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How to Launch an Online Casino: Top 3 Steps to Success

The gambling industry is one of the most popular and sought-after lines of business. Therefore, many ambitious entrepreneurs are asking the question: “How to launch a gaming site and get the maximum income from such a project?”

For the casino platform to pay off, bring a stable profit, and attract as many players as possible, it is necessary to comply with several regulations and requirements, focusing on every detail.

Online casino: successful launch

In this article, Rosloto experts have gathered comprehensive information on 3 basic steps that will help operators succeed. We hope you will avoid mistakes and take your business to the next level by using our tips.

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Launching a Gambling Project: Whether to Start

It is always rather risky to establish a business independently, regardless of the selected field of activity.

Before getting acquainted with the step-by-step guide, we recommend that you carefully assess the pros and cons of such a decision:



Maximum audience coverage (the ability to attract users from all over the world)

High chances of falling under sanctions and bans on gambling (the relevant laws are in force in most European countries, the USA, and other regions)

High level of income (we will talk about it in more detail further in the article)

Long and financially costly preparation for the launch (an independent project implementation can take from 3–4 months to several years)

Simplified registration procedure for an online casino platform (compared to opening a land-based location)

The need to fully comply with established standards and requirements put forward by regulatory authorities

Minimum staff

No need to rent specialised premises

No expenditures on software maintenance

Good chances to reach the international level

Absence of geographical restrictions (online casinos can accept users from any part of the world, regardless of the time of day or the location of the service)

If all the pros and cons of your gambling project are carefully weighed, it is time to start bringing your idea to life.

Preparation for the Launch of a Casino (Resolution of Formal Issues)

The preparatory phase is quite multifaceted, and it can be divided into the following stages:

Industry and Competitor Analysis

The best way to evaluate the reach of the modern gaming market is to read the results of research conducted by H2 Gambling Capital. This is a professional consulting company that specialises in studying trends in the global casino niche. The forecasts of the most experienced analysts have a significant impact on the views of legislators and investors all over the world.

Together with IGaming Business, the consulting firm published the following data:

  • at the end of 2018, the share of the gambling sector was estimated at €45.2 billion;
  • at the end of 2022, the level of the industry’s income reached about €63 billion;
  • a large-scale increase in the share of the “white market” (from 59% in 2018 to 65% by the end of 2022) took place;
  • the revenues of the betting sector in 2018 were €17.7 billion, and in 2022, they increased to about €21 billion.

Acquaintance with various reports and competitor analysis will allow you to soberly assess the situation, identify industry leaders, and develop the best tactics for promoting your project.

Legal Issues

The official work of a gaming site is impossible without an appropriate certificate. The acquisition of a permit is one of the most important steps to the launch of a casino start-up.

At the moment, applicants have 2 options: they can apply to the relevant authorities of the EU countries or obtain a licence in one of the offshore zones (there are more than 80 such jurisdictions). Permits issued by these regulators are considered the most promising and cost-effective, especially the certificates that were received in Malta, Curacao, Kahnawake, Costa Rica, Gibraltar, and the Isle of Man.

At the same time, each of the zones has a certain set of requirements, and the consideration of an application can take 2–6 months.

It is also important to touch on the issue of financial costs. The price of casino licensing depends on the reputation of the offshore, a set of related services, and the type of business activity and can be $25–250 thousand dollars (plus tax fees and the annual renewal of a permit).

The next step is to resolve legal issues.

Business registration implies:

  • registration procedure (of the company name and the enterprise itself);
  • opening of a bank account;
  • conclusion of agreements with providers (preliminary contracts for the provision of services).


After the project is legalised, it is time to move on to the choice of a software vendor. High-quality solutions will not only attract new users but also keep experienced players who value the convenience and functionality of interface management systems on the resource.

The reputation of the brand, the interest of gamblers, and the frequency of visits to the platform directly depend on the software.

As a rule, the following items are included in the set of the casino’s program components:

  • call management;
  • tools aimed at controlling the actions of users;
  • incentive system (promotional and bonus offers);
  • administrative functions of game content management;
  • financial services;
  • notification mechanisms;
  • platform administration tools;
  • affiliate control systems;
  • support for e-mail;
  • tools for ensuring an adequate level of security.

The list of services from a professional provider also includes regular updates of content, assistance in posting information, and technical support for the project (responsibility for this task lies with software vendors even after the official launch of the site).

The price of a complex set of solutions is always high. However, such a factor does not always prove the competence of the manufacturer. We recommend that you choose a brand that offers the best quality-price ratio.

Design and Platform of the Internet Resource

The external design of the online portal is the face of your company and the opportunity to make sure that casino visitors get a positive perception.

A reliable gaming site should combine several aspects:

  • visual appeal;
  • high level of functionality;
  • convenient navigation system;
  • simple and intuitive registration form;
  • high level of security.

After finishing the design of a site, it is necessary to perform the following tasks: buy a domain name, integrate the gambling software, and connect payment services. It is also important to offer customers the widest range of services. This approach will significantly increase the reach of the audience and make users stay on the platform as long as possible.

Marketing Planning

An effective promotion strategy is a key success factor. Knowing the rules of the game in the modern online casino market (do not forget about the industry and competitor analysis), you will be able to develop exclusive marketing moves and create offers that clients simply cannot refuse.

If an operator is already the owner of the land-based location, they can gain the support of an already existing group of customers. A profitable tool to attract an audience can be a system of bonuses and various promotions.

To achieve a guaranteed and positive result, it is recommended to contact specialised service providers. It can be a large marketing company or a sole proprietor with sufficient experience. The decision to cooperate with agencies allows entrepreneurs to reduce costs, avoid mistakes, and conduct a deeper analysis of the market situation.

As a rule, professional marketers can cover a whole list of different sectors and promotion tools: from working with search engines and advertising on media resources to drawing up detailed game reviews and mass newsletters.

Formation of the Budget

Online casino budget: formation

After determining the level of expenditures on the acquisition of a licence, development of a gaming site, purchase of software, and ordering services of marketers, it is worth planning the subsequent budget.

The best option, especially for beginning entrepreneurs, is detailed planning for at least the next year of work. It is also worth noting that for young companies, the level of expenses is always an order of magnitude higher.

An approximate table of costs looks as follows:

Expenditures before the official project launch

Expenditures during the first year of work

Registration of a legal entity: 3–7%

Operating expenses (management of document circulation, conclusion of contracts, and other legal aspects): 5%

Acquisition of a licence: 10–30%

Payments for the renewal of the permit: 1–10%

Buying the software: 25–35%

Software support: 10%

Hiring staff: 10–20%

Commissions to providers of game content: 5%

Preliminary project evaluation: 10–15%

Comprehensive marketing program: 50%

Additional expenses: 5–15%

Salaries of staff: 20–30%

If before the launch, most of the budget will be spent on software integration, then after it, about half of all expenses will go to the promotion strategy. It is important not to skimp on an advertising campaign since a good presentation of a new brand is the key to the prospects and quick payback of the entire project.

The Launch of a Casino

It depends on both an owner of a gaming site and a software vendor when they will move to this stage. According to statistics, the integration of all the necessary solutions takes about 3 months.

Acquisition of a permit (from 2 to 6 months), opening an account, and conclusion of cooperation agreements also require a significant time investment.

The responsibility for the legal management of the casino business and all forms of financial operations lies solely with the entrepreneur.

Marketing Program

The secret of the success of the world's leading gambling platforms is not the wide range of products and not even the amazing design. Moreover, even the best modern betting sites started by offering clients no more than 40–50 types of entertainment.

It is much more important to use well-thought-out marketing strategies at every stage of project implementation.

We offer you to get acquainted with the main aspects that have a direct impact on the promotion of your brand:


Set the right goals for yourself and assemble a team of professionals. All further work depends on the decision, what sector of the market you want to occupy.

Focus on the Quality

The use of reliable software shows how much an operator cares about his customers. There can be no more than 50 games on a site but each of them should please with the ease of control and good graphics. Today, casino solutions that were developed using HTML5 technology are considered the best.

The unique programming language allows you to create products with excellent visual effects, a simple control panel, and a rich assortment of internal functions. Another advantage of HTML5 entertainment is a cross-platform environment (fast and uninterrupted launch on any platform, including mobile devices).

Advance Publicity

It is a great opportunity to make the audience wait for the opening of a new gambling location with impatience and anticipation.

All tools and opportunities will do:

  • thematic presentations;
  • publications on social networks;
  • e-mail newsletters, and other types of online advertising.

Advertising after the Market Launch

One of the main tools for promoting an already existing start-up is search engine optimisation and multi-level digital advertising. This may include:

  • filling related resources with useful thematic information;
  • newsletters;
  • feedback from popular bloggers;
  • publications in social network groups, and more.

Work on Attracting and Retaining Customers

An online technical support service and an order processing service with round-the-clock access will be an excellent way to expand and retain the audience.

The manifestation of care about players can be shown through:

  • FAQ section;
  • convenient feedback form with registered users;
  • well-established customer notification system;
  • bonuses and encouragement for activity on the resource;
  • rewards for registration and invitation of new visitors;
  • thematic promotion programs;
  • the availability of test versions of games, and much more.

Trends in the Niche

Forward-looking businessmen should always keep up with the latest industry developments and adapt to the needs of users as quickly as possible. Thus, 8 out of 10 casinos have already switched to the acceptance of bets in electronic currency. Working with Bitcoin has many unique advantages and is recognised as a very promising direction.

Another successful innovation is live broadcasts in augmented reality mode. After players launch them, a realistic illusion of a real casino with nice croupiers appears on the screen.

The Main Things about iGaming Projects Implementation

iGaming business: key notions

Specialists of the Rosloto studio warn that an independent implementation of a gambling project is a rather complex and costly process. However, it still has every chance of success. The main thing is to develop an effective strategy and follow the advice of our experts.

With us, you can establish a profitable business and become a worthy international market participant.

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Updated 30.04.2020
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