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Turnkey online casino creation
Rosloto offers services for the creation, support and further support of online casino projects. Our approach to the client includes not only the development and sale of the project, we ensure its full functioning
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Turnkey internet casino
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Bonus and prize systems, loyalty programs
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Protection Against External Attacks
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Any casino equipment, including slot machines and video poker
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Technologies that organise a seamless operation of several game servers
Control of Casino Fairness: Built-in Functions
Programs for checking the compliance of the results of the game session with the use of decentralised technologies
Creation of the Gambling Hall
Hardware, software, and all elements, which are necessary for managing offline casinos
Real Video Technology
Solutions for live streaming of tournaments, sports events, and live betting
Tournament Systems
Multifunctional digital services for organising multi-user events with various prize pools
Affiliate Programs
Secure affiliate networks with several payment options and high performance indicator
Multilingual User Interfaces Based on HTML5
Multilingual modules that are used to adapt the interface of the gambling system to regional markets
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Rosloto Customer Testimonials
Lacey-May Stone
I had no experience in online gambling business at all, so I had to search for a way to develop a successful site. Good for me, the professionals from Rosloto appeared just in time and offered a convenient turnkey business option. As a result – two months later, I received a fully-functional gambling platform. Thank you!
Coral West
I was desperate when I couldn’t find a reliable software provider that would offer me high-quality games for my project. When I came across Rosloto, I thought it would be just another pedestrian company. It turned out they actually had an extensive list of services to offer me. I was impressed and didn’t regret working with them.
Norman Cohen
What do you wait from a guide company when you contact them for the question of your business? Of course, decent feedback and mutual understanding. After just a 10-minute conversation with the support team form Rosloto, I figured out that the company’s management is on a high level, and eventually, they did manage to interest me with their turnkey business option.
Marissa Rollins
As for the beginning entrepreneur, I wanted somebody to explain to me how I can earn money. Now it sounds funny, but I had no clue how to run a business. The online gambling industry and Rosloto, in particular, allowed me to order a ready-made project that now brings decent income. Thanks to the company, I’m no longer that newbie woman with no idea where the money comes from.
Emilija Alvarez
The search for decent Blockchain software took me quite a long time until I encountered these guys from Rosloto. I hadn’t met such proficient experts in cryptocurrency before! Even with my extensive knowledge of the topic, they impressed me with the opportunities this direction opens in online gambling. I immediately signed up!
Skyla Hartley
No need to explain how desperate I was while searching for some reliable options to start my own business. At first, I perceived online gambling as an illegal joke. Who could have thought that a few years later, thanks to the in-depth guide from the Rosloto team, I would be running a profitable online casino that I received with the company’s turnkey option. God bless the ones who invented this way of making money!
Karan Ratcliffe
Bureaucracy isn’t my cup of tea. I have no clue how to communicate with the authorities to get the desired. But I desperately needed to license my online casino, and that’s where I received invaluable help from Rosloto. Not only did they help me find an ideal jurisdiction in my situation, but also managed to get everything done in less than 3 weeks! Unbelievable.
Emre Pugh
A limited budget isn’t what you want to have while organizing your own business project. Luckily, online gambling offered me some excellent starting options such as Franchise and White Label casino. I am particularly thankful to the people from Rosloto who explained to me everything and helped implement my first project.
Shakira Reed
I couldn’t suppose that after such severe restrictions in real life, online gambling will achieve so much success. I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t get the most benefit out of it since I am a gambler by nature. With the professional help from Rosloto (a company that I met just by chance) and their convenient turnkey business solution, I now own three different platforms, all similarly profitable.
Madelaine Oconnell
I have always been dreaming of getting a franchise of a famous brand. At the same time, I couldn’t imagine that it would be connected with online gambling. But I soon understood how stereotypical people are about this industry. Hey, Rosloto guys, you are the best, and thank you for organizing a franchise option for me!
Summer-Louise Farmer
I had already had an online casino before I met Rosloto. But their extensive list of available games has completely changed the direction and, as a result, the income of my platform. Our cooperation boosted my casino so much that I could never imagine! I am endlessly grateful for the software you provide.
Maverick Mellor
It was the first time I have ever contacted a professional company, so I was quite nervous. As it turned out, that was in vain. The company’s support team was really responsive and pleasant even when my questions seemed a bit stupid and trivial. Overall, they made a tempting turnkey business offer that I couldn’t resist. Now, my profit is stable and impressive, and that’s all thanks to Rosloto and its experts.
Why Rosloto? On the Benefits of Cooperation
Legal work
Fast start guarantee
Prompt solution of any technical and legal issues
Unique selection of exclusive developments
Full payback in 2–6 months of cooperation
Find Out the Cost of the Product / Service
Prices for products and services are very flexible and depend on your wishes. Select the product / service you are interested in and ask the Rosloto manager for its cost. Our proposals fit any budget.
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The world of internet gambling has been tremendously profitable for many years. If you have already heard about online casino business opportunity and thought about the possibility of creating your own enterprise, then you know that this business can bring a solid profit to the owner with minimal investments. Companies offering turnkey online casinos creation often deliberately overlook some of the complexities associated with such business.

Creation of a turnkey casino

The Rosloto company is worried about its customers, that is why we warn our partners in advance about possible difficulties offering the simplest, the most comfortable means of resolving technical or legal problems. We are providing you with this information that may help you avoid common mistakes and allow you to start your own online casino efficiently.

Creation of a Turnkey Casino: Steps to Success

Any business is subject to certain risks, and an online casino is no exception. The creation of an online casino on a turnkey basis involves the development of a detailed project strategy.

You may open online casino following these steps:

  1. Solving legal issues.
  2. The development of a technical strategy.
  3. The development of a marketing strategy.
  4. Budget planning.
  5. Launching the casino.

Solving all these issues (from choosing a hosting service and online casino software for sale to adding an option to pay with bitcoins) without proper experience can require too much of your time. In this case, any mistake will cost the owner a large sum and may endanger the whole enterprise. Now, we would like to look at each step that will be taken by anyone who has decided to create an online casino and discuss the most common problems and risks associated with this process.

The Development of a Turnkey Online Casino: The Analysis and Assessment of Risks at All Stages of the Process

A casino business is a profitable yet rather risky activity. Before starting your gambling establishment it is crucial to assess all the risks and find out if it is possible to do on your own or better contact the professionals to ask for a turnkey casino solution. 

Solving legal issues

To protect yourself and your company from a huge number of problems, a businessman simply needs to understand the specifics of the legal regulation of the chosen industry. Creation of a turnkey casino is impossible without solving a number of legal issues. To date, all online games require compulsory licensing, which is why developing an online casino without first choosing a licensee and obtaining a permission may turn out to be a fatal mistake for you.

A licence needed to open online casino may be obtained in two ways. You can apply for help from offshore states, or you can take advantage of the possibility of licensing in the EU countries. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages associated with the cost of the resolution and the time necessary to obtain it to start an online casino.

After obtaining a license for creating an online casino, you will also have to register a legal entity: register a gambling company, open a bank account and sign corresponding agreements with partners.

The whole process of resolving legal issues usually takes from six months to one year and a half, and the cost of a license can be 10-30% of the total project budget.

It is also worth noting that it will be very difficult to deal with all the details of the legislation independently. This means that in this process you will need the help of experienced lawyers whose services also cost a lot.

An alternative to this approach is the creation of a turnkey online casino choosing a franchise or a White Label option. The last allows the business owner to buy from the licensed provider the right to use his brand and software, which significantly saves the entrepreneur's money and minimizes the risks associated with obtaining a license. In addition, the preparation time for launching your casino will also decrease dramatically.

You have an opportunity to reduce the time costs even more. We are talking about a turnkey online casino. This is a service that allows the business owner to shift the bulk of the concerns for opening an online establishment to experienced professionals. A turnkey online casino business is an excellent quick start for new operators.

Development of a technical strategy

This phase will depend on the way you choose to get a license before creating an online casino on your own. Buying a license from a White Label provider or creating an online casino on a turnkey basis will allow you to shorten the time for this step since along with a brand or a license you will also purchase the ready-made software.

However, the creation of an online casino on a turnkey basis, popular with players, will be impossible without some interesting slot machines. If you want to supplement the range of games purchased within a White Label solution or decide to avoid buying a ready license, you will have to look for and analyse the proposed software.

A high-quality game product that is potentially popular with the users must certainly have a number of important characteristics:

  • support different payment options;
  • provide a reliable protection of user and casino data;
  • have an attractive design and a user-friendly interface;
  • include a system for managing players, challenges and affiliates;
  • allow the administrator to set their own bonus system settings, and so on.

Besides, when buying game software from a provider or ordering the creation of a game from scratch, you should also be concerned about the availability of product updates and technical support from the provider. Real professionals among gambling providers for online casinos always offer the client a complete package of services, including these opportunities. Such an approach allows you to simplify and accelerate the creation of an online casino on a turnkey basis ensuring the high quality of the final product.

Internet casino software and gaming solutions

Development of a marketing strategy

Before you create an online casino turnkey, you will also need to elaborate a detailed plan for the marketing strategy of the project.

To attract players to your online casino, you will need to study the competitor’s products and find your niche. By offering customers the most favourable and enjoyable game terms you can become the first in the market and win the trust of the users.

No matter how beautiful and convenient your casino is, ordinary players will not be able to recognize this without your active participation.

Creating a turnkey online casino is impossible without the development of a marketing strategy. Understanding the laws of modern marketing is not easy, and therefore we recommend that you seek help from qualified experts to promote your enterprise. They will help you identify suitable channels of communication with players, develop bonus systems for regular users and agree on the strategies of the company's affiliates.

Budget planning

How to open an online casino without spending a fortune? After you determine the sum of costs required for advertising, purchase of a license and software, it is necessary to build up a project budget for at least twelve next months. The costs of those businessmen who are only beginning to pour into this niche will significantly exceed the budget of experienced players in the market. However, with the right approach, the expenses for creating a turnkey online casino will be repaid very soon, and you will be able to gain credibility and trust from the players thereby ensuring your project’s stability.

Beginner companies in this market creating a turnkey internet casino usually spend about 30% of the budget for software purchase, 15–20% for a license, 3–7% for company registration and 10–20% for hiring staff.

During the first year of work, you are most likely to spend up to 10% of the budget for buying licenses, approximately the same sum for technical support of gaming software, 20-30% for salaries for employees. The largest share of the budget at this stage should be spent specifically on advertising. Marketing services at the start of your project will cost about 50% of the total budget. The experience of many of our clients shows that the development of the casino will soon pay off with such an approach. In the future, with the same budget, the company will be able not only to make a profit but also to develop rapidly.

How to calculate the monthly profitability of an online casino

Launching the casino

When all the preparatory stages are completed, you will have to wait. A team of experienced developers and designers will be able to launch your project in the work in one to three months. Before the casino starts accepting the first players, specialists will need to develop the final design of the site, install and configure all purchased games and integrate them into the casino software. Order our ready-made turnkey casino websites for sale to ensure a reliable beginning of the business.

How to Start Your Own Casino With Rosloto

Now, the creation of a turnkey online casino is finished. You will have finally become a happy owner of a wesite that attracts gamblers with favourable terms and a convenient interface. If you did everything right at the previous stages and now your casino stands out among hundreds of products of competitors, now you only need to ensure a reliable operation of the service, round the clock technical support of users and wait for profits.

As you can see, creating an online casino on a turnkey basis is a complex and multifaceted yet interesting.

The Rosloto company has a tremendous experience in launching online casinos in various markets and with any budgets. We know which pitfalls may wait for our clients at all stages of this process and provide comprehensive support for any online casino business opportunity before and after the launch of the website.

How to start a casino business? You can order the creation of a turnkey online casino from our experienced professionals and build your own successful gambling project.

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Author: Clara Hazel
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