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Globalslots Software: Order a High-Quality Legal Product

iGaming program solutions make it possible to play anywhere in the world, and the activities of the casino that uses it will be legal because it is not included in the category of gambling establishments.

Operators can buy the Globalslots software for their digital platforms from Rosloto. We guarantee high-quality products, and our employees will advise you on most issues related to the project implementation.

The Globalslots platform has been successfully operating for 9 years, and the number of brands that have integrated its software has already exceeded 700.

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About the Vendor’s Software

Globalslots casino software: features

Launching a gaming site is not as difficult as one can imagine: you only need to buy a gambling platform and payment systems and obtain a permit. Today, it is easy to find a reliable provider and confidently take your place in the market.

Experts recommend that entrepreneurs order a turnkey project so as not to miss all the important nuances. This service includes several steps that people can go through independently but it will take a lot of time. And today, time is now as valuable a resource as funds.

Globalslots offers everything businessmen need and guarantees a smooth operation of their digital platforms. The brand’s solution is currently popular for many reasons.

Advantages of the Developer’s Product

Let us review the most significant characteristics of branded programs:

  • The software provides effective functionality.
  • Installation of the manufacturer’s solution occurs without any effort and does not require special knowledge.
  • The Globalslots catalogue includes a wide range of modern interesting games — more than 100 titles created by well-known brands.
  • The quality of entertainment is also high — HD and cross-platform video slots make up the majority.
  • The games are based on interesting topics developed by professionals, and often, there are plots borrowed from popular films.
  • Globalslots entertainment content is characterised by a high winning percentage.
  • Secure protocols through which information passes are located in those countries where gambling is allowed, so users are guaranteed 100% security.
  • Games can be played at any time of the day. The company's technical support service is also available 24/7.
  • Users have access to an online gaming cafe with many attractive offers.
  • The vendor’s software supports Windows Vista/7 and Linux.
  • All deposits lost through the company’s fault must be compensated to the player.
  • In case of the loss of money for other reasons, not related to the activity of Globalslots, the system will return them all the same.
  • Constant and free updates of all solutions (because customers automatically become owners of all related casino products).

The developer provides software that makes it possible for computers to access online casinos, and therefore, to start placing bets on a gaming site, it is necessary to integrate the Globalslots platform.

What Entrepreneurs Get from Using the Software from the Vendor

By ordering the proprietary program, administrators receive such perks:

  1. Business owners carry out their activities on a legal basis.
  2. Operators have a permanent customer base.
  3. Organisers of casino entertainment are provided with a high-quality service from an experienced partner.
  4. Each client is provided with a turnkey service (including solutions created on an individual order).
  5. Entrepreneurs will control the workflow directly from their computers or any gadget.
  6. Casino owners can easily manage the settings of a gaming site: reduce or increase bonuses, connect jackpots, introduce loyalty systems, and so on.
  7. The platform allows the installation and management of denominations (from 0.0001 to 4).
  8. An important positive factor is a high level of customer service.
  9. Entrepreneurs are guaranteed to receive reports on the activities of the Globalslots platform.
  10. Businessmen can independently decide how the money should be withdrawn (or deposited). Among the presented options, there are ATMs, bill acceptors, cashiers, etc.
  11. Users are attracted by a large selection of popular slots and other games, as well as the ability to compensate for a deposit via another system.
  12. The terminal works on convenient terms for operators — it does not need a hard drive, and unnecessary information disappears after the computer is powered off.

How to Launch a Gambling Platform from Globalslots

Globalslots gambling platform: launch stages

A huge advantage of working with this company is the possibility of legal activity: operators can develop a gaming site without the risk of violating the law — the domain name will be registered in a country where casino entertainment is allowed.

Clients also receive software and payment systems. Thus, the Globalslots company provides the entire package of products and services, which are essential for the proper functioning of the platform.

To launch an iGaming site, it is necessary to go through 3 stages:

  1. File an application to connect the solution to an online casino.
  2. Send the following information: the full name of the company, its physical address, and a contact person to whom a response will be sent.
  3. The electronic letter will contain a link to enter the online casino, logins, and passwords for persons involved in its management: the business owner, administrator, and operator.

The use of the software implies the payment to the company of a commission in the amount of 8 to 12% by entrepreneurs.

It is also necessary to buy from Globalslots a special currency — units (the GPM code). With their help, the funds are converted into casino money. The cost of these funds also includes the commission for using the gaming platform. Units can be purchased via WebMoney and Qiwi or by bank card transfer.

Reliability and Security of the Vendor’s Gambling Software

The solution involves complete protection of the transfer of data. This information is safe: there will be no unauthorised intrusions, hacker attacks, or fraud.

Moreover, the Globalslots platform has a reliable payment and administrative structure, which opens up great opportunities for both operators and players: to increase income, receive bonuses and win good prizes.

It is also worth noting that the company’s solution has a panic button that, in a critical situation, puts computers into safe mode.

The Main Things about the Developer’s Product

It occupies a high position in the global market and is often bought by entrepreneurs who want to launch projects in a short time, especially if they order a solution on a turnkey basis.

The offer contains a whole package of services required for the establishment of the casino: the provision of a licence, as well as the acquisition of software, payment systems, and other related positions.

After the necessary formalities are completed, entrepreneurs will only have to implement a project and start making money. Users will very soon begin to play, slots will function well, and the people’s funds will be spent on deposits. The software contains a huge number of games that are very popular with players and developed by professionals.

It is possible to buy the Globalslots software from Rosloto. We offer high-quality and reliable products that will quickly pay out.

From us, you can also order the following services:

  • creation of exclusive HTML5 slots;
  • drafting a business plan;
  • promotion of already implemented projects, and much more.

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Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

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Author: Clara Hazel
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Updated 30.04.2020
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