independent internet platforms, partner sites, and social networks.
  • With the help of links, gamers go to the gambling resource and perform targeted actions.
  • The advertiser receives high-quality internet traffic and profit.
  • The service automatically calculates the partner's reward — a certain per cent of income or a fixed fee.

Business owners can connect an affiliate program by themselves or buy a casino from Rosloto with a built-in marketing program.

Benefits of Website Promo with Affiliates

Using partners to advertise a gambling resource will bring tangible benefits to the operator:

Cost optimisation

The entrepreneur pays only for the finished result — the volume of the attracted audience and the amount of profit.

There are no hidden costs or unplanned expenses.

The publisher pays for advertising in social networks, SEO optimisation in search engines, and hosting services

Simple scaling

To open an online casino in a new region, it is enough for a business owner to place an offer on the page of an affiliated service.

The operator does not need to hire marketing specialists and lawyers, as well as to study the intricacies of local legislation. The program will tell you how to create a good contract based on the given characteristics

Attracting the target audience

Casino partner programs allow you to configure the parameters of targeted internet traffic. As a rule, age, gender, the sphere of employment, and the interests of the audience are taken into account.

Publishers interact only with the most valuable customers, ensuring that the gambler will accurately complete the target action and bring profit to the casino site

Flexible settings

The advertiser can personalise the affiliated network — change the interface design, add additional widgets, and connect third-party services (for example, a payment module)

Positive image

Collaboration with popular programs improves the reputation of the casino operator and shows that they can and should be trusted.

Advertising in well-known networks helps to make a promo for the iGaming brand and win recognition in the industry

Remuneration Methods

Affiliate remuneration: core methods

The gambling business uses the following main partnership models:

Cost per Action

The entrepreneur pays the publisher every time a gambler clicks on a relevant link and performs a certain action.

The CPA model provides for payments for:

  • registration on a gambling site;
  • making an initial deposit;
  • newsletter subscription;
  • the number of rounds played, etc.

In the context of CPA networks, KPI metrics are used. These are indicators of the quality of internet traffic and its direct correlation with the operator's income. The KPI system helps to separate serious players from amateurs who visit a gambling site once a month and lose a maximum of $15–25.

Logically, the advertiser is more interested in regular gamers. Therefore, CPA contracts are often supplemented with conversion requirements. The client must not only register and make the first deposit, but also play 10–15 rounds. Only then the publisher will receive what they earned.

RevShare — Revenue Sharing

The enterprise pays partners a share of the money that gamblers spend on the casino site. The final amount is adjusted based on spent bonuses, used free spins and other expenses of the operator.

The client can stick to the publisher for a certain period (month, year) or for life (as long as the iGaming project is running).

The percentage of payments depends on the conditions of a particular offer. As a rule, this is 5–20% of monthly earnings. Some operators are ready to give up to 50% of income to valuable associates without carrying over the negative balance of previous periods.

Organisation Levels and Traffic Sources in Partner Products

Launching a casino business and its promotion is possible by using:

  • single-level modules (simple attraction of internet traffic and payment after the fact — according to the CPA model or the Revshare scheme);
  • two-level programs (the publisher receives money for the flow of gamers and for other webmasters who joined the affiliate network on their recommendation);
  • multi-level solutions (the operator receives income as an advertiser, as well as for the promotion of affiliated products among partner companies).

You can promote gambling entertainment thanks to:

  • SEO optimisation;
  • advertising on social networks;
  • targeting from mobile platforms.

A good effect is guaranteed when interacting with influencers (opinion leaders) and professional gamblers who will definitely not recommend a bad casino site to their subscribers.

The terms of collaboration between the advertiser and the webmaster are specified in the offer. These are the parameters of the target audience, the level of organisation of the marketing network, preferred traffic sources, and methods of remuneration.

Popular Programs for Monetising a Casino Site

Rosloto recommends connecting the following services:

  1. Post Affiliate Pro. The leader in this type of marketing, uniting 30+ thousand webmasters around the world. The operator can organise a personalised campaign to promote the casino business, as well as connect the Forced Matrix multi-level system to promote subsidiaries.
  2. DirectTrack. The service offers omnichannel solutions for increasing the profitability of an entrepreneur and minimising their operational risks. You can advertise online casinos using email newsletters, SEO tools, social media targeting, custom banners and microsites.
  3. Income Access. The program offers full automation of business processes, analysis of online traffic by various parameters (location, hobbies, devices), and selection of individual metrics for each category of users. The work of webmasters can be tracked thanks to a multi-level reporting system.

The Main Things about Affiliate Marketing in the Gambling Industry

Affiliate marketing in the gambling industry

Rosloto offers various options for cooperation. You can choose a White Label program, a franchise, order individual website development, or purchase a fully functional casino script.

  • The promotion of a site with the help of affiliated services is beneficial for many reasons. A business owner pays only for the final result and does not bear operating expenses. The program can be easily managed — it is enough to configure traffic parameters and reward methods.
  • Cooperation with well-known affiliated companies is an excellent image move. The Rosloto provider suggests paying attention to Post Affiliate Pro, DirectTrack, and Income Access programs.
  • There are two main payment methods used in the iGaming industry — for a completed action (CPA) and a percentage of the operator's profit (RevShare).

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Updated 25.08.2022
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