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How to Open a Bitcoin Casino: Expert Advice

Recall that BTC is a digital currency that is created as a result of the exchange between its owners. Since the token is virtual there is not a single bank to control it, and the impossibility of emission makes it protected from any inflation.

Also, the names of all people who use Bitcoins will never be known to anyone since cryptocurrency guarantees transparency and confidentiality (only financial wallets are registered).

BTC is becoming more popular in various sectors of the economy. It is extremely in demand, for example, in the gambling niche: constantly opening online casinos that support such a payment method began to compete with each other.

Bitcoin casino: basic info

Learn more from Rosloto experts. From us, you can also order a turnkey iGaming business supporting crypto tokens.

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Bitcoin Features

Incredible opportunities have opened up before solutions in a new financial format. It became possible to improve the quality of iGaming services as well.

The main features of Bitcoin are:

  • Virtuality. The currency is formed on the Internet and created by the users who exchange it among themselves in a service resembling a torrent where many download files, music, and films are stored.
  • Anonymity. The lack of the need to register customers in a BTC casino is a huge advantage. Not all users would like to disclose personal data, and for many of them, this state of affairs is simply catastrophic. Bitcoin guarantees anonymity to any client.
  • Protection against inflation. Digital assets cannot be obtained in reality as a result of emission since such tokens are virtual, and therefore, the depreciation of this currency is also impossible, which is why inflation does not threaten it.
  • Independence. As we have mentioned above, BTC does not depend on any land-based bank, so it is completely autonomous. And this is also a huge advantage because financial institutions will not be able to either block the account or delay payments — only users can manage their electronic wallets.

Advantages of Bitcoin Casinos

Why does such a gaming site surpass all others? What are its merits? We can name the most essential benefits the Blockchain-based casino software on the example of an offer from the Slotegrator company whose specialists are ready to integrate the solution in the shortest possible time:

  1. Privacy. Almost all platforms, especially those that offer games for real funds, require that users enter personal data during registration, which gamblers do not always like. The Bitcoin casino script guarantees players complete and unconditional confidentiality and anonymity.
  2. Guarantee of money protection. Any client of a traditional online resource is required to register and indicate personal data for conducting financial transactions. Of course, the administrators of gambling sites are right because today, there are more and more fraudsters whose main goal is money laundering, and the information entered into the database by customers will make it possible to monitor their safety. Bitcoins, on the other hand, are initially protected since they were created using cyphers.
  3. Minimum bets. Visitors to BTC casinos can wager very small amounts because the currency can be divided into small parts. This feature has become another secret invented by the Japanese Satoshi. As a result, the bid can be, for example, equivalent to $0.02, which is especially suitable for those users for whom it is not so important to win — they just want to enjoy the gameplay.
  4. High quality of services. In an environment where Bitcoin casinos are gaining huge popularity and new gambling establishments of this kind are appearing in many countries, the quality of services is becoming the key criterion. After all, entrepreneurs need to make people more interested in BTC platforms than in standard ones. This is not an easy task: they have to always use new original methods. Thus, in the face of fierce competition, the quality of services is increasing, furthering the development of BTC technologies.
  5. Guaranteed dispersion. The cryptocurrency is steadily rising in price, that is, even one bitcoin won two years ago and pulled into an account costs ten times more today.
  6. The lack of opportunity to block the resource. Any online casino can restrict a user’s account in those countries where gambling is prohibited. This does not threaten a Bitcoin site since, as we have mentioned above, it will be impossible for the supervisory authorities to find out the IP address of the player due to absolute anonymity. Thus, BTC games will still be available.

Bitcoin Casino Software

The main thing in the establishment of any gambling business has always been the acquisition of program solutions. Large companies that have a good customer base prefer to develop software with the help of their specialists, and rightly so. Who, if not the experts, knows all the features of the particular casino location?

However, many other sites decide to buy or order software from brands specialising in the implementation of special projects, including those for Bitcoin platforms. There is also an option to rent a product along with additional tools for installing new plugins.

Advanced technologies and changed stereotypes, of course, also raise some doubts among users, like everything new and still unknown, so it can be difficult for business owners to attract customers to their side. Operators utilise unique ways to make their platforms truly unique.

But be that as it may, those entrepreneurs who intend to open a Bitcoin casino must buy high-quality software that guarantees smooth functioning because only in this case, new users can stay on the site for a long time.

Experience of Other Companies

Slotegrator Bitcoin casino: features

The Bitcoin casino script is sold by companies that are well-versed in the issue.

For example, Slotegrator offers operators a ready-made script, by integrating which entrepreneurs can successfully launch their projects. Moreover, they can select and install games from reliable manufacturers from the brand’s list of partners without wasting time searching for them on other resources.

The world-famous Slotegrator aggregator uses a single protocol to integrate gambling products and guarantee the protection of the rights of its counterparts.

Among the advantages of launching a Bitcoin casino, the company's specialists name the following factors:

  • High speed of transactions, as well as hassle-free and fast withdrawal of funds.
  • Guarantee of financial security since intermediaries do not participate in transactions.
  • Fast conversion of digital assets into any currency and individual adjustment of the withdrawal of money following the wishes of customers.
  • Simplicity and convenience of an e-wallet.
  • Anonymity of each client.

Taking the brand’s services as an example, one can understand that the integration of Bitcoin casino software does not cause difficulties, and the partner company is always ready to help in all matters, up to the launch of a new gambling establishment.

Development of a BTC Platform: How to Enter the Market in Record Time

The iGaming industry demonstrates growth of annual revenues of 7.9%. The high level of payback and profitability of the niche implies working in conditions of severe competition, so operators should be very careful when choosing the format of becoming part of this popular sector.

Independent Launch

The process of creating a site that accepts Bitcoin payments is almost the same as the development of a traditional gambling resource.

The actions of beginning entrepreneurs are carried out based on the following scenario:

  • analysis of the gambling market, identification of competitors' offers;
  • calculation of return on investment, drafting a business plan;
  • acquisitions of a licence;
  • buying software components;
  • development of the site;
  • selection and connection of gambling solutions;
  • launch of the platform and its subsequent promotion.

To ensure the operation of a BTC casino, both participants in the transaction (operator and player) must have crypto wallet numbers.

It is worth noting that an independent launch is the longest and most financially costly option, which requires business owners to have a huge amount of knowledge in a variety of matters. The implementation of a project can cost several hundred thousand dollars and last for 6 months or even several years (only such a step as casino licensing will take at least 3 months).

Buying a Code

The casino script is a raw code that is implemented into an already existing site and ensures the acceptance of cryptocurrency. This is a convenient way to create hybrid services that support both Bitcoins and other payments (bank cards, electronic wallets). Besides, operators can use a single script to develop several standard projects.

The disadvantage of the solution is the high risk of becoming the owner of a “non-viable” code. Do not forget about the additional costs for software adaptation and content customisation, as well as the legalisation and promotion of the gambling service.

White Label

This scheme means a rental of a ready-made platform with the ability to provide services under your logo. Such an option is beneficial from an economic perspective: entrepreneurs will not have to pay for the development of an exclusive project or take care of jackpots. The main expense items will be the promotion of a BTC casino and the need to pay commissions for using the software.

The disadvantage of the solution is working with a typical resource without the ability to change it by adjusting the interface or adding third-party options (any of the above-mentioned operations are charged extra).

Turnkey Cryptocurrency Casino

This is a perfect format of work that allows operators to enter the market and bypass possible pitfalls. Having ordered this service from an intermediary, business owners receive at their disposal a full-fledged product that meets the strictest quality standards.

Turnkey Bitcoin casinos have the following characteristics:

  • time savings (it takes from a couple of weeks to several months to implement a project);
  • a unique logo (we offer several versions of the future design of a gaming site);
  • legal work (our team takes care of all the paperwork and business licensing);
  • financial benefits (working on a turnkey basis will cost several times less than if operators act alone);
  • technical support (fast troubleshooting, free updates of the system, fast integration of new content, and much more).

As additional services, it is worth considering complex marketing promotion and the creation of exclusive mobile applications (do not forget that more than 60% of the global traffic comes from personal gadgets).

The Main Things about the Implementation of a Bitcoin Project

BTC casino: key notions

It remains to add that BTC transactions can be made in unlimited quantities in any country in the world, and this information will not be available to tax services of jurisdictions.

Rosloto will recommend you the most reliable aggregators and providers of gambling solutions.

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