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Casino Payment System: The Most Effective Tools from Rosloto

Top online casino payment methods are an indicator of the prosperity and success of the gambling business. When choosing a gaming site, players evaluate not only the range of entertainment but also the reliability of the deposition process. Each gambler must know that he will receive his prize money and be able to quickly withdraw it.

The Rosloto team will tell you how to choose casino payments based on the data on the systems that are extremely in-demand between users. From us, you can not only get professional advice on all issues related to the iGaming business but also order full support for the project.

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What is a Financial System and How Does It Work?

Casino payment system: principles of work

In simple words, it is an intermediary between players and operators.

Their system is a set of tools that allow entrepreneurs to perform the following actions:

  • user identification;
  • sending money to a personal wallet/bank card;
  • transfer of funds to a third party (a deposit in the casino);
  • withdrawal of winnings.

The most in-demand ways to transfer funds include:

  1. Bank transfers (gamblers must have a virtual or physical card and provide proof of identity).
  2. E-wallets (as a rule, it is not necessary to have a real card: all actions take place online, as well as the subsequent withdrawal of funds to a bank account).
  3. Cryptocurrency operations (they do not require the presence of any intermediaries).

Online Casino Payment System: How it Should be Chosen

Entrepreneurs should pay attention to several criteria:

Payment options: features of a reliable system

Evaluation criterion

Brief description

Data processing speed

Any casino payment system has individual transaction speed indicators:

  • bank transfers for up to 3 business days;
  • e-wallets — from several minutes to 1 day;
  • cryptocurrency operations — instant crediting, regardless of the time of transfer, territorial boundaries or the sum of money

Clear interface

Online casino payment systems should be as clear and practical as possible: if a player has to fill out a lot of long forms and constantly confirm his identity, the output will look like this: a user will simply choose another service where he will be treated with more tolerance


The presence of protection mechanisms is a mandatory requirement for a reliable financial instrument.

Safety indicators include:

  • risk management tools;
  • personal filters;
  • several ways of user identification;
  • the ability to adjust payout limits, etc.

Recognisability of the platform

A system should be popular and recognisable. Even if the platform has very high commission fees for any operation, users would rather choose it than risk their money on little-known websites with a spotty reputation

A region where services are offered

A platform with casino payments should not only offer a broad package of solutions (transaction speed, extended limits, cashback, etc.) but also be relevant in the territory where the service is distributed.

For example, a monetary system that offers transactions only in Belarusian rubles or Ukrainian hryvnias will be irrelevant if the gaming site is focused on the African or Asian market

Casino Payment Methods: A List of Solutions from Rosloto

Casino payment methods: list of solutions

Our experts would like to share with you a list of the most popular transaction means:


This is a European service, one of the first to present a product line specifically for the territories of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Moldova. The brand is focused exclusively on the gambling industry. About 700 providers from all over the world use the system's payment methods.

The benefits of such a choice include:

  • prompt customer support;
  • simple and fast integration into any platform;
  • the possibility of interaction with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux systems;
  • no commission fees;
  • smooth operation with round-the-clock technical support.


The service is focused on supporting any online payments.

This reliable monetary module is highly appreciated by hundreds of operators due to the following benefits:

  • fast integration (the installation of software takes no more than 10 minutes);
  • simple interface;
  • confirmation of a successful operation (the issuance of an electronic check);
  • loyalty programs within the system (bonuses, special offers, and discounts for loyal customers);
  • the good database (all details are archived and stored on secure servers).

Smart Money

This is a great choice for entrepreneurs who are looking for universal casino payment methods. The system has been on the market for more than 15 years and offers entrepreneurs not only financial instruments but also a full range of business solutions — from the development of a turnkey casino to the sale of furniture for land-based gambling halls.


The e-voucher service is a completely new financial instrument.

The system combines:

  • full replacement for cash;
  • simple operation;
  • complete anonymity;
  • multicurrency;
  • legal work (services are provided based on a Maltese licence).


A distinctive feature of the service is the provision of money transfers of any format in record time. The company guarantees the processing of transactions within 48 hours. Another advantage is low commission fees.

An interesting service of the program is an interactive map that indicates all Webcash partners. If an entrepreneur installs the software, information on his casino will automatically appear on the map and become available to the target audience.

The Main Things about Financial Instruments for Gaming Sites

Simple and functional tools are the key to a successful business with high payback indicators. The more options for replenishments and withdrawals are presented on the website, the better. The main thing is to offer the audience proven tools with the maximum number of individual settings.

Our experts will gladly tell you the most favourable cooperation conditions. Moreover, from us, it is always possible to order an exclusive turnkey solution.

One-click purchase!

We are ready to join your project at any stage — from the score of a step-by-step strategy to the popularisation of already existing gaming sites on the international market.

For any questions, please contact our managers!


Check the information used to contact us carefully. It is necessary for your safety.

Fraudsters can use contacts that look like ours to scam customers. Therefore, we ask you to enter only the addresses that are indicated on our official website.

Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

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