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Gambling Start-Ups: Decent Commerce for Honest Entrepreneurs

The future of the gambling industry is bright — the market is actively coming out of the shadows. Project operators are replenishing the budgets of countries where gambling is allowed. Opening an online casino is no more complicated than registering an online store.

Online casino: launch methods

The main problems of the iGaming business are not related to the quality or range of products, but to established stereotypes. Rosloto debunks myths and offers to become the owner of a profitable and honest start-up.

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Launching an iGaming Business: Basic Ways

Despite difficulties and pitfalls that may occur in any field of activity, it is worth opening an online casino.

To launch a gambling site, you can use the scheme, which includes:

  • strategy development;
  • registration of legal status;
  • website creation;
  • purchase of game content;
  • content integration and descriptions of solutions;
  • organisation of customer support service;
  • connection of payment modules;
  • startup advertising.

One of the advantages of the gambling business is that it is possible to launch a project with a modest budget. However, it is more complex than with greater start-up capital.

The most convenient ways to open an online casino

Gambling script

This is a low-cost option, and the main thing is to choose a reliable seller.

Operators can save on the purchase of content and start a business with minimal investment since the gaming software is already built into the code

A White Label program

A secure scheme for entrepreneurs with no experience. This is a finished product with a well-functioning backend and promotion strategy. The buyer only needs to conclude an agreement and pay the seller a commission for using the system

A turnkey start-up

An excellent solution for creating a powerful project with a high reputation. The client can use the line of adaptive templates or order a unique open-source engine to attract third-party webmasters and designers

Gambling Business Difficulties: Negative Stereotypes

iGaming business: negative stereotypes

Opening an internet casino is an option no worse than online trading. The main difficulties of the gambling business are not even associated with the purchase of products or advertising restrictions, but with outdated stereotypes.

Unfortunately, the work of underground establishments has overshadowed the future of the gambling industry. But a transparent legitimate business today is comparable to the tourism market or other commerce.

Let us debunk the following misunderstandings:

Myth №1: Casinos Are Illegal

There are many countries in which gambling is prosecuted. The rest of the civilised world not only revealed the benefits of the gambling business but also created the most loyal conditions for investors to organise startups.

The main benefits for operators are as follows:

  • reduced tax rates;
  • no commissions for renting and purchasing commercial real estate;
  • loyal credit conditions;
  • affordable project support services (from data centres to turnkey casinos in large gambling offshores);
  • legal guarantees;
  • open markets (it means a free trade zone, the ability to distribute services in Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Asia, as well as access to certain regions of the United States).

All that is needed for the legal activity is the purchase of a gambling licence in an authorised jurisdiction. For example, at Rosloto you can order a turnkey casino with gambling certificates from Alderney, Malta, Curacao, the Isle of Man, the UK, and other popular offshores.

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Myth №2: People Do Not Accept New Things

Microgaming, a gambling market giant released the first smartwatch cash game in 2015. The novelty was ahead of its time and was greeted with scepticism. Today, the market of smart gadgets is one of the most promising.

According to H2 Gambling Capital, the industry will exceed $32.9 billion by the end of 2020.

Modern users loyally accept new products and use them with pleasure.

Myth №3: Only High Rollers Are Lucky

Until recently, Playtech and Microgaming practised drawing progressive jackpots only between gamblers playing with maximum stakes. The situation has changed: the prospects of the gambling business are associated with games available to everyone. Also, players can hit the jackpot regardless of the number and amount of bets.

Myth №4: No Payouts and Adjusted Winnings

Casinos are obliged to give the prize within the established time limits. The norm is stated in the agreement with the gaming regulator and the provisions of the industry certificate.

Moreover, a novice investor must confirm to the gambling commission that there is a reserve capital to pay out large winnings. You cannot start a legitimate project without a bank statement.

As for the adjusted winnings, in reality, the operator cannot influence the outcome of the event. The certified casino software is configured directly by the developer. It is presented on the site as a finished product without access to the technical base.

The session's outcome is the result of the random number generator, which is almost impossible to calculate.

Myth №5: Online Casinos Are Not Safe

The development of security services for the gambling business is one of the most high-tech industries. It dictates fashionable canons and safety standards for all other Internet enterprises.

Systems built on the technologies of neural networks and machine learning are capable of performing several tasks:

Analysis of behavioural responses. Programs monitor user actions and automatically generate algorithms for working with new gamblers, revealing any inconsistency with established templates even at the stage of player registration.

  1. Control of the technical base. The security casino software is designed to evaluate the actions of customers and constantly check the performance of the platform and its components. The administrator can evaluate the level of allowable load on the site, and the frequency of sags and develop actual troubleshooting measures.
  2. Monitoring of financial flows. The priority of iGaming business safety systems is working with a VIP audience. The program captures large deposits and generates detailed statistics on the actions of punters (for example, the time of the bet, the number of down payments or payouts, and the regularity of transfers).
  3. User identification. Interactive software modules check the legitimacy of using the game resource and the accuracy of personal information submitted when making a withdrawal request. The measures include blocking access to minors, identifying players with a negative credit history, and detecting visitors involved in illegal internet actions.
  4. Risk forecasting. Based on the existing user base and analysis of behavioural reactions, casino security systems can detect unauthorised actions of players even during registration.

iGaming Business Security: Key Elements

Gambling start-up security: main elements

When it comes to casino protection, users seek the safety of personal data and the transparency of transactions. Entrepreneurs must guarantee the information and financial preservation of customers and secure their businesses from fraudsters.

To ensure stable and transparent operation of the system, the following tools are used:

  • multifunctional security programs from international suppliers;
  • remote cloud storage;
  • multilevel identification;
  • site mirroring and regular backup of the system;
  • proven multicurrency aggregators;
  • reporting and statistics;
  • risk forecasting services;
  • independent external testing (for example, Abilott offers not only comprehensive monitoring but also a cyber attack simulation service to identify platform technical defects);
  • software certification.

Gambling Business Pitfalls: Mistakes of Novice Operators

An iGaming startup is a profitable and safe investment if you act by the law and are ready for long and painstaking work.

To start a successful gambling business, operators must take into account the common mistakes including:

  1. Working alone. Even having a specialised education and experience in managerial positions, an entrepreneur cannot cover all related industries at once. To start, you need a good staff of programmers, a lawyer, an accountant, an administrator, and a team of marketers.
  2. Rate on speed. Given the prospects of the gambling business for the global economy and loyal legislation, Internet projects pay off in record time. But even with an integrated approach, cooperation with trusted partners, and large-scale advertising, the result may be visible in 6–12 months.
  3. Aggressive advertising. Bright and loud YouTube embeds that are not skippable make internet users nervous. Affiliate networks, live communication in thematic publics, and personalised newsletters show much greater efficiency.
  4. Too much scale. An Internet startup has no geographic boundaries. The site can serve users all over the world. Nevertheless, novice operators should focus on one market. Scaling a successful brand is always easier than achieving global recognition for a little-known project.

The Main Things about The Legal Gambling Business

Legal gaming business: pitfalls and mistakes

Legitimate work in the gambling industry consists of:

  1. Loyal legislation and tax system. The states which allow gambling create the most favourable conditions for investors. These include reduced tax rates, no commissions for the withdrawal of dividends, and fees for buying commercial real estate.
  2. Licensed casino software. Working following legal regulations, the operator can expect beneficial cooperation with the largest providers (for example, Microgaming, Belatra, Greentube, Novomatic, and NetEnt).
  3. Start variability. An entrepreneur can assemble his team and begin a project from scratch or choose alternative options: work on the White Label program or order a turnkey project. This allows for saving money at the start and entering the market with the help of experienced intermediaries.

The Rosloto team is always ready to advise on how to start a gambling business legally and succeed.You can order a turnkey casino from us, use the exclusive software development service or buy ready-made solutions from Microgaming, Gaminator3, XProGaming, Ezugi, Vivo Gaming, BetGames.TV, and other providers.

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Clara Hazel
Author: Clara Hazel
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Updated 06.02.2023
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