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Setup Manual on How to Buy a NextGen Casino in the Republic of South Africa

An incredible pace of expansion allows us to think that, in a few years, there will be no place in the world that lacks iGaming amusement. Entrepreneurs investigate available arenas and set up their portals to cover the demand. The gambling business on the Web in African states is still a growing sphere. At the same time, some authorities have perceived the beneficial nature of the industry and work towards favoured legalisation.

The Rosloto aggregator has been monitoring the area for a few years. Considering all variables gathered at this time, a South African turnkey casino seems like an option with maximum efficiency on the radar. All provinces here bear a solvent audience and positive admission of the amusement.

NextGen casino in the Republic of South Africa

Purchase the ready-made platform at our corporation to become a part of promising iGaming market affairs in a developing destination.

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Reliable Partner in an Ambitious Area

Entertainment capabilities are the first thing visitors of playing sites pay attention to. The iGambling business in the southernmost part of Africa has sufficient support. The number of content manufacturers is impressive, but the sellers of true quality are easily identified. NextGen Gaming is an illustration of such a provider. The producer of dedicated amusement has a rich history and deserved reputation as a trusted market participant.

Core features of seller’s distinctiveness:

  • NextGen Gaming originated as a provider at the very end of the 20th century in Australia and immediately began creating titles for web-based venues, quickly earning a reputation as a technological innovator.
  • A crucial event in the manufacturer’s timeline happened in 2011 — the supplier got merged with another renowned iGaming firm, NYX Group.
  • 12 years of its existence and following the unification resulted in the NextGen casino provider releasing 600+ titles in a South African region and for different parts of the world.
  • The seller is rightfully perceived as a pioneer among slot machine developers — this content niche is perceived as the dominant course of the creator’s progress.
  • A competitive edge that NextGen Gaming has over the rest of the providers is 2 separate programming and engineering departments that are interconnected tightly.
  • The vendor's titles are easily configurable, they work across all web-based, ground, social, and portable manifestations as well as hold leading places in app stores.
  • NextGen orients its casino software in a direction of South Africa because of the international strategy that allows understanding distinct kinds of markets.

Thanks to such an elaborate approach, the renowned seller has an abundance of clients, targeting audiences all over from Western Cape to Limpopo. The possibility to collaborate with the seller can be reached through an aggregator. Order the binding assistance in the accumulating library at Rosloto and get access to NextGen virtual tabletops and slot machines that have appeared for sale recently.

Innovative iGaming Functionality Exclusively on Your Portal

NextGen slot machines for sale: innovative functionality

Already, as an affiliation of the NYX Group, the firm has released large quantities of titles to add to the existing variety. What is important here is to notice the innovative mechanics that were implemented along the creation process. It will be particularly helpful for people who want to start an online casino or just use NextGen amusement, targeting punters in South Africa.

Top 5 memorable mechanics by the innovator:

  1. Super Bet. The punters are allowed to place an additional bet of arbitrary size. It inspires users a lot since they always have a “second chance” to try their luck if failed. Such implementation does not bear many losses for an operator but is an amazing promotional move.
  2. Select-a-Play. This addition ensures a client can pick the type of bonus spins, considering an emerged situation. NextGen has its casino software heavily oriented on people in South Africa. The freedom of choice grants much inspiration to spend more time at the slot.
  3. DynaReel. The usage of this feature activates the separators between the reels during the session. Hardly any RSA-oriented casino software has similar components, which can provide users with additional free spins and loyalty bonuses.
  4. UpWild. Multiplying winning figures is a dream for punters. Every casino with NextGen software uses them in South Africa and beyond. Upon activation, the necessary wild symbols move up the reel, duplicating themselves for more victory combinations.
  5. Slide a Wild. For the sake of boosting participants' loyalty, operators can add this mechanic to their amusement. The feature grants an opportunity to determine the position of the symbol on the reels independently and hit the cherished combination more often.

A one-of-a-kind concept to organising immersive gameplay, allows the NextGen casino provider to create an attractive environment in South Africa. The enjoyment from innovative features motivates countless platform administrators to opt for the propositions from the vendor. Get ahold of Rosloto and ask for the necessary programming assets if you are willing to join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs.

Most Demanded iGaming Entertainment from a Renowned Seller

With a massive library, the NextGen software creator and provider in the RSA generates a necessary variety for different layers of audiences. With the trends of 2022 still shaping at the beginning of the year, the supplier has prepared a few impressive titles for administrators to consider.



Highest multiplier in NextGen casino games

Witch Pickings

Best NextGen progressive jackpot slot

Jackpot Jester 50,000

Best ancient world-themed NextGen game

Ramesses Riches

Most popular NextGen slot with high RTP

300 Shields

Best NextGen slot with 240+ paylines

Medusa II

Best and most famous NextGen video slot

Foxin’ Wins

Top 5-Reel slot with bonus round & free spins

1 Can 2 Can

Highest maximum win in online NextGen slots

Gorilla Go Wild

Best fantasy NextGen slot with unconventional reels


Highest bet per spin & payout for high rollers

Shangri La

Thanks to an in-depth investigation of the analytical department of the NextGen software and equipment provider in the RSA, these pieces of amusement are forecast to be the most demanded for the public across North West to Eastern Cape.

The brand also offers a customised conception of content for the buyer’s request. Probably you are developing a portal that has a narrow topic and needs a featured game. Find the necessary NextGen slot machines and virtual tabletops for sale at Rosloto or order the creation of amusement from scratch.

The Main Things about the Progressive Seller

Gambling businesses in Africa with Nextgen

The setup of an iGaming resource is a great idea for receiving profit, and it is definitely the best possible one if conducted accurately and with ample upkeep. The ground and web gambling businesses in the southernmost point of Africa gain strength under benign circumstances in the area. The proper programming assistance from amazing suppliers facilitates the movement to success.

Dominant characteristics of the software for ground and web casinos in South Africa by the seller NextGen:

  • The organisation originated in 1999 in Australia, quickly earning a reputation as a technological innovator with a subsequent merger with NYX Interactive 12 years later.
  • The content supplier has released over 600 titles for different types of punters all across the world.
  • For making its amusement popular in RSA, the producer had its casino software supplemented with countless exciting functions, including Super Bet, Select-a-Play, DynaReel, Up Wild, and more.
  • Considering the prospects of the iGaming industry in 2022, the supplier has prepared a bunch of innovative titles that are supposed to be on the top charts for different sites.
  • If a venturer is eager to open a playing resource, a turnkey casino with this and other NextGen content will become a beneficial choice in South Africa.

What is so essential to remember about the situation with the niche in the region? High demand for pastime and quick technological progress are ruling the area. With the proper support of a knowledgeable aggregator and its access to amusement, all further configuration gets easy.

How to buy a ready-made portal with NextGen casino content in the Republic of South Africa? Ask for everything needed at Rosloto to bring your organisation possibilities to another level.

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