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Ways to Implement an iGaming Project: Expert Advice

Entrepreneurs have 2 main options: create a casino or buy a ready-made one. Both of them are good, except that the first one needs a huge investment of capital. The second variant requires time, effort, and money as well. However, this is a profitable business that many would like to own.

For lots of people, gambling solutions are the best way to deal with stress and life's hardships. That is why casino entertainment will always be in demand. The main thing is to satisfy the needs of customers, and they will pay a hundredfold.

Online casino platform: general info

How to launch a profitable iGaming start-up and make consistent money? The world is slowly moving into a digital format, and the future belongs to internet technologies. Gambling sites have several advantages that make this type of business even more attractive.

Learn more from Rosloto experts. They can also help you launch a digital project with top entertainment.

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What Is Good in Owning a Gaming Site

Here are the main benefits of such platforms:

  1. They work with players from all over the world. Land-based establishments are often limited in revenues if not located in the most successful areas of ​​the city. Such venues may suffer if a shopping or entertainment centre suddenly closes. The web business has a completely different situation. Gaming platforms can serve players from all continents. It is worth considering the legal features of different jurisdictions but this is just a matter of proper project organisation.
  2. Online casinos generate income 24/7. No weekends, holidays or breaks. This is a business that will bring profits while you sleep or are on a trip. The advantage is that even if it is night in your country, there may be morning in another region, and users will still visit your casino.
  3. The project can be managed remotely. If you are the owner of 1 or 2 gaming sites, you can work while travelling. Modern software makes it possible to work from any part of the planet where there is an internet connection. You can choose between the beach, the mountains, the country house, and many other locations.
  4. The project operates autonomously and does not require constant supervision. If everything is set up correctly and professional staff is hired, you will only have to check the statistics of the platform but there is no reason to do it daily. Few businesses require such a low level of involvement from their owners.
  5. Managers have freedom in choosing legislation. One of the most amazing features of the iGaming niche is that operators do not have to register an enterprise in the country where they live. Many jurisdictions ban gaming entertainment but this is not a problem. It is enough to choose one of the offshore zones for project licensing and management registering to create a profitable start-up and scale it globally.
  6. The establishment and promotion of an online casino require relatively low costs. Compared to the amount that needs to be invested in the organisation of a land-based gambling club, implementing a web project is rather cheap. Even less money needs to be spent on its further maintenance: minimum staff, no rent, no expenses for equipment. More funds need to be invested in the promotion and the purchase of reliable software. But these amounts cannot be put on par with the cost of starting an offline business.
  7. Time for bringing a project to life is minimal: from 2–3 days (if you entrust the whole process to a reliable contractor) to 6–8 months (if you decide to independently perform this task).

How to Open an iGaming Site

Where does the establishment of this type of business begin? It is necessary to determine goals for the future.

Legal Procedures

If you want to work within one country, it is enough to obtain a local licence. If you plan to attract users from different regions, then it will be necessary to get an international certificate.

Most often, online casinos are licensed in offshore jurisdictions and some EU states. The most popular ones are:

All jurisdictions have different requirements. The conditions of granting a permit may relate to the size of the authorised capital used in the work of the software, the personal biography of investors, and so on.

Each region also provides various opportunities. In some countries, this is access to new markets, in others — long tax holidays or minimum requirements for obtaining a licence, which attracts many entrepreneurs. Therefore, you should choose a jurisdiction based on the goals of your business, as well as the benefits that each specific state can offer.

Since project certification is closely related to local laws, at the time of choosing a country of work, you will need the help of qualified specialists. They are well-versed in gambling legislation and can help to avoid all the pitfalls and get the most out of the chosen location.

It will be quite beneficial to turn to Rosloto. Experts of the studio launch online casinos all over the world, know the laws of different jurisdictions and can tell you about the latest development trends in the market.

Brand Authorisation

The next step is to start registering a company. In 90% of cases, it needs to be done where you plan to obtain a licence since regulators rarely deal with the legalisation of foreign projects.

The procedure is relatively simple: it is necessary to apply to the local municipal authorities, pay the state fee, and that is it. The requirements may vary depending on the country. That is why the issue needs to be studied carefully.

Programming Support

Another stage is the selection of software. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of such an element for the operation of a gaming site. The solution is the foundation on which the entire business relies. And if there are any cracks, sooner or later it will collapse.

The platform must be reliable, stable, and resistant to external attacks. Experts identify several requirements for gambling systems, emphasising that only proven software is suitable for implementing a successful project.

The Most Important Characteristics of iGaming Portals

iGaming business: characteristics

Let us review them in detail:

  1. Stable functioning without failures, errors, and freezes. Since you will not be able to constantly monitor the work of the casino, it is important that the software works smoothly and can report problems in the event of force majeure.
  2. Security. Fraudsters sometimes try to steal personal or banking data that is stored in system files. Unfortunately, it can even be done by casino staff. Choose a program that will provide the maximum level of security.
  3. Flexibility and support for various games. Regardless of who the software vendor is, the product must support slots from other providers. Players have favourite entertainment, and it would be rather shortsighted to ignore their preferences. Just make sure that solutions from any manufacturer can be launched on your platform.
  4. Statistics and analytics. Often, the gaming site is the main tool for evaluating the effectiveness of a business, an advertising campaign, and the profitability of slots. High-quality systems can collect data online, providing statistics at any time. They also keep basic financial records, so that operators can see the received and projected income.

These requirements are also considered the reasons to choose well-known brands that care about their reputation and provide entrepreneurs with the most reliable software.

Content and Management Programs

When you are done with the platform, it is time to think about what slots to offer. The more games, the better but it can be difficult for players to find their way on the site and choose their favourite entertainment. This issue is solved by convenient navigation and a well-thought-out design.

You can contact other entrepreneurs or sellers of gaming solutions and ask them questions. They will tell you what products are worth paying attention to, which games bring more money, and which are completely useless.

There is no need to take hard knocks. It is better to take advantage of the experience of other people — this will save you both time and money.

Types of software that you are going to need:

  • a platform for the mobile version of a casino, as well as corresponding slots;
  • programs for gathering statistical data (they take into account the age of players, the regions from which the traffic comes, the average size of bets, etc.);
  • special options, which display the history of the users’ actions and help operators improve the quality of customer service;
  • affiliate programs with the help of which it is possible to actively attract gamblers from related websites.

Along with this stage, the creation of the gambling resource usually takes place. If you decide to buy a turnkey casino, the seller can provide the platform as part of a package offer.

This is a template that will have to be finalised in the following ways:

  • come up with an original design;
  • create convenient navigation;
  • place banners with promotions and hot offers;
  • add features to individualise a casino, making it stand out.

Tech Part

The resource must be placed on the server and “tied up” under the domain to become available on the Internet for any person, regardless of his place of residence. Therefore, you will need reliable hosting that will not only be able to provide the necessary level of security but also take care of the maintenance of the gambling project.

To do this, the company must be registered in a jurisdiction that is loyal to casino entertainment. Most often, beginning entrepreneurs choose such countries as Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland.

But with a domain name, the situation is a little more complicated, and in this case, the problem is not legal delays but creativity. The element must meet several criteria to stand a chance of success.

A good domain name:

  • corresponds to the title of the gaming club;
  • may hint at the type of entertainment offered on the website (for example, poker);
  • contains a reference to the game format (online or live);
  • consists of English words/Latin letters.

It is recommended that entrepreneurs avoid words that are considered transliterations from any other language. Thus, only native speakers of 1 language can be attracted, and players from other countries are unlikely to be able to remember the name of such casinos.

Try to find a completely original address. If there are already active portals on the Internet with a similar domain name, it will be more difficult for users to find yours. That is how you can lose part of the target audience. The shorter and clearer the address, the easier it is for gamblers to remember it and keep returning.

Customer Support

Since web casinos work round-the-clock without breaks, weekends, or holidays (they consistently make a profit all the time), operators of the tech service should also be in touch 24/7.

When a gaming site is just being launched, it is not easy to organise such a support centre. It is necessary to find people who will work in shifts and provide them with a load. Most often, entrepreneurs simply connect platforms to a third-party customer service that answers the players’ questions, releasing business owners from this task.

The positive aspects of this approach are obvious:

  • large support centres hire qualified operators who are constantly trained;
  • there are always enough employees to take requests from gamblers even during promotions, draws, or other peak activities;
  • processing the players’ queries by a third party is much cheaper than organising an internal support service;
  • you only pay for accepted applications.

The best option is to take requests to a professional call centre (which should also have e-mail support and live chat).

Promotion of Digital Casinos

In many parts of the world, gambling is still considered something negative. This is reflected even in the legislation, beginning with a complete ban on such activity and ending with very inconvenient restrictions on the creation of promotional materials.

Among the most widespread bans related to casinos, we can name temporary quotas that prohibit broadcasting ads on radio and TV when children and teens can hear or see them. Jurisdictions often forbid operators to guarantee winnings or make gamblers look good in comparison with people who do not place bets.

Each country establishes its set of rules and strictly monitors their implementation since any violations are punishable with large fines. That is how the governments replenish their public treasury. From the point of view of financial stability, it makes sense to put the promotion of the project into the hands of experienced professionals.

The Main Things about Becoming a Casino Owner

Online casino launch: key notions

Almost the entire amount of work required to launch and promote an iGaming platform can be done by a third-party contractor.

You can order the development of a website or buy a turnkey casino and get a product that is completely ready for launch. It costs money but if you compare the effort (time and funds) for the independent creation with the sum you need to pay the provider, the benefits become obvious.

The decision to buy a turnkey project has some more advantages:

  1. It will save you a huge amount of time. Almost immediately after purchasing a casino, you can launch a website and start earning money. The investment pays off in a few months.
  2. You get all the necessary software. In the case of an independent selection of programs, there is a chance to miss or overlook something. But when the project is prepared by professionals, the probability of error is reduced to zero.
  3. All games are selected by specialists based on their experience and the statistics of other clients. Therefore, there will be popular slots in your casino, and they will attract lots of players.
  4. There is no need to deal with the certification procedure. In most cases, you can negotiate with the provider to obtain a sublicence and conduct gambling activities. The domain name of your site will be entered into already existing permits, and you will be able to provide services legally and openly.
  5. The iGaming platform, made based on your preferences, will be ready for SEO promotion and natural traffic growth.

From the provider, entrepreneurs can also order such services as:

  • formation of a general concept (design, user interface, loyalty programs, and positioning in the gambling market);
  • acquisition of additional slot machines and their integration into the website by the technical support team;
  • legal assistance in matters related to licensing, tax reporting, and company registration;
  • development of marketing strategies and a massive advertising campaign.

Experts of the Rosloto studio see how the gambling market works and are aware of the latest trends. We can suggest how to create a casino that will be relevant in the next few years.

You will be able to avoid most of the mistakes of beginners because your project will be supported by dozens of specialists who will prompt, guide, and answer all questions.

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Updated 30.04.2020
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